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Reporters 23rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Part 1
Ananya asks Kabir if she can come in his cabin while he is in a meeting with Malvika. He says yes. Ananya says she has to go home early. Kabir asks if any special reason. Ananya says have to pick up a dress, go home, get ready. Kabir asks to keep it short. Ananya says have a party to go to. Its important. Its at 10 pm. Malvika asks Ananya if its a rival channels party. Kabir tells Ananya she can leave. She smirks and leaves. Kabir asks Malvika .. tumhe juniors ko muh lagane ka kyun shauk hai. Malvika says .. jaise tumhe nahi hai. Kabir says well its 9pm. Time for news reporting. Malvika tells Kabir that Manav is on leave as he has gone to check on his dad who is unwell.

Armaan and Ananyas mom are watching TV and Armaan says Kabirs news is so interesting. He is the worlds best anchor.

Ananyas mom smiles. Ananya says agree. Armaan says Kabir is an icon. We should follow him. Ananya says i agree. Ananyas mom smiles. Armaan says he will win all awards. Before Ananya can answer, Kabir comes and greets Armaan & Ananyas mom. He offers a gift to Ananyas mom. She opens it. Its an idol of Godess Durga. Kabir says i dun believe in God but you do so. She says love the gift. She goes to keep it in the mandir when Ananya comes in the drawing room and asks why stopped praising Kabir. Kabir turns to look at Ananya and is stunned to see her all decked up. The duo drool on each other. Ananyas mom comes and says he is here in person so we stopped praising him. Kabir tells Ananyas mom they will be back in time. The duo head off and Armaan-Ananyas mom smile happily.

Kabir-Ananya come to a restaurant. Ananya is impressed by the selection and says ur choice is not bad. Kabir says my choice is the best, dont you see the mirror. Ananya is floored by his romantic line and flirts with him. Some fellow diners present identify Kabir. The duo are taken to their seat and Ananya praises Kabir for his efforts to impress her on first date. Kabir says efforts have just begun. The duo sit and Ananya drools on him. Kabir asks what happened. Ananya says love this side of yours. So romantic, caring. Kabir says well dont wanna fall behind in the game of love. Ananya says in a love relationship, partners are equal. Kabir orders champagne. Ananya asks .. irada kya hai. Kabir says nek hai. Kabir says there is something that draws me to you. Dunno what. The duo raise a toast … Kabir says.. TO you ..and Ananya says .. To us. They take a sip of the champagne. Ananya asks Kabir why me .. Kabir asks . .why not. Ananya says there are many girls who want you. Kabir says its not important who wants me.. its important who i want. Ananya asks so thats me. Kabir says.. din say that. Ananya says so its not me. Kabir says din say that. You are the one that i wanna WIN OVER. Ananya says lets see. Kabir says love is a difficult game. Ananya says no one said it will be easy. Kabir says i have won every time i played this game. Ananya says lets see.

Part 2
Kabir suddenly gets up from his seat and asks Ananya for a dance. She is surprised. Kabir gets down on his knees and asks Ananya, yes here, dance with me. Ananya says you may know how to make music but i need music to dance. Music is put on. Kabir-Ananya slow dance. All other diners watch them with a smile. Ananya tells Kabir .. purane paitre.. Kabir says.. naya andaz. Ananya tells Kabir never felt this special before today. Kabir tells Ananya never made anyone feel this special before today. I love you. Ananya says i love you too. Ananya says am so happy. Kabir says your happiness means the world to me. Kabir tells Ananya have to give you a news. My company has given me an offer. Ananya asks what .. a beautiful g.f. Kabir says that offer, my company cant give coz the most beautiful girl in the world is my g.f. Ananya says a lie. Kabir says no .. you are the most beautiful girl in the world for me. ‘How to win a womans heart – Pg 1, Point 1’. The duo smile. Ananya says… you made my day. .thank u. Kabir says.. you made my life.. thank u. The duo end their dance and all clap.

Khalid gets a call and asks someone to come upstairs to meet him.

Part 3
Khalid greets the person. He tells the person (the woman) so glad to meet you. She asks Khalid really, does Kabir talk about me so much. Kabir isn’t the kind to talk much. Khalid says when one doesn’t talk much about someone, the person becomes more interesting. For you, its enough that at one point of time, you were Mrs. Kabir Sharma. The lady sits on Khalids chair and says someone told me that KKN is like home and meeting you made me feel like your my mother-in-law. The lady thanks Khalid and says am KKN’s Business Head. Khalid says ofcourse but from tomorrow or are you getting started on work tonight itself. Why did you call me now. The lady says will discuss, get me coffee just like Kabir drinks. Khalid is stunned but agrees.
Ananya asks Kabir about the deal. He says he got offer to sign the deal to become co-owner of KKN but it has 3 years lock in period so refused. Ananya says ur kidding me. Kabir says no, not interested. Ananya asks Kabir to reconsider as its better option. He will have control on his news. Kabir says with time, priority changes and this is not my priority. Ananya says time as in coz of me. Well you told me personal and professional life shouldn’t be mixed. Think this thru. Kabir says you dunno about it. Ananya says do this for me. Kabir says if you say so. But remember, cant quit KKN for 3 years. Ananya says wont have to.. am there too. Kabir says thats the thing to worry about. The duo laugh. Ananya says want you to think about it. Am so excited thinking i will become g.f of part-owner of KKN.

Thought of the day-
Hamara aaj kitna saaf hota hai, kitna spasht hota hai
Lekin Hamara kal, hamara ateet ..utna vichitra hota hai
Marne ke baad bhi zinda rehta hai
Ateet me rehte hue bhi uska zikr aaj me hota hai
Aur jab jab woh hamare samne khada hota hai
Tab tab woh hamare aane wale kal par sawal khade karta hai

Update Credit to: Armu4Eva

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  1. Hi ishani and muskan…how r u guyzz?

    Omgggggg totally loved this ep πŸ™‚ it was amazing couldn’t stop smiling whilst reading the update….and the moral gyan was fantastic

  2. Hai guys….? How are u…Piya,Nishi,Shruthi,Lila,Subha,Asifah,Sameeha,Ishani,Crystal, dears..Missed u guys so much..
    If I forgot anyone’s name then Sorry…?

    Really good would be too good if they enjoyed their CANDLE LIGHT DINNER in an open area or In terrace without any person was there..then it would be too romantic..
    Someone clicked their photos right..then it will be Tomorrow’s headlines in KKN office and in front of Shreya…?
    I am sure she will dominate KAYA..
    Anyways waiting for upcoming epis..
    Love ❀ u KAYA and Reporters….?

    1. Omg muskaan…m seeng u aftr a veryyy long ty…..hwz u

  3. Oh my god…!!!! ARMU4EVA….thanks dear… updates so far….it was really so clean n neat…?..!! Love the way u wrote it …never miss a swingle part hey….

  4. wowwwwwwwww again fell in love with reporters and yar it was just amazing no words to say………..ananya aur uski bhai ki convo super…….aur ha par muje dar lag raha hai ki kahi e shraya ki vajhe se kuch galath na ho jaye aur vaise bhi jab shreya e keh rahe hai ki vo aage bad chuke hai tho vo baar baar kabir ke baare me kyom baath karthe hai………???????????

  5. Awesome, fantastic, mind blowing, last but not least soo romantic episode..
    Loved it… will watch it again and again.

    I just hope kabir don’t sign that bond..

  6. Oh my god ! It was so sweet both of them looked so cute i really do like them i couldn’t stop smiling when i saw the epi…..Totally waiting for tomorrows epi . Well hi friends how r u all….

  7. It would be 100% Manav who have captured those pics

  8. Spoiler
    Friday, 24 July 2015
    Synopsis:- Kabir signs the contract & Shreya comes in. Richa tells Ronnie and Ananya about Shreya Bhagat Kabir’s ex wife. Kabir fumes on Khalid and KL playing a bait on him when Ananya pacifies him only to understand of this being a professional tie up. Shreya tells Khalid Kabir is still the same not changed even a bit. Khalid breaks the news of Kabir being the partner in KKN and everyone is elated. Kabir tells Khalid that you have played with me by not informing about Shreya being the business head. Kabir gives the resignation to Shreya who tells Kabir that she has moved on & Kabir asks her to find the new editor in chief for KKN. Kabir comes to the newsroom and tells everyone that they shall have a new editor in chief tomorrow.

  9. Muskan do u think kabir should sign the bond? If yes then why? I don’t get it if its a good thing or a bad thing.

  10. Hello……my all friends
    Awesome episode…..
    Can’t discribe in words !!!
    Date unki chal rahi hai or hame kuch ho raha hai …..can’t stop blashing even while reading the update ……
    Hope they will always understand each other !!!!
    N thank u so much for moral gayyan
    N thanks for the update julie

  11. surbhi agrawal

    oh god
    … its really very sad that i missed today’s episode. .. why this channel removed its repeat telecast yr.. that’s so very bad…

  12. Hello muskaan how are u hey…? And everyone……mwah loved this episode..!!!

    This is asifah muskaan……my friends id

  13. Hi
    I think Baby was Shreyas spy

  14. wow! really Nyc episode!they r vry cute together as usual!

    N byw Hi frnds!Aaliya,Asifah, piya, subha, sidra, shruti, ishaani, Ashona(sry if I missed ny1’s nme).I donno if my cmnt ll post or not.Its been long tym I think,hw r u al?I m vry happy tht u al still remembr me nd thank you so much fr tht.I hope al r completely
    Tc al of u b safe nd b hlthy nd alwys b happy. c u ltr.

  15. Where is today’s ep??????

  16. Hey where is todays update ?? Why are u beings so late..

  17. No updates for today ????
    I feel really pitty for Kabir Shreya, Malvika , Manav, Richa and this fraud khalif also…
    I don’t think ananya will support Kabir upto the extent he want at this time…
    Ananya be a mature now I think she will gain the experience of life….
    Kabir is really outstanding I know he will able to handle all alone if he was alone but now ananya is there so he needs to be more careful….
    What strong and real character of Kabir is poteayed in this serial…..
    I really like the level of intellect is visualise in this serial so realistic thanks reporters to think out of the box and logical!!!! Commendable !!!!

  18. Please someone tell me what happend in reporters 24/7/2015

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