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Reporters 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananya reaches board room during Kabeer’s meeting with staff and says Kabeer she wants her job back. He says he cannot as he gave her position to Trisha. She says Trisha works on weather reports. He says he can take that position. She will not and deserves her position. He asks her to prove it. She says she will prove it and he himself will give her a job in this channel. He says he thought she will prove it in 24 hours. She says fine, she will prove it in 24 hours. He asks he what is she waiting for then. She walks out angrily. Ronnie asks what did he say. She says he asked to prove in 24 hours that she deserves her position. Sunny gets happy. Ronnie says what will she do now. Ronnie says he believes in his country, within 24 hours, at least one accident will happen.


reaches home. Mom asks if she got the job back. She says she challenged her boss she will prove her importance. Mom says she told her earlier that reporters importance is just before her news. Ananya thinks how to tell her what her boss told. She gets her brother’s call who asks her to come and meet him immediately. She informs mom and leaves.

She meets her brother who tells he is going on a protest march as his friend was to get selected under 19 cricket team, but selector needs bribe, so he wants her to help her with her reporter friends. She says she will speak to selector as people get afraid of reporters. He calls and he is in KKN channel. She says she will do a sting operation, calls ronnie to keep his equiptment ready as she is coming for a sting operation there. She takes Varun along and gets into office. Khalid sees her and asks why did she come here. She says she came to collect her money. He says he will send it to her house and asks who is this boy. She says Armaan, her brother. He leaves. She then tells Ronnie and Trisha that selector is coming for an interview by Khalid and announce team selection, so she will catch him right there. Ronnie says it is very risky and his job will be at risk. She says they both will search job and says as a friend he should help. He agrees. She explains her plan.

Malvika comes back to her cabin and sees Manav in her cabin who apologizes her for entering her cabin without her permission. She asks him to keep his drama for his news slot. He says he will not read the news from today as he is leaving office, gives resignation and tries to walk out. She says in office everyone is working hard to get KKN channel into #1 position except him and instead of getting reports, he is making drama just for a seat, etc. He says he is hurt because of her. She asks if she cannot scold him at all. He says of course she can scold him and asks her to give him another chance. She says he is a kid. He throws his resignation letter and says he will make KKN #1 position. She asks him to cover Chibber’s case as it is very sensational. He says he will and will see her soon. She thinks at least he would have brought real resignation letter instead of blank paper.

Ronnie fixes microphone inside Varun’s t-shirt. Ananya asks Trisha to be with Varun until she comes. She and Ronnie both then go and fix cameras in trial room. They both go back to broad cast room and see camera not fixed well. she runs back and fixes camera. she sees Khalid and Malvika entering broadcast room and hides. Once they leave, she goes to Richa’s desk. Richa sees Kabeer coming and hides Ananya under her desk.

Precap: Kabeer tells Ananya that she has only 15 hours and is wasting time here. Ananya says she came back to collect her salary as she is poor and was illegally kicked out of job. Kabeer says she was not, but know he thinks he will permanently close her account.

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