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Reporters 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ronnie reaching Ananya’s house and trying to convince mom to let Kabeer explain his side. Mom says ananya will never understand. He asks where is Ananya. She says she has not reached home yet.

Ananya with Tinu searches hospital records to find details about her papa’s murder. Tinu says his kabhri betrayed him and they could not find anything on CCTV footage. Ananya says she will find something in records.

Shreya reaches Kabeer’s house and starts brainwashing him against Ananya. She says she could not tolerate a junior reporter insult him and if he agrees, she will fire her. Kabeer nods yes and asks why is she concerned about him now. She goes near him and says they both made mistakes, especially she made a lot, but she still loves him. Kabeer says he needs something from her and says it is time to celebrate.

Ananya with Tinu does not find her dad’s records into files and Tinu says his khabri will not help him again and she lost money. She says she can earn back money, but don’t know how to prove her dad innocent.

Kabeer gives wine to Shreya and asks if she sent email to Ananya. She says no. He asks who else knows about their love story. She says she does not know. He says he wants to make history of their love story. She says they will make a history, will open a new news channel and settle life far away from India. Kabeer says he wants her to die with him and become invincible/amar. She asks him to stop joking. He adds sleeping pills into wine glasses and drinks one glass, asks her to finish her glass. She says she will not. He says Ananya can and reminisces how she tried to send him when she was wearing bomb jacket. He shouts she can never take Ananya’s place. She shouts how will he live with her when she is dying. He says he mixed sugar in wine. She shouts he cheated her. He says she will never get him in life again and he loves only Ananya and asks her to get out.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nice one kabir keep that up

  2. Just awesome!! Seriously that a*sh*le needed that welldone Kabir love ur intense look…

  3. hi, frds , I am tika…..
    the last episode of the show is 09/09/2015.

  4. What!! Tika, tats not even possible!

    1. yes it is true I know it from today’s SBS…

  5. ye Anisha , it is true … I khow it from today’s SBB episode..

  6. Yes Anisha it is true……

  7. But Tika 09/09/2015 is already gone long time

    1. She probably means 9/10/2015

  8. Are you serious tika.i thought it wouldn’t happen but it was coming true.i can’t believe it yar.y was this serial ending fast lying yar

  9. Guys manya will be united?

  10. opsss.. I am sorry .. vidya is right…. I mean 9/10/2015….at 12/10/2015 a new serial will start…

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