Reporters 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Reporters 22nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananya goes to meet Kabeer in his hospital room and does not find him. Peon informs that he got discharged and left for Singapore. She goes to Khalid’s cabin and asks why did Kabeer go to singapore. He says KL called him and says Manav will be inter editor in chief in Kabeer’s absence. Ananya then informs Ronnie and Trisha/Richa. Ronnie asks if KL called kabeer or he went to meet him. Ananya says Kabeer is ill, why would he want to meet KL, it must be other side. Trisha says even she feels same.

Manav meets Mavlika and tells that Kabeer is trying to use them all. Malvika asks him to stop his game. Manav says everyone knows she is trying to lure Kabeer. She says if she wants to, Kabeer would be roaming around her. He asks her to play a game for him.

Manav call staff meeting

and briefs about tonight’s news. He asks Richa to take over Kabeer’s 9 p.m. slot. He tells about businessman Sial’s illegal child story and asks Richa to cover it instead of Ananya. Malvika also backs him and asks richa to meet her in cabin. She asks Ronnie to show previous interviews to Richa.

Ananya comes out of conference room fuming and tells Richa that Manav and Malvika are doing injustice to her. she says Kabeer himself extended his friendship. Malvika comes there and asks Richa to go and cover her story and asks Ananya if she does not have work, she will give her as she cannot give her salary for free. She tells her that boss is always boss and not friend.

Manav calls Rohan to his cabin and tells him that Kabeer wants to rule over all of them and they should stop it. He tells if they all get Kabeer out, they can get their pending promotions and salary hikes.

Richa starts news instead of Kabeer and interviews businessman Sial’s wife. She asks if Mandira is telling truth. Mrs. Sial says Mandira is tring to gain publicity and money with her husband’s name. Her husband helped her NGO but never married her. Trisha watches news with Ananya and tells Sial’s wife is so dumb that she thinks her husband is innocent. She reminds her about Kabeer’s affair with Tarini. Ananya says she is right. Trisha then tells about Manav’s conspiracy to kick Kabeer out of KKN. She leaves saying she has to cover a story. Ronnie comes there and takes Ananya out for tea and snacks.

Ronnie while enjoying tea with Ananya on a roadside stall discusses about Kabeer. She asks him to discuss something else than Kabeer. He says I love you. She says even she loves him as a friend. He says she is not understanding, kneels down and tells proposes. She is shocked to hear that.

Precap: Richa tells Ananya that Malvika is jealous on her as she is closer to Kabeer than her. Malvika tells Ananya that Kabeer used many reporters like her and threw like a tissue paper.

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  1. soni

    Wat the hell was it.aj ka episode smj hi ni aya .ho kya RHA h reporters m itni conspiracy malvika n manav r horrible. N tat Ronnie is too much he knw tat ananya loves kabir pir qqqqq.n ananya ko kya hua h WO SB ki bato m q arhi h.I thought is an intelligent gal PR WO b baki TV serial wali actress ki tarah react kr rhi h.i m nt liking it

    • Crystal

      I am hating ronnie now…..soni u r right…..he knws that ananya luvs kabeer…. But even he took advantage of kabeer’s absence…..chalo ananya abhi k liye agar maan bhi jati hai…. But last mein toh woh kabeer k passs hi jayegi na…….i think some dhamaka will happen when kabeer returns….the best characters in the show r kabeer and tarini….plzzz we want kaya scenes…..kabeer will not b shown whole week kya…???

  2. Crystal

    This was the worst episode till date…..reporters is not worth watching without kabeer…. What the hell is going on in kkn..???..everyone is so manipulative…..not even a single one is missing the chance to take advantage of kabeer’s absence….its becoming too much complicated….hate manav malvika and all others….even ananya….is she so dumb that whatever others tell her she will believe that….and ronnie….why the hell did he propose..????….nw I think ananya will accept ronnie to forget kabir…..but at the end ronnie’s heart will surely break…..when will kabeer return…..missing him so much….now kaya’s love track has totally got deviated….god knws when they will unite….kabeer plzzzzzz return soon…..

  3. Rozee

    Where is Kabeer? They didn’t even show him at the end of the episode.Why? Just hope Rajeev hasn’t already left the serial.

  4. What is happening here in the show….I am getting irritated with this story…This Manav and Malvika are doing such a stupidity….Malvika I hate u…
    I agree with Soni that I thought Ananya is a mature girl but they are making like a other saas bahu type heroine…its a saas bahu serial little change is here Ananya as MAHAN BAHU,Kabir as RUDE DUDE WITH A GOOD ATTITUDE HERO and Malvika as EVIL SAAS WHO DOESN’T WANT THEM TOGETHER AND CREATE PROBLEMS..RONNIE AS ANANYA’S OLD AASHIQ,….wats say guys…
    Missed my Kabir oops sorry Ananya’s Kabir dearly today…
    Love ❀ u and Miss u KAYA…?

  5. Did u guys know Trisha is leaving the show.She will shoot till 10th July…
    Gonna miss her who plays a funny character and I like her…

    • Crystal

      yah i also heard that trisha is leaving….in the show she will be married off to a rich nri…and then she will leave

    • Piya

      I m fine dear,wht abut u??i hv heard that ananya will soon accept her love fr kabeer infrnt of her mother..what the hell go and tell him na.n where is kabeer???????when will he cm back,we wont b able to see him tmrw also as shown in the precap..but i do love kritika n rajeev care

  6. jamim

    hi muskan! i know my name is quite confusing that you couldn’t guess am i a boy or girl.obviously i am a girl and from bangladesh.where are you from muskan??

  7. Tia ranawat

    Im missing u kabir…hope rajeev didnt leave serial if so i will stop watching the show…luv u rajeev come back

  8. Dais

    Where is rajeev yr the episode was boring hope kabir will be back in tomorrow epi and ananya stop listening to your stupid friends hate malvika and manav :-((

  9. sameeha

    Cholo..kabeer kal bhi nahi dikhega
    …epi dkhna to door ki baat ,update b padna bekaar hai….

  10. sameeha

    N one more thing…news channels me aisa kabse hone laga k breaking news chod,sab ek love stry k peeche lag gae….kuch to realistic rkhte yaar.

  11. Kaya

    Wow, finally Ronnie said his feelings to Ananya. So happy. Manav and Malvika needs to have a life.

  12. soni

    According to the spoiler this whole week also misunderstanding continue.. Just hate it. But one good news ananya refuses Ronnie’s proposal. Its great.n the worst thing is that malvika will keep on playing games like typical saas.pls yr reporters phele jaisa kro don’t make it saaas bahut game .allow kabir n ananya to use their brains.pls.n kabir ko laoooo

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