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Kabeer reaches Ananya’s house on her mom’s call. Mom greets Kabeer in and asks if she informed Ananya. He says he knew she would not like, so he did not. She asks if he can call him Kabeer. He says with all means. She says she knows he and Ananya love each other and she is concerned about Ananya’s happiness. He says if she trust him, he promises that he will not let her complain in life. She says he has a past and what if he it haunts him in the future. He says he will not let his past overtake his present and promises that he will keep Ananya happy their whole life. He then touches mom’s feet and she smiles and gets him up.

Ronnie informs Richa that Ananya’s mom came to know about ananya and Kabeer’s affair. Richa says no mom would like her daughter’s

future bleak with a divorcee. Ronnie says let us hope for the best. Sunny interferes and asks what are they talking about it. Richa says it is her personal issue. He sadly asks if she can discuss personal issue with Ronnie, why can’t he and says he is getting low self-esteem. She says when he is in love, he will know everything soon. He asks if he will. She says pakka. He leaves smiling.

Ananya sees Kabeer coming back to office and follows him to dressing room. She asks him where was he. He says he went to meet her mom. She says she told mom would not agree. He feeds her choc and says she agreed after he promised big. She asks what promise. He says he promised that he will keep her daughter happy whole life that she will get bored of happiness, will make her habituated of his love…etc… He hugs her. Manav enters and makes sound. They separate. He says he would have knocked and come in and leaves. Ananya says he will run and inform Malvika now and she will be behind us now. He asks her not to worry and invites her for a date tonight. She asks if he is asking her. He says yes and asks if he should not. She says he should and smiles.

Manav informs Malvika about Kabeer and Ananya’s romance in dressing room. She asks him to stop badmouthing about his editor-in-chief. He says she is not the same whom he knows and asks why would he lie to get editor-in-chief position. She says she knows his intention and says nothing can be done until new boss comes.

Ronnie and Richa discuss how Manav is spreading news about Ananya and Kabeer’s affair. Sunny interferes as usual and they both leave. Baby comes then. Sunny says he feels Ronnie and Richa are in love as they usually are together and walks out when he enters. She surprisingly asks is it. He holds her hands tightly and says they both will find out. She asks him to leave his hand as she does not like it. He says he likes it very much and feels bubbly.

Khalid calls Kabeer to his cabin, gives contract papers, and says welcome to richie club. He says along with KKN’s editor-in-chief, he will be KKN’s 2% shareholder. He asks him to sign papers and enjoy new power. He says everyone don’t get what they need, the dream he came with in media industry is coming true. Kabeer reminisces telling his ex-boss pandit that whatever is displayed sells. He tells he cannot sell his freedom of 3 years just for 2% shares. Khalid says KKN shares will boom and he will me multimillionaire. Kabeer says he will be in KKN but will not sign 3-year contract for 2% shares. Khalid asks him to rethink and even take his dear one’s opion. Kabeer stares at him.

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