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Reporters 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananya starts lunch with her colleagues and yells at herself that she hit axe herself on her legs and asks why did not they stop her from signing resignation letter. Nisha is shocked to hear that and asks why did not she tell her. Sunny asks her to stop her drama. Ananya says she is no more a reporter and reminisces peon giving her Karan’s signed resignation letter, she asking Kabeer why did he sign letter. He says what she had expecting else and asks her to be a good reporter and while recording statement of victim use a good phone.

Peon informs Ananya that Manav called her in his cabin. Ronnie asks her to go and meet him as he can make imposisble things possible. She goes to Manav’s cabin who tries to provoke her against Kabeer. She says it was her mistake to send resignation

letter, she is happy that Kabeer aired truth and is not at fault. He feels irked that his plan failed, but smiles.

Ananya goes back to her house, looks at her papa’s pic and apologizing him for not following his principles and not believing her hero. Her brother comes and congratulates her for Nidhi Rane’s story, he already boasted in front of her friends that his sister brought this news. Ananya says she is a fool and gives him resignation letter. He checks and says Kabeer is fool instead who is insecure and jealous of her. Mom says brother is right as she believes easily. Ananya gets
Ronnie’s call who asks her to come out with her, she hesitates but agrees. Mom asks what will she do now without job. She says she will manage.

Ananya goes to an eatery with Ronnie who say she is not spineless like others who obeys Kabeer’s orders always. She says she is a fool. He asks her to go and say sorry to Kabeer, he will forgive her. Two men eve tease her. She throws tea on them. Ronnie gets Kabeer’s call and rushes telling he has to cover some VIP’s murder case. She asks whose call it was. He says Kabeer’s and asks her to go home.

Kabeer is in orphage playing with orphan children, calls Malvika and asks her to air Chibber/VIP’s old footage and sensationalize it till he gets some news. A kid says he is missing a lady who used to come with him. He says even he is missing her and tries to cheer them and himself.

Ananya tries to apology SMS to kabeer and thinks she should go and apologize him personally. She tosses a coin, gets head and thinks of sending it.

Kabeer gets into his car and sees an SMS coming. He sees a car rushing and crashing. He runs and rushes accident victim to hospital.

In the morning, Kabeer in board meeting tells a hit and run man whom he admitted to hospital last night is dead, they will have to air this new throughout day and sensationalize it.

Ananya comes to office and asks peon where are everyone. He says in board meeting. Everyone come back and start praising Kabeer and reminisces showing clip of Ananya hitting goons to his friends and kabeer seeing it and asking him to air it whole day. Ananya asks if he showed her face. He says no. Kabeer passes by and says Ananya she did good job. Ronnie asks how did he identify Ananya. He signals bracelet. Ronnie goes and asks Ananya to go and say sorry to Kabeer.

Nidhi comes with her mother and thanks Ananya for her help and says because of her, she got bail and hotel owner is arrested. Ananaya says she just did her job and asks why did they come here. Nidhi says Khalid called them for an interview. Khalid comes and tells Kabeer is waiting for them and tells Ananya already resigned from her job yesterday andmust have come back to complete paper work, says he will send papers home with one month bonus salary. Ananya thinks she did not need this insult, walks out of office, sees her footage and thinks how did Kabeer identify it was she in footage and realize him signalling hand and gets happy that Kabeer even notices her bracelet. HR team member comes and asks there is a confusion if she has resigned or not and Kabeer asked to wait for her reply. Ananya thinks Kabeer wants her to rejoin

Precap: Ananya tells Kabeer that she came back to get her job and says she deserves it. He asks her to prove it. She says she will prove in 24 hours.

Update Credit to: MA

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