Reporters 21st September 2015 Written Episode Update

Reporters 21st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shreya introduces Kabeer’s news show’s sponsor to whole KKN staff. Ronnie and his group are surprised and Kabeer fumes. Shreya asks him to drop their sponsor till door and sponsor says he should as his company’s reputation is in his hands now. Kabeer hesitantly agrees.

Ananya enters Shreya’s cabin and requests her to lend her few month’s salary as a loan and not asks why she needs it. Shreya asks how much money she needs. Ananya says 1.5 lakhs. Shreya signs cheque and says she is giving it from her personal account and she can withdraw it in 30 min. Khalid enters and says Shreya she forgot to sign on 2 papers. Shreya signs. Ananya thanks her and leaves. Khalid informs Kabeer.

Ananya speaks over phone and informs Tinu that she got 1.5 lakhs and

will meet him soon. Kabeer stops her and tries to explain. She says she does not want to listen as instead of helping her find her papa’s truth, he is stopping her. She asks him to stop alleging Ronnie that he sent her email. Shreya, Ronnie, and whole staff hear her shouting. Ananya addresses whole staff that she canceled he engagement with Kabeer.

Manav enters Shreya’s cabin with coffee and says it is time to celebrate as her plan worked. She sips coffee and says it is very sweet. He says celebration should be with sweets. She says she feels sweetness in bitterness and it is new flavor of success. He says he will bring her new coffee. She says it is okay.

Khalid enters Kabeer’s cabin and asks if what he heard is true. Kabeer says he came to know who murdered Sudhir kashap and it is RJ, their new sponsor. Khalid says that means Shreya is playing game and is trying to ruin his life. She will definitely harm Ananya to hurt him. Kabeer says he knows, so he is worried for Ananya. He says he thought of KKN’s profit and involved Shreya, but he can see how his life is ruined now. Khalid asks him not to make him feel more guilty and says he will explain Ananya. Kabeer says not to do that, he will bring out the bitter truth himself. Khalid says he will help him in whatever ways he can says it is time to show his nails to Shreya.

Ananya meets Tinu who tells he has set everything. She says she will meet him tonight at pharma circle. He nods yes and tries to leave. She says she will accompany him as she does not want to go home as Ronnie, kabeer or Richa may come there. Tinu asks her to relax, nothing will happen. She hopes so and they both leave.

Ronnie tells Richa and Sunny that he and Kabeer played drama to bring out Shreya and Manav’s true faces, but Ananya does not want to listen to them. Richa says Ananya is acting weird. Sunny says Ananya is in deep shock and pain. Richa says what can we do now. Sunny says he will conduct sting operation on Shreya and trap her to teach her a lesson. Richa asks him not to get emotional. Sunny says Shreya is a nagin.

Khalid hears Shreya speaking to someone over phone and asks if she is going out. Shreya says an old friend. Khalid taunts her and says best of luck, he knows her emotions are rekindling again. Shreya says he is thinking wrong. He says he is thinking ring and leaves saying her best of luck again.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: Wherever and however we are are because of our deed and not our fate.

Precap: No precap today.

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  1. Jayashree

    The show is really going downhill. From what was edge of the seat news reporting with romance is now becoming a predictable saga like all other serials. Their love story full of twists and turns has overtaken journalism. It would have been refreshing to see a stronger content minus all the masala

  2. Rashmi Kishore

    Now that this track has started, I guess we will have to wait at least until Friday to get over with this. Ananaya is shown as either too intelligent or too stupid. Either too trusting or completely lacks trust.

    • Jayashree

      Agreed rashmi, god knows what happened to all the positivity and feel good vibes of this show. I have been a great admirer of this programme from day one and I just love ananya ‘s character which was so full of life and spontaneity, but now she is beginning to irritate us. Guys pls come back

  3. Minna

    I agree ananya is shown as either super or dumb and kabir as either very vocal or not able to get across his thoughts too much of this is becoming boring and irritating

  4. I think kabir is not a journalist they only show the wars and loves , in ealrier time they both do so much string operations but now nothing no interesting stories !!!! Boring !!

  5. Rashmi Kishore

    It’s really unfortunate that such a lovely show has such a disappointing last leg. And dramas are usually rememembered by the way they end and not how they begin. Lets hope this madness does not continue next week.

  6. Kb

    This is too much from Ananya. I understand she is angry with Kabeer. But taking money from Shreya and avoiding Richa and Ronnie. What Richa and Ronnie has done? And ON WHAT GROUNDS OR ON WHAT BASIS SHE TRUSTED SHREYA and took loan from her personal account?
    Is this her level of intelligence? And her mother is another one.She went to Shreya to know Kabeer’s past and now that is over she is again not seeing any rationality like if there is any reason why Kabeer did it. In fact as per the spoiler, she even threw Ronnie out of house. I really do not know what’s wrong with mother-daughter duo. Her brother Armaan is better.

  7. The so much mature Ananya is behaving like a stubborn kid..I mean d man who loved her so much n was ready to die wid her is now her biggest enemy…i mean she doesn’t even care to listen d reason behind all these. Now this is how u pull d story at this point wen d show is about to end n her mother is probably d biggest dumb. Its getting messy at its end tym. Make it lovable..we will love to see dis beautiful couple all together in d last few episodes…not in d last scene of the last episode ?

  8. I har a feeling that the new show, pyaar ko ho jaane do is coming in place of reporters. Thought love this show, the plot had become boring now. They should either make it better, or…… I hate so say this, but they should stop the show

  9. Rashmi Kishore

    I don’t think there will be any change in the story line this week. But I do hope this torture stops by Friday and the love story gets back on track by Monday.

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