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Anurag insists Kabeer to call Ananya as he wants to meet her. Kabeer says she will not and tells Taruni about their fight. She says Ananya handled situation well by calling inspector Khurana. He asks who told her. She says laxman and asks why did he leave her in the middle of road. He says he tried to get her back, but she angrily left. He asks what to do next. She saytss he is expert in it, so he must know. Anurag asks if he apologized ananya. He says no. Anurag asks to go right now and apologize.

Kabeer reaches Ananya’s house. Mom asks him to for tea. He asks her to give water instead. Ananya stares at her. He says he will meet at her office, stares at her and leaves. Mom asks Ananya if something is going between them. Kabeer comes back and says yes. He says he came to talk

about it today and says he and Ananya love each other a lot and he can do anything for her. He can do silly mistakes, gets scolded by her and even scold her his mistake. If she does not accept their relationship, he will end it right now. He says he will proceed only if he agrees and leaves.

Ananya calls him and tells mom left to bed without speaking anything. Kabeer says she is not accepting their love. Ananya says she will not. He asks if she does not trust her love. She gets emotional and says I love you, before ending call.

In the morning, Ananya comes for breakfast, but mom is still angry on her. She tries to speak and asks what is for breakfast. Armaan says poha. Ananya asks mom to pack it her lunchbox. mom says she packed what is there. Ananya tries her best to console her, but to no avail.

Khalid speaks to KL over phone and speaks about merger contract. Malvika comes and asks if contract papers came. He says by evening or tomorrow morning and says Kabeer got a very good fate that he is getting what he wanted so early. Malvika asks him to get the contract signed to stop making any mistakes.

At office, Ronnie greets Ananya good morning. She sadly replied. He asks what happened. She says mom came to know about her and Kabeer and she does not know what she will do. Baby comes speaking on phone and creates a bit of humor…

Manav meets Malvika and asks what will she do if Kabeer becomes channel head. Malvika says she does not know her plan and praises her that she is a spoilt daughter of millionaire and knows what to do now.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I don’t know what to say about todays episode ….. It was so creepy but the phone talk was nice it showed that they are truly and deeply in love……how SWEET!!!

  2. I just don’t like baby as I think she is here in KKN with some hidden purpose as all the time whenever Ananya is talking she is always around.
    Today Malvika expressed herself truly and that spineless Malvika and Manav will create more problem for Kabir and Ananya.
    I like the way Kabir clearly inform ananya’ smother I think she will agree for this relation. As she has no other choice from where she will such intelligent and handsome son in law.

  3. Today’s episode was so quick I never thought of that in one day Kabir will easily go and inform abaya’s mother. Well good episode!!!!

  4. Why is ananya’s mum over reacting? She already knew that ananya loves kabir….she should b happy for her daughter and not get angry

  5. 22.07.15 Wednesday Synopsis Ananya’s mother calls Kabir to meet her where she accepts their relation on Kabir’s conviction. Kabir breaks the news to Ananya and she excitedly hugs him when Manav comes there.Manav comes there and leaves from there as they plan to go out on date and ananya is all excited abour it.Manav goes and tells Malvika about the same.Malvika becomes furious and tells manav asking for proof.Khalid tells Kabir -KL offers him to be part of KKN shareholder

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