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Ananya gives Nidhi Rane’s statement to Kabeer and says this is the truth. He claps and asks if she is the traitor of this office who does not listen to her senior. She says in journalism, she was tought to bring out truth, so he should stop sensationalizing the news and show the truth. He says he knows what to do, he has given her a warning already and wants he to maintain discipline and prove she is a good employee. He gives footage back and walks out. She asks if he will not air it. He nods no.

Ananya’s friend asks why did not she make a copy of statement and think Kabeer did not become editor in chief just like that. She says she cannot believe Kabeer is such a manipulator. She gets Nidhi’s mother’s call and promises her that news will be aired by 4 p.m. She tells

friend that she will speak to Kabeer again and walks behind him. Friend stops her and says they have a board meeting.

In board meeting, Kabeer tells they will wait till 4 p.m. Ananya says when we have her statement, why can’t he air as Nidhi’s mom called her and told she will file court case. Manav asks why is he not airing statement when he has it. Kabeer says when they can file a case, they can file court case on them also. He asks to wait till 6 p.m. and air a sensational story. Nidhi asks when he made Nidhi a pr*stitute already, why is he stopping and says this is out of journalism rules. Manav says this did not happen till now and walks out angrily. Malvika comes and asks if she missed something. Kabeeer says he was talking about 1927’s gadar. Ananya says she used to praise his values before, but to make his position strong, he is hiding truth, she thinks he has sold himself. He asks her to get out and asks Nisha to get court case hearing footage by 6 p.m.

Manav gets a call that Nidhi Rane did not get bail. Malvika comes to his room. He says Kabeer has manipulated things, now Nidhi did not get bail but hotel owner got it. She asks how is Kabeer related to it. He says till yesterday, they were airing news and now they have made it entertainment channel, soon they will get advertisement also. She asks him to join anothe channel and she will get recommendation from her dad.

Rohan sees Ananya in cafeteria and tells she is very courageous and bold and he liked the way she opposed Kabeer. Nisha comes there and interrupts. Nisha gets an idea and informs Khalid everthing. He says he is like a saas of this news channel who does not listen bad about elder son and considers bahus as wrong always. He suggests her to resign.

Ananya writes resignation letter. Ronnie it is not her mistake that her hero is a villain actually and should not resign. she says she will not stay here, goes and keeps resignation letter on Kabeer’s table and comes back to pack her items. She sees Kabeer’s news who briefs about Nidhi’s case, tells about his channel’s poll where 80% people agreed that Nidhi can be pr*stitute, 16% no, 4% say don’t know. He then airs Nidhi’s statement who tells she met a model coordinator who tried to misbehaved with her and she realized he runs s*x racket. She tried to walk out of room, but police raided and caught her. Kabeer says Nidhi says she is innocent, but every culprit says the same. She took out businessman Bunty Chadha’s name. Now, he will show the sting operation he did and shows Nishi meeting model coordinator and Bunty chaddha as a model and telling coordinator was caught by police before for running s*x racket, so he wants people to opine if Nidhi is innocent or culprit.

Reporters praise that with Kabeer’s statement, Nidhi will get bail. Khalid telsl Ananya that Kabeer is a genius and he used her footage to bring out truth. She gets impressed. Her friend asks if she wants to resign even now. She says no.

Kabeer starts news again and tells he wants to requests 80% people who opined that Nidhi is a pr*stitute to think well before opining as their statement can send an innocent to jail.

Precap: Ananya’s friends asks her to get back her resignation letter before Kabeer sees it. Peon gives her letter. She sees Kabeer’s sign and asks why did he sign it. He asks if he had to frame it instead.

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