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Kabeer asks Ananya to go and console Ronni’e mom as she knows her. Ronie’s mom meets her and asks if she was with Ronnie and got injured and continues that she will get Ronnie also married along with her, gift him a new bike, etc.. and says she will meet Ronnie now. Ananya holds her hand and says she cannot meet him again.. Mom asks what is she telling and starts crying vigorously. She gets into Ronnie’s hospital room where everyone are sitting around him, sits next to him, opens bedsheet from his face, and cries more vigorously.

Ronnie’s close friends attend his cremation. Kabeer performs his last rights and sets his body on fire. Ronnie’s mother and Ananya cry vigorously.

Tinu disguised as Sikh tells inspector Khurana that RG’s goons were outsiders

and not from Delhi and RG wanted to kill Ananya for trying to know her father’s murder secret and whoever are involved with her father’s murder are helping RG. RG’s goons are spying on him, so he will not meet Ananya or Kabeer.

Doctor checks Ananya and asks mom if she has a history of trauma or depression. Mom says no. Khurana comes to meet Kabeer and Ananya. Kabeer asks him to stay here for sometime until he finishes his work at office. Khurana agrees. Kabeer then enters Ananya’s room and tells mom if he can stay with Ananya and safeguard her. She nods yes. He says he is going to office for some and Khurana will be here until he is back.

While driving, Shreya gets panic attack. Manav gets her out of car and asks if she bought her medicine. She says no. He says she should keep it with her all the time and asks why did she try to kill Ananya and killed innocent Ronnie. She shouts until Ananya is alive, kabeer will not be hers and he is also involved in Ronnie’s murder now. He says he is not involved in anything and leaves. She gets into car and pops in her pill.

Richa cries vigorously at office and Sunny tries to console her. Khalid comes and informs that kabeer called and told he will reach here soon. Kabeer enters and says Ananya is still unconscious and is in shock, even with her eyes closed, she cries sometimes. He asks Richa to stop crying and help her in make culprits cry.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: He salutes people who die in the line of duty and who die helping someone and become martyr.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ronnie , I salute u . Tumhare jaisa dost kismat walo ko milta hai . Kash mere pas bhi tumhare jaisa koi dost hota !!!!!

  2. Rg and shreya its time to pay for ur sin…. get ready to get all tear u give other back….

  3. Yeah I agree with you and it’s time they pay for the trouble they caused to kaya and the rest of the staff of KKN. ………………. Now see shreya what kabeer does and you will be in jail for attempt to murder and Ronnie ‘s death

  4. Ronnie ka death…nahi hona tha.shreya jail Jana hey..Manav..bolna chayiye shreya ka. Wajase ye sub ho raha hey….

  5. Yea now seriously its enough… Enough of shreya’s drama and evil sins winning… This is unlike the Reporters show we all know and love, where the culprit gets caught and exposed quite swiftly and in good time… Why the delay and drag in this?? Please make shreya and RG pay for their sins now!! I have stopped watching the show… waiting till the villains get punished… Ronnie’s death must not go in vain!

  6. They will pay for there all sins

  7. reporters is best

    RG and SHREYA
    Now u r gone

  8. I didn’t expect this dragging phase from this show. Now I want Malvika back. Manav looked shocked and a bit ruffled but he is not going to turn to a positive person.

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