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Reporters 1st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

During interview, Nilini Verma asks Ananya if she loves someone. Ananya says she has a hate relationship with love. Nalini says that means whom she loves loves someone else and says love looks good only in books and people betray often in love. Ananya ends interview.

Ananya sees Ronnie and says she wants to talk to him. He says he is busy. She insists and asks to come to the corner. He asks her to speak right here. She apologizes him and asks why is he ignoring her. He says he cannot and says soon he is resigning and she does not have to see his face often.

Malvika speaks to her friend over phone and requests her to give a highly paid job to Ananya so that she can leave her office. She then gets happy thinking if Ananya is not here, then Kabeer will pay attention to her.


gets a lead from his khabri and asks him to watch news tonight, khaas baat kabeer ke saath. He calls Ananya to get Nalini’s interview script.

Ananya gets Malvika’s friend who offers her a reporter’s job in her news channel with a better pay and hike. Ananya reminisces Ronnie, Malvika, Kabeer’s words and accepts offer. She says she will join from tomorrow. Kabeer comes and asks her to give nalini’s interview script. Ananya says she is leaving KKN as she got a job offer from another channel. He is shocked and says it is fine. She says she will keep script on his table in a few min.

Malvika calls her friend and thanks her for taking out pain/Ananya from her office.

Kabeer starts Nalini’s interview and asks why she writes only pain and betrayal in her novels. She says she writes what she feels and what is happening in society. He says she is writing her personal experience in her novels and uses her told words. She says he is using her words against her. He says he just know to bring out truth.

Kabeer continues interview and asks if she will tell about Shekhar Sharma or he should say. She asks what he wants to know, she loved Shekhar once, but he is her past and she does not even want to hear about him. Kabeer says he is proud of her that she is a self-made woman and does not value Shekhar in her life. He continues that Shekhar does not deserve anyone’s love and is a very bad man.

Nalini continues that she left her home for Shekhar and waited him for 2 days, but he did not turn up and just send a letter. Kabeer asks if she did not think why he did not return back and sent a letter. She says if he has researched so much, then he should tell the reason. He says love is a feeling. She asks him to stop scratching her past and asks to close the interview. He asks her to just wait for 2 min as someone else wants to confess.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. kritika

    Nishi u know me and muskan u forgot me very bad my studies are too much that what I can’t chat

  2. kritika

    No precap today also so never will get a chance to see a precap if any body know why precaps are not coming

  3. Crystal

    Episode was good…..but no kaya moments… interview kabir hits his message at the right point……so shekhar will b seen tomorrow nd will explain everything to nalini…..through kabir’s words,ananya should feel guilty of having doubted him…..she believed everything what she saw and heard from others…..but never thought of speaking to kabir openly…..i hope she learns a lesson…..i knw ultimately she wont leave kkn…and according to spoilers kabir will knw ananya’s feelings for him from trisha and they will confess their love…..great going….keep it up….team reporters…. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow…<3

  4. keerthana

    why don’t you repeat this serial in the afternoon or morning times? other then the boring CID

  5. Hey todays epi was okay…… Malvika will never stop being a foolish person i really do hate her . Ronni what is wrong with him he is creating more mess and confusion . Plz show sum kaya moments i am desperate to see them together……

    • kb

      today Ananya acyed more foolish than Malvika. I mean you know nothing about Kabeer yet and then you went to his place last day and saw such a lovely kid. she should give some time and space. just like that she accepted the offer and told Kabeer that she is quitting Ananya knew from the beginning that he is divorcee, still she fell in love with him and now she has made a picture of her own and acting that way.And why she is so bothered about Ronnie–did she ever confided that she had feelings for Ronnie even before the arrival of Kabeer in KKN. now if he has misunderstood things, let him deal in his own way. It’s not her fault.

  6. Piya

    Again an episode without sweet kaya moments..whn ll trisha say?whn ll they confess??itz already wednesday..n where r the precaps:-(

    • Hai Piya are u and how is ur work going on buddy..Take care ? of urself and don’t take stress on work.ok.
      Had ur dinner..

      • Piya

        Me too fine dear.n i m feeling v.much pressures wid many projects n assignmnt.dear just go to youtube n type reporters n search on todays basis u ll find the confession of kaya..reply must after seeing tht

  7. Hi sidra hw r u? its ok sidra wen ll ur studies finish sidra sry I forget it I thnk at aug ri8?u tc of urself nd sidra i thnk Aaliya do nt forget u may be she didn’t see ur comnt so

  8. Good…I thought it Nalini’s boyfriend will come..i thought Ananya will bring them together but now Kabir is doing…So sweet guys helping others love ❤ but u guys not understanding ur love to each other this is not fair…
    I agree with Crystal that Kabir will say not to believe others then Ananya will feel guilty…then they may understand their love ❤…oh oh then this moment will be great to watch…
    In Friday according to spoilers KAYA will kiss each other.Confessing their love oh oh…Somebody pls tell me am I dreaming Ki?…
    I can’t wait to watch them confessing their love ❤….
    I am sure tomorrow’s epi will be awesome to watch..
    Don’t want to comment on Stupid Moron Malvika and Ronnie and spoil my mood…?
    Eagerly waiting waiting waiting for tomorrow’s epi……….
    Love ❤ u My Sweet KAYA and Reporters…

    • Thank u so much ? my dear friend…love u guys …i saw ur comment now on previous update u wished me I really thank u ? so much.
      I love those persons who remembers everything about others to make them happy…
      Thank u so much.I had a great time..i made some friends…but I am really missing my school friends.

      • ya Aaliya the real happiness s in to make others happy na.nd u filled ur cmnts with full of thank you Aaliya?u said tht no sry no thank you in friendship ryt?

    • S I said no thanks and no sorry in friendship but what to do.
      I am like that only…..i don’t expect sorry and thank u from my friends but I say thank u and friends too scold me that u only said no sorry and no thanks in friendship now u only saying….

  9. minna

    The only thing wrong is it’s too short one has to wait for 24 hrs for 20 min
    serial shouldb go an hour

  10. Dais

    Today OK episode eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode love confession dekhne me maza aayega jaldi se Aisa ho jaye love kaya

    • S dear I read all the three updates..concept attracted me but I hope they don’t drag too much..Hero and heroine is looking good…

  11. nd Aaliya I m going my comnt s nt posting.Tc Aaliya nd Asifah Piya Subha Sidra Tc al.nd Ashona ji I thnk u wil b der at nun u too Tc. bye frnds.

  12. Piya

    Guys just go to youtube n type “Reporters” M search on today or this week slot,u ll find the video of the confession scene..i m on cloud 9:-*

  13. Hey guys…latest news about reporters in upcoming episodes is..that soon on Friday mostly…kabir n ananya will kiss eventually in their fight while arguing…
    N his ex wife will b shown join kkn as partner in business..played by Ankita bhargava

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