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Reporters 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananya comes home tensed. Mom asks what happened to her. Ananya says office problem and she will sort it out. Mom calls Ronnie and asks if something happened in office. He says no. Mom says she is still upset regarding her papa’s death and cuts call.

Ananya looks herself in mirror and reminisces social worker alleging Kabeer that he is a divorcee and having an affair with Taruni. She starts crying and thinks Taruni is already in Kabeer’s life and she does not have any place for herself.

Ananya reaches KKN office in the morning sadly. Ronnie asks what is happening. Ananya asks what he means. He says aunty called yesterday and told you are tensed. Ananya says mom gets tensed unncessarily. Richa comes there, and Ananya changes topic. Once Ronnie leaves, Ananya tells

Richa that she went to hospital to meet Kabeer and saw her Taruni there. She is right, Taruni is already in Kabeer’s life. Richa says she already told her, but she did not believe her. Ananya says she came to know about it now, but she considers Kabeer as her idol since 8 years. Ronnie comes back, gives ananya a pendrive and asks Ananya to give it to Malvika. He tells a poor joke to cheer up Ananya and Ananya asks what was it. Ronnie says he said as he read in book.

Khalid calls a conference meet and relays live chat with Kabeer. Kabeer addresses everyone and says he is well and hearty, but in a bandage right now. He points his leg and Ananya gets sad seeing Taruni there. He says Khalid has asked to read tonight’s news from hospital room. Malvika says if he can. Taruni then feeds medicine to kabeer. Manav jokes that one should not deny alcohol and medicine. Kabeer taunts it is not appendicitis pain. He tells he got a lead about a businessman Kuldeep Sayal’s Mandira Verma and their child. He says woman will go on national tv tomorrow, but they can cover her breaking new in their channel tonight. He says Ananya that he SMSed her woman’s address and asks her to arrange interview with her for his tonight’s news. Richa suggests Ananya not to cover this news, but she does not listen to her.

Ananya calls Mandira to KKN and before starting interview lady says she is not doing this for publicity and just wants justice for her child. Taruni gets Kabeer ready with blazer on hospital bed. Kabeer starts news and questions lady when did she marry businessman. She says 10 years ago when he had come for trekking vacation to her city where she runs a school. He continued meeting her often and married, only then she came to know about his first marriage. She is not giving this interview for money or fame, but to get justice to her son. Kabeer takes a break.

During break, Kabeer asks Ananya why did not she come to meet her friend and idol at least once in hospital. She says she came, but changes that she wanted to come but could not due to work. They start silent argument. Malvika hears their conversation over microphone. Kabeer starts interview after break, and Mandira repeats same that she wants DNA test of her child to get justice for him. Ananya ends news.

Ananya goes to bathroom and starts crying. She tells herself to stop drama and speak out her heart with Kabeer. She should clear her misunderstanding and tell that she made a mistake by loving Kabeer, love or whatever, she has to speak.

Ananya reaches Kabeer’s hospital and sees its empty. She asks peon and he says Kabeer is discharged and left for Singapore.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: Ronnie asks Ananya if KL called him to Singapore or Kabeer himself is meeting him. Trisha asks if KL wants to elevate his designation. Khalid says KL calls people either to promote or demote them.

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  1. Piya

    Really felt bad when ananya was crying..the inner turmoil was briliantly portrayed by kritika…just love her

  2. Urmi

    dissapointed to see the misunderstandings between them.i think in mondays episode rajeeb will not be shown,very bad.without him it doesn’t have meaning.I hope he will come back soon.and i am waiting for the confrontation scene between ananya and kabir.They should clear the problems and should be you rajeeb and kritika.both of you are brilliant in your parts.

  3. soni

    Yr itni misunderstanding qqqqqq.n tat malvika I hate her the most…. I think use ne hi shyd kch kia h kabir ko Singapore behjne k lie n I think Khalid b mila h.yr pls kaya ko sth m laoooo.I m nt liking dis unwanted misunderstanding bw kaya.yr kabir n ananya intelligence ka use kroooo pls talk n clear it…..plsssssssssssssssssssssss fr kaya fans plssssss.I can’t take it

  4. tamanna

    Every indian love story has same story…misunderstandings – misunderstandings – misunderstandings !!!

  5. I hate Malvika…When Kabir and Ananya was talking and that stupid Malvika was smiling and I can’t take it … can she be such a earlier epi when nobody listened her then Khalid told her to behave like a Company’s owner daughter then she said ok but now,she Is behaving like she is an employee over there..
    KL is Malvika’s dad kya?…i have a doubt..
    If s means then I think he wants to talk about Malvika’s marriage with him
    No this can’t be happen pls….Richa I know u r helping Ronnie but pls yaar don’t put doubts on Ananya’s mind regarding to Kabir…
    And I want a clear notification about Kabir’s past I mean y he had a divorce with his wife….
    Waiting for Monday’s epi eagerly…
    Love ❤ u and Miss u KAYA and Reporters..?

    • kb

      Then there is an ex-wife of Kabeer. We all know in tv serial ex wife are much more active after they become ‘ex’. just imagine what will happen when she enters the scene.

    • Same pinch…I too had that Same thought…What is gonna happen now…
      At least they must show why they had a divorce?…

      • sameeha

        Hi per the flashbacks shown it can b predctd dat kabeer was a fun loving boy….but at the same tym a little kiraak fellow…he even slapped his editor…he was even called as a failure by his wife
        …as he was not able ctrl his anger n did whatever he wanted he myt have failed as a reporter and hence spoilt his career and hence shreya left him

  6. Urmi

    I think kl has seen the news where kabir is interviewing the couple and he called the lady ananya by mistake and also he is informed about kabir’s drunken state.may be thats why kl ask kabir to come and meet him .

  7. Hai Piya,Nishi,Sameeha,Asifah,Subha,i think aap log bahut busy Ho..koi chat hi nahi Karta ya phir aap log bore hogaye mujhse baat karke…??

    • Hi Aaliya hw r u?pls nt to think like dis Aaliya its ramadan time so I don’t hav time to com bt I wil be der at early mrng if possible com at time we wil cht else its difficult fr me to com at anthr time Aaliya bt I wil try to com u pls nt to mind Aaliya.

  8. km

    I hope Ananya and kabeer both goes to Singapore………and there they clear their misunderstanding…….love you both kaya

  9. Dais

    Malvika is behind kabir’s sudden Singapore visit hope they clr their misunderstandings kaya should get together and give some back to back breaking news just like in the beginning missing the kaya moments yr

  10. Asifah

    Hi muskaan…sorry for not chatting but due to ramadhaan I’m not keeping in touch so much..sorry yaar…par agar K.L kabeer ko Singapore bularahahe toh shayad is me malvika ka koi plan he. Mujhe uspe and Richa par gussa Aaraha he coz woh log problems create karrahe he hamare KAYA k bich me…! ??

  11. Shreya.

    I agree wid u asifah..magar pata nhi ka hota he next episode me..eagerly waiting for Monday guyz…muskaan u asked me where m from..I’m from Africa….and 17 yrs old in grade 11

  12. Crystal

    Hi guys….episode was ok…..but i think ananya is still not sure whether she luvs kabeer….and kabeer too has not admitted to himself yet……but it was good to see that kabeer still prefers ananya and her reporting……luvd their conversation during break but that stupid malvika…..during his stay in singapore i hope that both kabeer and ananya will miss each other….and hope that he returns soon…..u guys are right…..they both are not kids that whatever they see or hear from others they should believe that……they both are quite mature and they should talk their hearts out with each other and clear their misunderstndings…….i am not liking richa at all these days…..she is too much…..and plz dont bring ronnie in between kaya’s luv story…..plz its a request to directors and writers not to make it boring like other serials……with misundrstndings sacrifices and all…….let kaya come together and start their luv track and romance soon……during kabir’s absence i think tarini shld go and tell ananya that kabir is in luv with her…….love you lots kaya….

    • kb

      Ananya is also yet to admit herself, but they way she was crying and also got affected by seeing Tarini with Kabeer at the hospital, It is sure that she is also in love with Kabeer. Now if the serial makers later turn her character towards Ronnie (don’t know, they can do anything), it would be very bad.

      • Crystal

        Omg…!!!!…plz directors and writers dont turn ananya’s character towards ronnie…..that will b worst…..she is in love with kabir and that is true love….for god’s sake dnt bring ronnie in btwn….i knw he is a good friend and also luvs ananya…. But its one sided…. Plz make kaya confess their luv to each other….

  13. Crystal

    Kabeer still prefers ananya and at least he is not avoiding her….but his calling her miss kashyap was not cool……we missed that precious moment when ananya rushed to hospital to speak her heart out to kabeer…..but kya tabhi kabeer ko singapore ke liye nikalna tha….!!!!…woh bhi with a fractured leg…..that idiot malvika is behind all these…..hope he returns soon…

  14. Bushra

    Can’t wait fr upcoming episodes !! The anxiety is increasing… have been goggling since the last episode aired so as to find some info a sto wht happens… these weekend breaks are tooo long to survive…

  15. Crystal u absolutely right…people like malvika and etc like involving themselves…(even though the writers and producers make the play) but not right that Richa and others make a person believe some one something wrong..!!?my head is spining

  16. Piya

    No dear not at all.actually i m hvng my teacher training n it ruins my life,the hectic schedule.aftr cming home there are so many assignments for the next day:-(
    n watching kaya like this i felt more pressure,i guess kabeer will not b seen for atlst two dayz,plz cr evryone

  17. Dais

    O god can’t wait for Monday episode hope they have some kaya moments enough of this misunderstandings

  18. cutie

    Trisha will be leaving the show because she will get engaged to NY I and will be leaving the show

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