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Ananya tells Sunny that his line is clear as baby does not have boyfriend, but she dreams of her dream man coming on horse to pick her. Sunny says he does not know horse riding and gets tensed. Kabeer enters. Sunny asks if he knows horse riding. He says no. Ananya says she does not get dream of Kabeer’s horseriding. Sunny says Baby should have dreamt of scooter instead of horse and leaves from there. Kabeer smiles and asks if she wants also him to horse ride. She says she has many other dreams also. Tinu calls her and informs about a cylinder blast in a slum. She rushes to the spot.

Ananya rushes to the slum area and asks people if fire brigade came. People says roads are very narrow, so it cannot enter here. Ananya says many people have been injured. Sunny says they should

enter from other side. They see a mother crying holding her burnt child. Ananya asks Sunny to pick child and they both run towards their van.

Kabeer is busy in a meeting with Shreya and Khalid when Ananya calls him and says she is taking a burnt child to hospital via van and asks him to tell inspector khurana to clear hospital roads. Kabeer informs Shreya and she asks him to tell Sunny to keep camera on as footage may help them. He nods yes and informs khurana. Khurana orders his subordinates to clear hospital roads. Kabeer speaks to some more people seeking help.

Richa tells Kabeer that she will read news about blast and request people to clear hospital roads. Kabeer permits her. Richa reads news. Ananya’s mom reaches KKN with lunchbox and watches news. Receptionist asks whom she wants to meet. She says Ananya, she is her mother.

Ananya reaches hospital. Doc says she brought child on time and asks her not to worry. She thanks doc. Richa starts news again and briefs that Ananya reached hospital on time. Ananya interviews doc that he could save child as she brought him on time and says child is out of danger now and is undergoing minor operation. Ananya thanks Delhi police and people for clearing roads and helping them reach hospital on time and ends news.

Ananya’s mom gives lunch box for Ananya to receptionist and is about to leave when Shreya stops her and starts her sugar-coated talks. She calls her aunty and says she sees her mother in her and asks her to see her daughter’s cabin. Mom agrees and walks with her.

Kabeer congratulates Ananya for saving child’s life. Shreya asks peon to send 2 coffees and biscuits to her cabin and asks Ronnie to send Ananya to her cabin when she comes. Ronnie informs Kabeer that Ananya’s mom has come. He asks to call her. Ronnie says Shreya took her. Kabeer gets tensed.

Precap: Ananya’s mom asks Shreya what happened between her and Kabeer that they separated.

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  1. A great episode! Feel especially good after the ‘jaane se pehle ‘message Keep up the good work.!

  2. yar ye shreuya bhi na aur ananya ki mom kabir se tho mil sakthi hai na prblm kya hai uss shreya ke saath jaane ke liye……..

    1. Ha yaar. Ab ananya ki mom ananya se baat kyu nahi kar rahi hai. And y is kabeer happy? Waise superb episode. Anamya did a great job us bachche ki jaan bach kar. Wat u say bhagi.

  3. What is the msg of jane se pahle???

  4. Good job miss ananya .she shows how a true journalist is .nice episode

  5. Update the episode along with kabeer’s moral gyann plz

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