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Reporters 18th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananya is on call with Tinnu and she assures him that she is trying to arrange the money. Tinnu tells her that the informer will meet them at 3 and he expects money else he will not provide the information.

Ananya calls Armaan who says he managed to get 2L from the bank and Anita has gone to the pawn broker to mortgage her jewellery.

Kabir and Ronnie are at the cafeteria where Ronnie is shocked. Ronnie asks if Kabir is sure its from this office. Kabir says it has to be either Shreya/Manav or both unless Ronnie himself has still not forgotten Ananya and thinks Kabir was not the best decision in her life. Ronnie is convinced it is Manav. Thats why probably he was trying to instigate him in the PCR.
Kabir asks Ronnie to join hands with him in a plan to expose Manav and Shreya.


tells Ananya that she managed to collect 1.5L and Ananya is disappointed that she just has 3.5L. Sensing the worry in Anita’s voice, she tells her not to worry and that she would convince the informer. Just as Kabir and Ronnie are coming down, they see Ananya leaving the office. Khalid calls Kabir to his cabin. Shreya is at the cabin and they want Kabir to meet the new sponsor. Kabir is disinterested since the deal is signed but Khalid convinces him otherwise and he agrees.
Manav asks Ronnie if he managed to get Kabir’s approval on his segment.
Ronnie enters Kabir’s cabin and they decide to execute the plan.

Kabir starts screaming at Ronnie (while keeping the door open). He blasts Ronnie for sending those emails to Ananya and asks him if he even understands what he did, how much he troubled Ananya because of his jealousy etc.

Manav is hearing all this and takes Ronnie aside and further instigates him.

Ananya and Tinnu meet the informer who refuses anything less than 5L and walks out.

Ananya comes back to the office and she tells RIcha that she now knows Kabir’s asli chehra.

She googles somebody called Rakesh/Rajesh.

At that time, he is shown walking inside KKN.

Ronnie and Richa ask who he is and Ananya replies her dad’s murderer.

Kabir is shocked to see this person and recollects him threatening to kill Monu if he does not drop the SK case.

Shreya has trapped Kabir.

Kabir is glaring at Shreya who is least interested and is smirking.

Ananya wonders what is she doing in the office with her dad’s killers. Just then Shreya introduces RJ as the new sponsor for Kabir’s 9 PM show and tells everyone that RJ and Kabir want to work together to create new success.

Ananya is shocked.

Update Credit to: reachanupama

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  1. Rashmi Kishore

    After watching today’s episode I have lost all interest in this show. Makers should have ended the serial after 100 episodes. This last leg is really disappointing and I am feeling sad saying so for a Rajeev’s show.

  2. No serial is complete without a villain / vamp. The only different thing about reporters is they don’t drag so its time shreya is exposed and so is manav. Manav should get fired . if they carry on with kaya fighting people will lose interest at the moment also ananya is being shown as immature and kabir who talks so fluently is shown as dumb in 3 sentences he can explain . I caught one guy your father trusted me I was blackmailed they would kill my nephew . that’s it but he just stands in front of her totally dumb

  3. Rashmi Kishore

    I agree Minna. Vamps/villains are always there in all dramas. What WAS different about Reporters was the positivity, faith and maturity of other characters. Now I do not see that difference. The only sensible person in Kashyap family seems to be Armaan. Expectations from the leg of drama are very high and Reporters has disappointed us here.

  4. According to me the serial is still interesting and I liked Armaar ‘s trust on kabir as showed in the serial its good but it needs little improvement so if the writer will try harder so it will be improved and also the director should but the serial is nice its theme and also the actors are working very nicely .The serial is nice and others please don’t give bad comment on this show please.

  5. Sab kuch achha hi hoga… …………..sabar ka fal meetha hota hai. …so let’s wait and watch

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