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Ronnie asks Ananya why is she upset. She says it is none of his business and asks him to leave her alone. He is shocked and walks back to his cabin. Shreya walks towards conference room with manav and smiles at Ananya. Ananya does not pay attention. Manav asks Shreya to go first as people will badmouth that they are together. Shreya leaves…

At conference room, Kabeer briefs about today’s programs. Manav says he wants to cover a love story during his news. Ronnie asks how can love story have manavta in it. Shreya backs Manav and says she liked manav’s idea.

After conference, Kabeer takes Ananya to his cabin and asks her to listen to him first. She says he betrayed her and hid about her father’s murder, he is also responsible for it. He says he is not.

She says her life’s motto is to find out her papa’s truth. He must have hid truth in exchange of bungalow and marriage with Shreya. He says she is alleging him wrongly. She says now she will see who will stop her from finding her father’s murderers and walks out of his cabin.

Shreya enters Kabeer’s cabin and says she found a producer for his show and wants him to accompany her for a meeting. He says he is not in a mood to talk business and she can handle meeting. She asks if something happened between him and Ananya. Kabeer says he knows her true colors and asks her to stay away from him and Ananya. She angrily walks out.

Kabeer calls Arman while he is having dinner. Armaan says mom that his friend has called and excuses. He picks calls and kabeer asks about Ananya. Armaan says she is angry now, but will be alright in 2 days. Ananya hears his conversation and says she will never to talk to Kabeer and asks him to disconnect call.

Kabeer calls Khurana who informs that there is no clear documentation of Sudhir Sharma’s murder, but he found who sent email from his ID and he is from his office. Kabeer says he knew, but is shocked to hear name.

Tinu informs Ananya that he got footage of Sudhir’s pharma company, but his informer needs 5 lakhs to give footage.

Ronnie holds Ananya and says he wants to know why she is upset. Kabeer comes out of his cabin and says he wants to speak to him for 2 min. He takes him to cafeteria and tells whole story and says he found IP address from which email was sent. Ronnie asks who is it. Kabeer says it is him and mail was sent from his computer.

Kabeer’s moral Gyaan: We create troubles sometimes and sometimes trouble haunt us, if we handle them wisely, troubles vanish.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Unitl now this spoilers —-Reporters: Kabir tells Ananya that they need to talk. They meet in his cabin. However, soon Ananya leaves and Kabir is stunned.Khurana calls Kabir and gives him the details of the mail. Kabeer notices that Ananya and Ronnie are talking to each other. However, when he approaches towards them, Ananya leaves.

  2. Dear Rashmi, my feelings are also same. And I also guess that this story will finish soon with a happy ending. So don’t miss rest of episodes.

  3. I agree. This show will just go ahead to 130 episodes that means nearly a month left so we will get a happy ending by that time

  4. Yeh shreya apne aap ko bohut shatir samajh ti hai. ………………… But I am sure that if kaya ek saath ho to wo unke samne kuch bhi nahi hai

  5. Rashmi Kishore

    Thanks Jyoti. Yes I would like to continue watching this show. Maybe I will just take a short break and then start watching again from some time next week. Hopefully some of the misunderstandings would have been cleared by then. I really want to believe that this show is different.

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