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Khalid fumes in anger not finding Kabeer in office. He says Malvika his time slot is near, but he is untraceable. Malvika asks why is he shouting at her instead of calling Kabeer and shouting on him. She calls Ananya’s home and asks if Kabeer is there and gets answer as no.

Manav sees Trisha and Richa tensed and asks what happened to them. They say Kabeer has not come yet and his 9 pm news is about to start. Just then, Kabeer is seen getting ready. He sprays water on his face, wipes it and comes out. He ignores their guests and walks to news room. Malvika briefs him that he has to interview 2 guests, a boy who was attempting to suicide and his girlfriend. Kabeer says ok.

Kabeer greets suicide boy Mahajan and his girlfriend Jyothi in and starts interviewing them. During interview,

he calls Jyothi as Ananya. Malvika and Ronnie are shocked to hear that. Kabeer ends news with a positive note and leaves. Khalid gets irked and says Kabeer is stammering now and it is ridiculous.

Manav tries to create a scene and starts loudly telling that Kabeer was drunk during his news reading. He asks Malvika if she sensed it or is ignoring it. She says he looks drunk. He asks Richa and Trisha if they sensed it. They say no. He asks Ronnie and even he denies. He then says everything is recorded and asks Ronnie to play footage. Ronnie plays edited footage. Manav is shocked and leaves fuming. Malvika asks Ronnie why did he edit footage. He says they are not covering anyone’s mistake for the first time and he felt Kabeer should be given a chance.

Ronnie reaches Ananya’s house and tries to console her mother. He says if they leave a lighted lamp in sky, it will reach their dear ones. Ananya says that is why he is her best friend. She says all these years we felt papa’s presence and now after knowing he is no more, we are missing him. We should not make him sad and should send him a message that we are happy. Mom nods yes. Kabeer reaches there and watches from his car silently. Ananya and family with Ronnie leave lighted lamp in air. Kabeer jealously looks that and leaves.

Inebriated Kabeer while driving car reminisces Ronnie expressing his love for Ananya and hugging her, etc. He rams his car into a tree and meets with an accident.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: Ananya tells Richa that she likes and loves Kabeer. She goes to his hospital room and gets sad seeing Taruni already present and laughing.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Thnx a ton for early update

  2. Arey yaar kya horaha hai ye..misunderstandings pe misunderstandings…but thanx to these misunderstandings dat they have realized their love for each other…

  3. Hai guys…..
    Epi was ok..I hope Misunderstanding get cleared soon between the duo.
    I have a great doubt that Y People don’t mind their own business always interfere in others life….Stupid Malvika and Manav and I am getting irritated now by seeing everybody getting Jealous on seeing Kabir and Ananya together I know Kabir should not mix his Personal life and professional life its just a first mistake of him in reporting but that stupid Manav makes a little thing into a big issue.,
    And at last Kabir was not laughed in full epi but in precap when Ananya came he laughed like he was laughing so much through out the day.I know his friend made him laugh but when Ananya came then only kya..
    Pls don’t make like a typical Indian serial with rona dhona,and jealousy saga and misunderstanding continues…
    Love ❀ u KAYA and Reporters..?

  4. Hai Piya,Nishi,Asifah,Subha dears…how are u and where r u guys…

    1. Here ?☺

    2. Hi muskaan u forgot me??

    3. Sorry Sameeha dear…i forgot.but from now I won’t forget u are u…

  5. Now its time for Ananya to get uoset. But I like the character of Tarini. She is close to Kabeer but not his lover neither in love with him. We still don’t know what’s her relationship with Kabeer but at least not that of affair. Neither she has one sided feeling for Kabeer unlike what Ronnie has for Ananya. One thing is sure Ananya still does not have her feeling for Ronnie. He is only good friend to Ananya. Now if the serial maker unnecessarily adds feelings for Ronnie from Ananya’s side that will be the same daily serial formula– lets hope the upcoming events does not take that direction.

    1. True…but isn’t it strange k tarini doesnt love kabeer even after being with such a cuttie for years???managed her feelings verryy well..thumbs up for tarini…

      1. There is some different story to Tarini and Kabeer. It was shown before that Kabeer reminiscing about his past where his wife left him doubting he had affair with his junior and askeing for divorce (when Manav tried to defame Kabeer through telecasting about Kabeer’s personal affairs through another channel). May be something to do with Tarini’s son. Moreover Tarini is quite comfortable with Kabeer falling for someone. Previously also it has been shown where Tarini commented that she was happy to see someone could make him smile. So I think it is a cordial relationship of different nature. Even if a guy is sweet that does not mean that every girl would be having same feeling for a single guy. But again it is serial!!

  6. Love kabir laugh,dying to see next episode wanted to see him laugh

  7. The episode and perecap both were disappointing……
    I hope soon we will see something good just like kabeer and Ananya with each other without any misunderstanding…… you both kabeer and Ananya….

  8. I agree with KM episode and precap were boring ……..,……hi muskan

    1. Hai Shreya…from where u r and what studying dear..

  9. disgusting precap!!!

  10. hi everyone!and hi subhashri! sorry.last time i couldn’t reply you.

  11. hi muskan!

  12. I am just eager to know where are you all located ? y do u come to see the written updates if you are in India? I would prefer watching the episode rather than the written updte…but time difference doesn’t permit that…! So I start my day with the written update and end it by watching it ;)!
    I hope this serial doesn’t turn out to be just like a normal love story… may be they both express their feelings for each other and then together they solve the mystery of missing dad and Kabeer’s issues in the past… !

  13. Hi everyone……i am new to this group….and also a vry big fan of kaya and reporters…..great episodes going on…..i want to knw whether u all have a whatsapp grp….i want to b a membr…plz tell me how I can contact u all…..

  14. one que, why don’t manav mind his own business? Hi frnds I m sry I could nt be thr yesterday.Hw r u all?

  15. O god I so hate malvika and manav her character has changed so much everyone’s having problem with kabir and ananya being together but I love kaya Hi guys i am new to this but u all r great

  16. Kya h ye ? Itni sari misunderstanding…. Pls yr don’t spoil the show.. Typical TV serial mt bno reporters ko

  17. Kaya abi to frnds bne n ye its nt rite……yr ye sacrifice wala game plsssssssss reporters m mt khelo….n wats wrong wid kabir yr kch bol q ni RHA h….n ananya b use bat ni kr rhi h….bki SB ki kya prblm h jis ko dekho bs kaya se prblm ..n precap to bht bura tha n spoiler to use b bura h.pta ni ye show ko q krb kr rhe h…I hpe SB thik hojae

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