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Ananya tells Ronnie that she spoke to inspector Khurana and he has agreed to speak howmuch arms he seized and rest of the story. Ronnie insists Malvika to let Khurana’s phone interview. Kabeer restarts news and relays Khurana’s interview in which he says about catching arms smuggler and a police officer involved in it, etc.

Richa tells Ronnie that Ananya and Kabeer saved channel’s reputation today. Manav interferes and gives a big about professional ethics and Ananya’s mistake of losing important sting operation footage chip.

Kabeer comes out of news room angrily scolds Ananya that she is an irresponsible person and he cannot trust her now. Malvika adds fuel in fire and says it is not a small mistake and would have ruined their channel’s reputation, etc.

Kabeer walks out fuming. Sunny tells Ananya they will find out who stole chip. Malvika asks what does he mean. Ronnie say she means chip cannot vanish so easily from office. Ananya sees Kabeer leaving for the day, calls him and asks to drop her home. He agrees.

Malvika goes her office smirking thinking of her revenge against Ananya. Ananya enters and asks where is the chip. Malvika starts lecture that she is misunderstanding her just like she misunderstood about her and Kabeer’s affair. Ananya says she is not misunderstood. Malvika continues denying she stole chip. Ananya walks out. Malvika throws chip in dustbin. Ananya comes back and says that chip is like a bomb as both underworld and police would be behind it now and whoever has stolen will be punished. Once he leaves, Malvika picks chip from dustbin and keeps in her cupboard under book.

Kabeer takes Ananya in a car to their usual spot. She sits silently. He asks her to speak. She starts yelling that his love was only for 1 week and he scolded her in front of everyone. He says he scolded her for her irresponsible behavior and he is editor in chief in office and not her boyfriend. She asks why did he come to Sikandar’s den as Bhadresh Kutti. He says if he had not come and called inspector Khurana, she knew what would have happened. She says she would have died, thats all. He says he is fed up of her immature behavior. She repeats again that her boyfriend scolded in front of all her friend. He says he is not her boyfriend at office and is editor-in-chief. He goes and sits in car. She picks her bag and leaves in auto. He follows her till her home and sees her walking in angrily.

In the morning, Ananya reaches KKN office and asks peon if Kabeer came. Peon says he came long back. She sticks SADU/arrogant note on glass door, but he does not notice it. She bangs door and he notices…

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: MA

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