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Reporters 16th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer reaches Ananya’s house. Ananya’s mom asks why did he come after betraying them. He kept them in dark and did not let her know what happened to her husband. She throws engagement and asks him to get out with it before shutting door on him. Kabeer calls Taruni and informs that Ananya broke engagement with her. She asks him to go again and tell his side of story. He says it is of no use now.

Kabeer describes Laxman how he was covering Ananya’s father Sudhir Kashyap’s case. Sudhir met him and told he is being framed and is innocent. A politician around that time was trying to set his power and Sudhir’s pharma company planned to kill him. They blamed Sudhir for killing politician and even developing fake medicines. With Kabeer’s article, Sudhir

got bail and when kabeer went to meet him, he was murdered in front of kabeer. Kabeer wrote an article again in Sudhir’s favor. He got threating calls and even his brother and sister-in-law were threatened. Sister-in-law and brother pleaded Kabeer to leave their house and he had to leave forcefully. He kept quiet fearing Ananya and her family’s lives as he knew they would kill them.. Laxman asks why don’t he explain this to Ananya. He says she will not understand it now. Laxman says he will find out who were involved in Sudhir’s murder.

Armaan asks Ananya to listen Kabeer once. She says she will not and has failed in life. Mom says she has not failed, but the world which has dual-faced people like Kabeer.

Taruni calls Kabeer and asks if Ananya came to office. He says she did not and may not come today. Taruni says she will speak to Ananya and explain. Kabeer says no need, Ananya will not understand.

Sunny stares at Baby while she reads weather forecast. Ronnie asks him to stop staring at her. Richa comes and says something has happened between Ananya and Kabeer as Ananya did not come to office and not even picking her call and even kabeer is just wandering in his cabin. Baby also joins and says just now they got engaged and now black clouds are hovering on them. Ronnie says he will speak to Ananya alone. Sunny tells Baby that they should go and pray at Gurdwara for them and kabeer/Ananya. She says yes and follows him.

Ananya meets Tinu and asks him to get info about her dad’s case. He says last time, he did not find anything but will this time by tomorrow. She asks him to give info only to her and not Kabeer.

Kabeer gives his end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Rashmi Kishore

    Though new to this section but I have been an ardent follower of this show. Would like to watch this show again only after this track of misunderstandings is over. At the end of my day I want to see something happy, pleasant and romantic and not the usual saas bahu drama. There are many options available on different channels for this segment

    1. Hi rashami same here and you know what I am glad and happy to know that there is some one think like me

    2. Me too, just reading updates….. Can’t c Kabeer upset & Ananya not even listening to him. Will start watching again when everything clears up

  2. Hai guys…Hai Piya di,Nishi,Sameeha,Crystal,Ishani,Do u guys remember me?..I think so u guys remember me…how are u guys?..Missed u guys alot…

    So sad epi on my birthday ?..Feeling bad for KAYA but hope they will reunite soon…..

    1. Hey muskan how r u

  3. Heyyyyy!!!!! How are u happy birthday ……?? long time na

  4. I can understand your feelings Rashmi, I also very fund of this show, I like, actually I love, love stories too much. That’s why I love to see kaya together and their romance. In last episodes I get little sad seeing misunderstandings between them. But now I m changed, something inside me saying that everything will
    be alright (wese vi sab thik to hona hi he, ye serial he, real life nahi), I was saying Ki I feel some +ve energy is
    developing inside me, and I m not
    getting sad, by seeing them like this.
    I really like the change within me.

  5. Hai Lila..How r u?.. I am fine is ur life going on dear..
    Hai Asifah…Thanks a lot dear..ya very long after 2 and a half months I have messaged here..
    Honestly I missed u guys alot…i said to my friends too that I miss u guys..
    Miss u all and stay healthy guys…Take care ?..From Aaliya..?

  6. Asifah how are u dude and how is ur life going on..

  7. Rashmi Kishore

    Good to connect with you Jyoti.I agree that this track may be over and the show may end on a happy note. But with finite series, why waste episodes making tracks which have negative vibes. Once lead characters have accepted and conveyed their feelings, I think the makers should take their relationship to its logical conclusion rather than stretch the show with negative tracks. Else this show may not be different from so many other shows running on different channels.

  8. I’m kwl dear and u…?? Story has changed so much since the last time we wrote to each other na

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