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Reporters 16th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer starts news and briefs how RG used his power to manipulate things and plays video captured by Manav in which RG tells Shreya that he will kill Ananya and Kabeer and even Raghu like he killed Sudhir Kashyap and Ronnie Singh. He continues that Sudhir wanted to stop RG Pharma’s expired medicines to go into market, but RG murdered him and released medicines and 50 children died because of him. RG panics seeing news and asks Shreya what is happening. She says what she say and says let us elope before police arrests them. Inspector Khurana reaches on time and arrests them. RG and Shreya resist, but Khurana says he can speak in police station.

Kabeer continues news and relays Khurana’s news live where he briefs about Shreya and RG’s arrest and there will be more arrests to happen. He continues to praise Sudhir that he once told that sound of silence cannot be held for a long time.

Kabeer comes out of news room and everyone congratulate him. Richa thanks Khalid for helping Kabeer on time. Khalid says he helped truth and there is no shortcut for success. Sunny asks Kabeer that he gave footage to Manav, then how did he get it. Kabeer says Manav helped them in all this and reminisces how Manav got a call from his kabhri Pandey that Shreya and RG are planning to kill Kabeer and blaming him in his murder. Manav fumes hearing this and reminisces how Ronnie was killed.

Manav meets Kabeer and apologizes for his mistakes and requests to accept his resignation as he insulted the profession of journalism. Kabeer says correcting mistake is much better than repention. Manav agrees to help. Just then, Laxman informs Kabeer about Raghu and Manav agrees to meet RG and Shreya and record their confession on hidden camera. Kabeer continues that he and Ananya went to meet Raghu, but his relative says Raghu died 3 years ago due to alcohol related ailment. He continues the rest of story.

Kabeer delivers serials’s last moral gyaan.

Precap: Serial ends with a positive note, Sudhir and Ronnie getting justice, and truth winning over lies.

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  1. Oh l am going to miss kaya…

  2. Firstly happy birthday RK.
    Only one episode is there for us to watch after that……oh no I miss this serial so much⛎??

  3. Guys calm down reporter has one more episode left as cleared in kabir & Ananya interview that the serial will end by confession from kaya so don’t take tension Monday episode would be love is in the air

  4. I thought there was one more episode on 19th. They can’t end it without Kabeer and Ananya’s reconciliation.

  5. Nice ending. Will surely miss the reporters team.nice acting by kabir and ananya.waiting for reporters season 2.

  6. Happy Birthday RK. Hope to see you back soon.

  7. I knew it

  8. The serial can’t just and abruptly like that… Being a finite show! There’s Still more loose ends that need tying up… Like what became of shreya and kaya’s reunion… I’m sure there’s an epi after this!

  9. I guess everyone who has been following this serial knows the end. Was it really necessary to add last couple of twist and turn in the story? Was Ananya’s behaviour during these episodes justified? I feel that has damaged the serial to such an extent that couple of Kaya moments in the last episode not be good enough to create that thrill and excitement that we felt during initial days. I have been an ardent follower of this drama and a big time fan of Rajeev. But the end has been so disappointing that I don’t think I am going to miss this.

  10. Finally ananya and kabir are togethere… This is the best one…

  11. i think the serial did nt get its proper end i mean how can they end the show without showing kaya together bt i must its a superb show…..misss u kaya i miss them badly kabir’s looks ananya’s attitude everything

  12. i too think there is one more episode on monday bec the new show will b frm 20th so

  13. The last twist fell flat on its face if they wanted to show manav changing they shouldn’t have shown manav calling kabir . as a result when manav was with rg it was so obvious that it was a complete telling of what all he did and it was being recorded. What happened to the money manav took ? Its ending will miss some parts but lately with ananyas stupidity and shreya going on and on it had become painful watching
    Kabir I loved and Khalid was super good even manav acted well .I like ananya but her role got damaged along the way by faulty story telling not her fault though she acts well.

  14. Gargi Tripathy

    Hi all, ever since Reporter started, I am one of the regular readers of this thread and also I am following couple of more serials Like KKV and YHM as i don t get much time to follow every episodes on Tv. I am great fan of Rajeev Khandelwal and he was the only reason to follow reporter. We have got some great memories from the serial also from KAYA. I dont know much about the TRPs n all.. only one thing i know is the serial is (refereing “is” still one episode is left) far better from the tearful saas bahu drama. They did not take much time to solve one issue be it Kaya’s fight or solving other issues. They did not dragged their emotion much.

    Lastly, Rajeev (:*) u were simply awesome and Kritika too is very graceful and bubly..I am gonna miss u guys..Since every good thing should end once, we have to accept that. Waiting for season 2 and last but not the least All the best to the whole team of Telly Updates.. U guys took the great initiative and its really a great relief to us who can not follow serials all the time due to busy work/home schedule. All the best and keep up the good work 🙂

  15. Love the episode. ………only if they would have shown some kaya scenes it would have been wonderful. ………. Anyways Happy Birthday RK

  16. Waiting for “Ronnie’s” second entry……..

  17. Eagerly waiting for Mondays episode…

  18. Waiting for the last episode. I hope that season 2 should start with the same cast

  19. And we should not forget that they need a cheer up ……..three cheers for reporters team hip hip hurray

  20. Is the 2nd season of reporters coming soon????

  21. Gunjan we just hope that season 2 comes soon

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