Reporters 16th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Reporters 16th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananya cries hugging her papa’s wallet after knowing from Kabeer that her papa is no more. She informs her mom and brother. They are shocked and start crying. Ananya consoles them and asks mom to be courageous as she has to take care of them.

Kabeer meets Taruni and tells he is feeling sad that he had to inform Ananya about her dad’s dead and says he wanted her to cry vigorously and express her emotions and he wanted to hug and console her. Taruni says more than Ananya, he seemed more hurt.

Trisha asks Richa if she is going to meet Ananya and give her condolences. Richa says yes in the evening and asks where is she going. She says she will go and find PK in temples like Anushka Sharma in PK file did. She promotes PK film’s promo on 21st June on Sony TV. Richa says

she is mad and she smiles.

Kabeer reaches his cabin and reminisces Ananya’s words. He calls her to condolence her and she picks call. He says he called to inform her that she may seek his help whenever she needs it. She thanks him and cuts call.

Ronnie requests leave to Malvika. She yells that this is news channel and not school. He says it is an emergency and he needs only half day leave. She asks him to manage his work on his off days. He asks if she knows why Ananya took leave. She says Ananya is taking advantage. He says Ananya’s dad was missing since many years and now she came to know that her dad is no more. He says he gave his life to this organization and thought it respects his feelings, but it does not, so it is better he resigns. She asks if he loves Ananya so much. He says he respects their friendship and tries to leave. She says he can take leave but after lunch. He thanks her and leaves.

Malvika goes to Kabeer’s cabin and invites him for lunch. He says he is going on an important work. She asks even if he is going to Ananya’s house to console her, but he should know that Ronnie has already left to console her and was telling a dearer one should be near in tough times. He thanks her for the info and leaves.

Kabeer reaches Ananya’s house and gets jealous seeing Ronnie hugging Ananya and consoling her. Crying Ananya says she was hoping to meet her dad all these years, but now that hope is gone. He tries to enter in, but stops and leaves. He goes back to his house and starts drinking alcohol. He reminisces prior incidents from the day he started noticing her, to introducing her to inspector Khurana, their hospital news, kidnap, her first news presentation, etc. He gets call, but does not pick and ignores it.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: Kabeer comes to Anaya’s house and via car sees Ronnie consoling Ananya’s mom. He jealously leaves and meets with an accident after ramming his car.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Feeling so bad for my Kabir….?
    Don’t worry yaar jald hi Ananya tumhe hug kar rahi Ho gi,waiting for that ….
    Tum apni feelings se bhag nahi sakte Kabir…u have to accept ur feelings earlier or later dear……..
    Horrible precap…..i hope nothing happens.but I am sure tumhe mar padega probably in head or hand…but Ananya will cure ur wounds man…
    Just 1advice for that Stupid Malvika GET OUT FROM MY KAYA’S LOVE STORY IF U ENTER INTO THEIR LIFE I WILL KICK U OUT…..and u r so jealous about Ananya how she was Showing Attitude when Ronnie asked for leave…stupid..Ur Stupid is there to Handle u…
    By the way waiting for tomorrow’s epi eagerly….
    Thank u MA for ur Super fast updates…Ramzan is Coming near I hope u maintain this dude….Really Thank u so much.? ?

  2. sameeha

    Omggg…kabeer sujal bangaya…even he does d same thing…whenever he was hurt he started drinking….superbb epii….finallyy he has started realising his love…

  3. Now to say the truth I would not like to see it yaar…yea surely I wanna read what will happen after his car got rammed….I so wish that KABEER FALLS UNCONCIOUS AND INJURED AND ANANYA RESCUES HIM AND ROMANTIC MOMENTS COME ACROSS THE WAY…MALVIKA IS JUST TOOO MUCH ….I FEEL LIKE SWEARING HER BUT ANYWAYS ITS GUD KABEER IS GETTING JEALOUS AND REALISES HIS LOVE FOR ANANYA….I just want manav malvika and Ronnie to get out of kayas way….please let it be romantic……hi muskaan nishi piya and subhashree

  4. Piya

    God,i think kabber’s pain will bring them together..but itz very bad tht rajeev in all his characters hide his feelings:-(

  5. minna

    If this becomes a triangle or ‘re tangle love story serial will lose charm it will b like all other serials better would b kabir tells her and then how she realizes what she wants

  6. I just dont want director of this show plz dont make it complecated story like other serials
    Keep it practical if kabir and ananya love each other bring them together
    And dont make this serial as early serial of rajeev khandelwal sacrifice pain etc make him bold enough to win her heart as she also has feeling for him

  7. Hi…yes muskaan I had my dinner and u……sweety is right …no more complicated serials…I’m cool nishi and urself…?

  8. Kkb has almost come to an end with nikhils entry…then doli ARMANO ki is gonna change our supe dooper urmi….jamai raja is also cuming to n end..iknmp same story over and over again with most of other serials going on with same shit I only read kkb and reporters update

  9. kb

    In today’s episode I found even Ronny very irritating. For so many days he was with Ananya before Kabeer’s arrival as he has been saying; he could do nothing and now he is acting over protective. I mean tending resignation for not getting a half day leave to meet Ananya. Also I don’t know why Anany is behaving that way with Kabeer. He expected Kabeer to find her father. Kabeer told her everything he knew. He did not say anything bad about her father but only revealed what he knew. Now she is acting as if Kabeer disappointed him. She asked Kabeer to leave her alone, but went on to lean on Ronny. I mean previously also Kabeer saved her, now Kabeer gave her details about her father, what has Ronny done other than saying yes to her yes and no to her no.

  10. Subhashree

    Guys sorry couldn’t come because some exam got sheduled so sorry can any 1 tell me do u know any aparna plz urgent

  11. trespasser

    Y these guzz r iritatd wid ronny??:-/ I mean jus tnk abt it. he luvs obvsly he wshs 2 b wid her. Tats it guzz. nd remembr,if we r accusing tat caractr it means d way of actng of actor who protrats is apreciatble. So 4 dem dese comnts r complimnts;-)

  12. Subhashree

    Guys plz don’t talk here its public any 1 can see it’s not safe I have created a Google community Bt by mistake made it personal I ll make another 1 public ,.. Some one is massaging me so plzz don’t share your information here plz

    • Ya subhashree that’s what I was saying in yesterday’s comments because if we share anything about our personal life in public site then some people misuses their information.its a public site and everyone is visiting here.
      Can I,ask u one thing how did she got ur number..

  13. Next episodes:
    Ananya learns about Kabir’s accident. Tarini, on the other hand,tells Kabir that he has fallen in love. Richa tells Ananya that they have only seen the professional side of Kabir. After seeing Kabir and Tarini together, Ananya gets upset when she assumes that they are in a relationship together. Her mother worries about her. Everybody speculates about what made Khalid send Kabir to Singapore. Manav tells Ananya that she must interview someone’s wife while Malvika wants Richa to interview the same one

    • kb

      I also learnt from spoiler that in the next episode a drunk Kabeer would take Ananya’s name in an interview mistakenly to everyone’s shock including that of the b*t*h Malvika but it would be rectified by Ronnie. When in the evening again Kabeer would go to Ananya’s house, see Ronnie over there, would get upset and drive out leading to the accident (shown in the precap). It seems that being jealous and upset game would continue for a while between the two.

  14. Narisha

    Oh so disappointing It would
    Have been good if Ananya rushed 2 Kabir when he has d accident …..

  15. I really hope the maker of this show wont make this love story lyk typical serial and they will show good chamistry and understanding between two of them and set example to the other show

  16. subhashree

    Asifah actually d person got my no from where I don’t know bt she claimed tht info abt me were from dis site so am telling

  17. Hi frnds.sry I could nt cht yesterday further pls nt to mind frnds.subha u didn’t give ur num here so don’t wry abt tht.I think tht may be one of ur frnds may be playing prank with u don’t get tension nd think who it could be

    • subhashree

      Hope so anyway d info provided here cant b used agnaist me so am chilled anyway plz guys add ur selves 2d community

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