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Richa taunts Ananya that she used to tell everything earlier, but now has changed and does not even talk properly. Ananya asks what happened today. She says Ronnie is worried for her in cafeteria. Ananya thanks her for being in her friend and continues buttering. Richa asks her to stop buttering and go and attend ronnie. She goes to cafteria and sees ronnie drinking coffee. She says he must have drunk 4-5 cups coffee by now and soon will start drinking alcohol. He asks where is she and what happened to her phone. She says battery is dead. He asks her to come now and get him footage.

Kabeer gets ready for his news reporting. Baby enters and starts buttering him. He silently sends her out with his witty words. Malvika then enters and starts badmouthing about Ananya. He says she is mature and deserves much better in life, so she should grow up now. Malvika fumes.

Ananya gets her sting operation footage and loads in a camera. Malvika silently steals it with Manav’s helping after provoking him.

Kabeer starts his news and describes how an ACP is involved in arms mafia. ronnie asks Ananya to bring footage, but she does not find it. Malvika informs Ronnie that Ananya lost footage. Ronnie informs Kabeer. Kabeer is shocked and takes a news break.

Khalid sees long break and asks Manav the reason. Manav says Ananya lost TV footage and taunts that Kabeer blindly trusting his new found love Ananya and taunts that KKN’s future is in their hands now and soon TRP ratings will falls and KL will now what mistake he did. Khalid says if he will know there is a foul play, he will not spare anyone.

Kabeer restarts news after break and says due to govt’s order, he cannot show footage and just can say arms are smuggled from Afghanistan via gujrath and rajasthan border and ends news.

Malvika in her cabin looks at Ananya’s footage stolen by her and keeps it in her pocket thinking she will get Kabeer soon and Ananya will be out.

Kabeer gives ends of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Disgusting malvika.I feel like killing her

  2. Yr pls koi to kabeer ko sach bta dooooi plssssssss

  3. Both Malvika n Manav are insecure foolish losers. Kabir rightly describe them in the end gyan. Well all fault of Ananya as she should not put the chip so casually careless attitude !!!

    1. This serial is dragging now……writers need to concentrate on kaya love story & not Kkn…kaya have there personal life & space so please writers blossom there love there & stop worrying about Kkn….b*t*hy insecure malvika n manav needs to grow up……

  4. Hey guyz wat spoilers say about dis nd hw kabeer cum to know about dis truth any idea

  5. If malvika gets caught that will b good or it will b another example of evil wins as shown in all our Hindi serials

  6. Malvika is a idiot

  7. Areee yar this so STUPID !!! I want to slap that terrible horrifying witch….. how can she do it? Please kabir don’t scold aanaya….

  8. malvika is moron n manaav is double moron….. i knw kabir will shout at ananya for being carelss ……. she vl b angry n dn by sum how eithr kabir or ananya will cum to know its not her fault n malvika did this nonsense trick….

  9. malvika is moron n manaav is double moron….. i knw kabir will shout at ananya for being careless ……. she vl b angry n dn by sum how eithr kabir or ananya will cum to know its not her fault n malvika did this nonsense trick….

  10. guys dont worry chill kabir will scold ananya infront of everyone for her irresponsible behaviour but they patch up after that and kabir tho ananya ko ghar par bhi drop karega aur phir subah aakar ananya kabir ki attention grab karne ka bhi koshish karegi…….

    1. Thank u dear

  11. Hello friends ..
    How r u all??

  12. Hello friends ..
    How r u all?

  13. Kabir is doing sting operation outside ?why he is not doing sting operation on Malvika and manav for this nonsense….

  14. Actually u r right KKN. .. KAYA should do sting operation on Malvika.. Such a stupid she is!! How can anyone do this to her own channel? She don’t even care for her channel ‘s reputation

  15. Writers please kutch aisa karo ki ye Manav Malvika gets involve with each other again and stop this nonsense with KAYA

  16. this days Ananya becoming more childish and immature acts..the series are boring plz do something..I feel I don’t like to see Ananya’ s careless acts v bore

  17. Hai guys Happy Eid Mubarak to all…?
    How are u guys..Sorry busy right now c u at Saturday evening..bye guys take care ?..

    1. Eid mubarak dear

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