Reporters 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Reporters 16th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananya nervously murmurs that she got happy by insulting herself. Broadcaster says Kabeer is a normal person and she made him hero. Another reporter says Manav was to become cheif editor, but Kabeer took over him. A beautiful reporter asks Manav if he is thinking of leaving channel. He asks who told it. She says many people are discussing it and says everyone thinks she is dumb, but she is not. She knows he wanted to become chief editor by having an affair with Malvika, even in her old office a girl had an affair with boss and took over her when she was hardworking there.

Kabeer throws his contract papers in front of Khalid and says some clause was missing, so he filled it up. He says tonight he will do one more dhamaka.

Ananya packs her bags and tells her mom over phone that she

will come home soon. Her friends taunt that they will let her meet Kabeer conference room. Ananya says she will go home.

Kabeer checks all staff member’s biodata with his secretary. Secretary tells him each member’s characteristics and says in 2-3 days he will remember it. He says he does not have 2-3 days time.

Manav asks broadcaster Ronnie to change his lines before broadcasting. Broadcaster says he should get kabeer’s permission first. Manav says he is senior editor and asks him to lower his tone. Ronnie says he does not mind what position he is in and says he does not hesitate doing extra work but does not want to irk Kabeer, and kabeer asked to leave 9 p.m. slot empty for him. Manav angrily walks out and tells his friend that Kabeer is manipulating things here.

In conference room, all reporters wait for Kabeer and asks why are they doing meeting at this time and having snacks. Malvika says kabeer wanted his 1st meeting casual. Kabeer enters and asks if they tasted snacks and says they already tasted his news and now they will taste his coffe and he is sure they will like both. He identifies each reporter and they get impressed. Manav says he is Malvika’s..Khalid intervenes and says Malvika is his chief and formally introduces Kabeer as channel’s editor in chief hired to increase channel’s rating. Kabeer starts his meeting and says he wants everyone to introduce news as their boyfriend or girlfriend beautifully packed. He says news is like a mirror and he does not want any ugly face in it, in television more than heart break, breaking news sells more. Everyone clap for him. He asks secretary Sarita if anyone is missing. Shew says Ananya kashyap and she will call him. He says he wants to meet her tomorrow.

Ananya at her home sadly looks at her gathered kabeer’s news cutouts and takes out one from her locket. Her mom asks her to come and have food. Ananya asks papa was innocent, then who made him criminal. She says media, before her papa could explain himself, media portrayed him as criminal. She says then why did she send her in this. Mom says she was insisting, so she let her join media. Ananya says some people are not sold. Mom says she knows she is talking about Kabeer and says there are promos coming of his 9 p.m. broadcast, she will serve food and they can have it there. Ananya looks at her dad’s pic and says he wanted her to believe in destiny, today she believes it. She was desperate to meet Kabeer and now with kabeer’s help, she will reach the truth that her papa was not wrong.

Moms serves dinner. Ananya switches on TV. Her brother says she is getting what she wanted and points at Kabeer. Kabeer starts news headlines. He further starts detailed news about a bollywood actress being caught in s*x racket and says he will portray it after break. At channel, Malvika tells footage has not yet come. He says it will and asks malvika to check uploaded footage. He starts news that during s*x racket burst, actress Nidhi Rane is caught and it is exclusive footage of KKN channel and says he needs his viewer’s opinion and says govt may be running the country, but viewers make govt. He wants viewers opinion if Nidhi Rane is a pr*stitute or not. Khalid sees news and says this is called news and says Manav in next week’s ratings, KKN will be #1.

Ananya’s brother tells her that actresses are characterless and Nidhi acted in just 1 film 4 years ago and went missing after that. Ananya asks her not to judge anything. Mom asks when will news come. She says it will, calls Ronnie and asks if Nidhi’s statement will come or not, Ronnie says no. She tells mom kabeer will not get her into witness box as he did not do it during her papa’s time. Kabeer ends news without showing Nidhi’s statement.

Precap: Kabeer says Ananya to run a news channel, rating is important. Ananya says for that he needs these kind of fake campaigns. He says he runs a channel and without his permission, she will not do anything. She tells her friends that she will get Nidhi Rane’s statement and will see how will Kabeer not upload it.

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  1. Waiting to see kabir and ananya conversation…20 th episode is going to be damn awesome

  2. she s right. being judgemental s the worst habit.

  3. Where is the written update for April 20, 2015?

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