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Reporters 15th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer enters Shreya’s cabin and asks why is she playing game and from which mobile, she sent email to Ananya. Shreya denies everything and asks which email. He says Ananya is tensed. She says she knows and she sent Ananya home early and asks what news he will read during his 9 p.m. slot today.

Ananya’s mom tells Ananya that her biggest hope came true and her papa is alive. Ananya also gets happy.

Kabeer reads his 9 p.m. news. Richa and Ronnie discuss that Kabeer looks tensed. Kabeer goes to changing room. Taruni enters. He tells Ananya got a mail from her papa’s mail. Taruni asks how can it be. Shreya enters with gift box and gets irked seeing Taruni. She hands over gift to kabeer and says she wanted to give it personally and asks him to open it. He opens

it and removes crystal show piece. She says it will remind of their past relationship and leaves looking at Taruni. Kabeer says he doubts Shreya. Taruni says he does not have proof though and asks if he asked someone to trace IP address. He says yes.

Kabeer with Taruni reachs home where Ananya and Anurag greet them. Taruni says Ananya she could not help her prepare dinner. Ananya says Anurag helped her prepare dinner and they even did gardening. Anurag says didi taught me planting. Taruni takes Anurag to change his t-shirt. Ananya gets another SMS from her papa’s email ID that her papa did not suicide but was murdered and kabeer was there. She asks kabeer if he was there. He says yes, but… She slaps him and says he lied and is equally responsible for her papa’s murder. Kabeer tries to explain, but she leaves crying and saying she hates him.

Manav calls Shreya and tells he sent Ananya message and she left Kabeer’s home crying. Shreya says Kabeer will shatter now without any support and she will then go and support him and take him away forever.

Taruni comes back with Anurag and does not find Kabeer and Ananya. She hopes her fear has not come true. Anurag asks if they fought again.

Ananya reaches home. Armaan asks if jiju dropped he, then where is he. Mom asks if her dinner finished so early. Ananya asks Armaan not to talk about Kabeer and walks towards her room fuming. Mom asks to open door and tell what happened, if she will not, she will ask Kabeer. Ananya opens door and says there is no need to call Kabeer and she has broken her engagement with him. Mom asks what happened. Ananya says mail came from papa’s ID that he was murdered and kabeer was present there. Kabeer lied us and kept this secret all along. Kabeer reaches there and they all look at him angrily.

Precap: Whoever falls from other person’s eyes will know the value of dignity when they try to gain it back.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I hope ki kabeer sab sach bata de. And then kaya shud together fight shreya and manav evil plan.

  2. Mere hath payr thande par rahe hai. …… . . Main janti thi ki yeh hone wala hai. …………..lekin itni jaldi hoga yeh socha nahi tha

  3. ohhhhhh no ananya at least try to hear what kabir’s explanation even at once i know its abt ur father nd every girl is attached to his father more…..but u have to agree that kabir cant do any wrong thing especially in ur case………so plz listen to him once

    1. I too hope ki aisa hi ho bhagi.

  4. What utter nonsense why should she get so angry without listening .I don’t understand what happens to serial makers they try to make mature serial but end up making trash .
    We all know things will get resolved stop wasting our time showing stupid things we are interested in watching shreya manav getting fixed not kabir ananya stupidly fighting then saying sorry making up .

  5. KaYa will reunite acc to spoilers as kanbir knows how to gain the value of dignity back …hopes for best

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