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Reporters 15th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ronnie tells Kabeer that he loves Ananya. Kabeer excuses him and leaves. Richa taunts Ronnie that a common boy could propose on KKN channel, but he did not propose Ananya even after being with her in KKN channel since many years and asks him to go and propose right away.

Ronnie goes to Ananya’s house with a rose bouquet. She gets happy seeing bouquet. He asks if she will go for dinner date with him. She says she is going for dinner with Kabeer. He asks if she loves Kabeer. She says she respects Kabeer and their relationship is different, she likes him since he wrote article about her papa long ago and goes to change. She then looks at mirror and thinks if she really loves Kabeer, why did he invite her for dinner, what if he proposes, she should decide if she loves Kabeer or not. She

smiles and thinks her confusion will clear only after meeting him.

Ananya gets ready for dinner date with Kabeer but gets sad seeing heavy rain outside. Door bell rings and she is surprised to see Kabeer on door. She greets him in and goes to bring towel for him. He looks at mom and dad’s pics on wall. Ananya brings towel and asks why is he looking tensed. He says he wants to tell the truth and she should listen to it without getting tensed. She asks what truth. He says he will take her to a hill where he met her papa last time. He says after her papa’s bail, he promised to meet him there at 8 p.m., but he never came there. She asks why papa wanted to meet him. He says he wanted to tell something and was sound restless and thinking he was responsible for all the mishap. She says papa was innocent. He says innocent and honest and honest people cannot live in this world peacefully. He says her papa was feeling guilty as he was incharge of pharmaceutical company, but not responsible for the drugs made. Eight children died to due company’s drugs, so he started feeling guilty for it. He tried to confront culprits, but nobody accepted the truth, so he took an extreme step.

Ananya asks if he means her papa suicided. He says situation and proof says same and shows her paapa’s wallet and says she has to accept the truth. She says she is courageous enough to accept the truth and asks him to leave her alone for some time. He leaves. She looks at her papa’s wallet and starts crying hugging it.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: Malvika asks Kabeer if he is going to meet Ananya to consoler her for her papa’s death and says he must have been closer to her in 2 days, but Ronnie is with Ananya right now. Kabeer sees Ronnie hugging Ananya.

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  1. Hai guys……In Today’s epi Ananya looked so cute I don’t think Ananya’s father is died.I think he will come at last..
    Please Malvika move out from KAYA’s love story tumhare liye wo stupid Manav hai…he will manage u but Pls don’t become a hurdle….
    Kabir pls don’t believe what u c he was just consoling Ananya…pls don’t let any misunderstandings to grow between u guys just go and sort it out…..pls.
    Love ❤ u KAYA and Reporters…

  2. I think thr has a secret behind ananya dad’s missing may be kabir knows it.Malvika nd Ronnie please stay way frm kabir nd ananya

    • I am confused dude I mean r u leher? Or another person…pls tell correctly dude..if I said anything wrong I am Sorry.i just asked ur correct name.

      • sameeha

        Actually leher is my fav when i was askd to enter ma name in order to comment i used dis name as i love dis name ..but when u askd ma real name i thought of chnging it ….dats it..n no need to b sorry dude….afte all v r friends…..:)

    • I was confused first with ur name that u r girl or boy.when u msgd me using. Sameeha then I got double confused that r u the same person or other.thats y I asked ur correct introduction….
      Ya sure dude we r friends….

  3. Eish cant we pls just a nice love story instead of twists n tis way dat wat… n Kabir n Amanya mwah
    Ronnie out malivak out tnc manav creep

  4. Hi muskaan ….why neve reply yesterday …? And malvika go get pregs with manav instead of hovering around wid Kabir….please don’t misunderstand Ananya …she likes Ronnie as a friend…..

  5. leher

    i thot k kabeer woold b tensed after knowing dat ronnie loves ananya..but he was perfectly fyn and was behving norml…what does it mean….

  6. kb

    Why is Malvika so cheap?? She is the owner’s daughter and look how is she behaving–once Khaled had tried to put some sense in her, but she remains the same dumb, irritating, attention seeking one.

  7. Narisha

    Tonight’s episode was a bit disappointing…last few episodes a lot
    Of excitement.Im sure future episodes Malvikas Dad will enter serial

  8. I am going to study BCA dude.and in our college it is said that every students must choose 1 correspondence degree along with ur regular study..
    Do you have email account?.

  9. Because our Principal told us to choose compulsory.because we can study and learn and Complete two degrees in the same year…

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    That’s all they said…

  11. Jab we met,yjhd,3idiots,tzp..
    In Tamil naadule konjum paakathule kanum.
    I don’t know Tamil spellings so manage it Nishi…

  12. No I saw ur name in that page so I asked u that’s all dear may be someone else with same name..don’t worry I just asked formally.

  13. Can u give ur email id so we can chat there.i think.
    U can give if u don’t mind or u don’t have any problem.but if u don’t want to give then its ok..we can chat here it self..just asked dear..

  14. ya it wil be little tough to manage at the beginning bt aftr tht u wil able to manage both don’t worry.

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    I have heard that someone is misusing ids so pls don’t give I am really sorry. And they i mean fake ids people use the real id and post abuse languages so pls don’t give here.and don’t share any private things..
    Sorry Nishi for asking ur id pls don’t give …..

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    And people here don’t share ur ids,numbers,..etc here pls…..
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    • sameeha

      Had there been login system it would nt have been a prblm lyk dis….bdw does reporters has an fb page??n is writtn update even posted there??

    • I am sorry and I don’t know dude whether the written update is posted in fb or not…
      U r right dude if login system was there no1 will misuse IDs..

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    • When I have asked u about ur id then my cousin said me that someone is misusing so don’t ask anybody’s I’d .so I was worried that u have posted ur Id Ki then I have send u that don’t post ur id,

  17. Piya

    Yes aaliya u r right dear,dear i hv cm to an excursion so cudnt able to care evryone

    • How are u Piya dear now..oh that’s great news…..enjoy well dear…its ok but I was missing u…when will be u r free dear…

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