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Reporters 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Khalid hires Kabeer as his channel’s editor in chief. Kabeer asks if he called Chaturvedi minister for giving a chance. Khalid asks him to do his job. Ananya sees Kabeer in and asks Sunny what is he doing here. She stops Rita and asks same. Sunny tries to get friendly with Rita and she calls him brother. He gets irked and leaves. A reporter says Bhaskar has resigned and she gets shocked. Manav says her welcome to corporate world and says you will not know where people wll be sent without reason and says they should give a fare well party to Bhaskar. Ananya asks him why is Kabeer here. Kabeer is surprised and says he does not know.

In broad room, Kabeer asks Malvika to show footage. She asks if he will have black coffee. He says later. Peon tells Malvika that Manav is calling her.

She takes Kabeer alone. Ananya sees Kabeer with Malvika and gets sad. She then sees Chaturvedi entering angrily. A reporter meets him and asks why did he come here. Chaturvedi says he came to give his statement. He takes him to makeup room.

Chaturvedi asks reporter if he has questions prepared. Reporter asks what questions. Chaturvedi asks him to call who questions him, Bhaskar or Manav. Khalid comes and says he will take his interview and gives him list. He asks if he will have tea or soft drinks. Chaturvedi says he is having diarrhea after the news breakout and once he finds Kabeer, he will not spare him. Khalid says he is here to bail him out.

Kabeer checks Chaturvedi’s footage made by Ananya and asks broadcaster to cut footage in 3 loops and paste it into one and play as he says. Malvika says it is a brilliant idea. Editor asks if they will get so much time to play footage. Malvika says they will. Kabeer says he will get ready, it is show time.

Chaturvedi waits for interview. Kabeer enters wearing blazer. Chaturvedi is shocked to see him and asks what is he doing. Kabeer says he is chief editor now and starts news. Kabeer starts reporting and says they are here to talk about Chaturvedi’s illegal marriage and we will discuss if it is right for law makers to break the law.

Manav confronts Malvika who says she is not involved in making Kabeer chief editor. He says he knows he is best suited for the position, then why is kabeer taking minister’s interview. She says she feels he is having affair with her only to get chief editor position and says she will never mix her personal and professional life and should take a break from each other. she further says that her school girl crush on kabeer has not yet finished.

Kabee says Chaturvedi that it is his duty to show the truth to janata/people. Chaturvedia asks not to stretch the issue and says he was getting his gardener’s daughter’s marriage with a guy, but someone took footage from some angle and showed it as he is marrying. Kabeer says minister was doing charity and is being frame, he will show a footage of that event. He shows manipulated clip and ends show. Malvika says it was fantastic.

Ananya enters broadcast room and says she cannot believe kabeer used her footate, that is why he is her idol and she just loves him. Malvika asks her to check mic before expressing her crush. Broadcaster asks her to relax. Kabeer waves malvika. Broadaster taunts he is calling malvika. She angrily says she knows.

In makeup room, Manav tries to provoke Kabeer, but Kabeer says he is proud to work with a seasoned journalist. Manav says same here.

Ananya says broadcaster that she was dreaming to work with Kabeer sharma since a long time and when she started her career, everyone told kabeer is egoistic, arrogant, but she keeps his article with her as an inspiration. Her dream of working with Kabeer has come true.

Ananya rehearses what to speak with Kabeer. Kabeer is busy talking to Malvika and Khalid and she clashed with him and stammers. He asks if she is reporter here. Malvika says she is junior reporter. Kabeer says Khalid if he had know he has hired such a stammering and incompetent reporters, he would not have joined his channel. Ananya feels dejected.

Khalid takes Kabeer to his cabin and asks to enjoy. Kabeer stops him and says he respects reporter and editor’s relationship and whoever comes in between his channel’s growth, he will not spare him. Khalid says nice thought and leaves.

Precap: Ananya sees news precap about a s*x racket burst and bollywood actres being caught. Her mom waits for news, but it does not air. Ananya says Kabeer will never hide truth. She calls her friend and feels dejected that Kabeer is manipulative.

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