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Kabeer waits for Ananya in office Manav sees that, gets into Shreya’s cabin and says her arrow is hitting bull’s eye. She says she always plays a right game and asks him not to wander around her and get out of her cabin now. He says she is too smart and walks out embarrassed.

Khalid enters Kabeer’s cabin and asks if he is fine. Kabeer says he is fine. Khalid asks if Ananya is fine. Kabeer says yes. Khalid says he can clearly see he is not fine and says he can trust him. Kabeer nods yes. Khalid gets out of Kabeer’s cabin. Manav says kabeer does not look good. He sees Ronnie and asks him to come and brief their news. Ronnie says he has brief all the news to Kabeer except their time slot’s and says if he can brief him his plan, he will inform kabeer. Manav gets embarrassed again. Khalid taunts him that even a dead elephant is worth 1.25 lakhs, kabeer is much more worth than that and he should remember it.

Ananya sits at cafeteria sadly remembering her dad when peon informs him that Shreya is seeking him. Shreya herself comes there and she knows she is tensed and did not get any lead yet, so she can go home and rest today. Ananya nods yes and leaves.

Ananya reaches kabeer’s cabin. He says he is investigating who sent her email from her dad’s ID consoles her that they are one after engagement and she should trust him now. Ananya nods yes again and leaves. Kabeer calls Taruni and explains her whole issue.

Ananya then reaches home and asks mom to tell all incidents in sequence happened during her dad’s scam. Mom asks why is she asking her. Ananya shows her email from dad’s ID that he did not suicide.

Kabeer seeks his technical expert’s help to trace out IP address via which email is sent. Expert says it is sent from advanced system and difficult to trace, but he will try his best. Kabeer then sees Manav reading similar news and reminisces Malvika warning him to be careful now as Sheya and Manav have united. He reaches Shreya’s cabin. She says she is glad he came to her cabin. He asks her to stop he dirty game.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: Value of defeat is only know when the habitual winner is defeated.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Fingers crossed….Amaaaazing episode

  2. I hope kayaking doesn’t separate from each other

  3. Superb episode. Justvwaiting for kabeer shreya ki band bajaye. Fingers crossed.

  4. Lekin shreya kya karne wali hai wo samajh me nahi aa raha hai……….

  5. Achha koi bata sakta hai ki iski sad ya happy ending kya hone wala hai…….. …
    Main kuch samaj nahi pa rahi hu

    1. Dont know. But happy ending hi hogi. Hope so.

  6. Hey guyz I just read an article in tellychakkar dat kaya vl gt seprated n den ronnie vl try his bst to unite dem n he vl try 2 keep shreya away from the plan…

  7. What do you mean by try his best?
    Ronnie, richa ,baby aur sunny ko karna hi hoga

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