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Shreya enters KKN office and fumes seeing news about her bipolar disorder. Khalid congratulates her for giving breaking news. She asks who permitted him to run this news. Khalid says she can complain anyone and says her condition is like a child who complains teacher for everything. Shreya fumes and goes to her cabin. She sees Manav already present who asks how dare Kabeer is to tarnish her image. She shouts at her, pops in her anxiety pills and says she will kick out Kabeer from editor-in-chief designation and will make him as editor-in-chief. Manav gets happy. She asks him to go and spy on Kabeer and his team now. He leaves.

Shreya then speaks to KL and says she is removing Kabeer from his editor in chief designation and making Manav as editor-in-chief and sends mail.


enters KKN and Kabeer praises him. Sunny says he enjoyed covering Shreya’s news. Shreya comes and address whole staff that she has removed Kabeer from editor-in-chief position and has made Manav as editor-in-chief. Everyone are shocked. Khalid says she cannot do this. Shreya says her bosses have more shares of KKN, so she made this decision and sent him a mail, but he is busy here and may not have seen her mail and asks him to clear Kabeer’s cabin. Ananya says she is challenging whole journalist fraternity. Kabeer says it is okay and asks Khalid to shift his items to Shreya’s cabin as he is both editor-in-chief and business head of KKN. Shreya is shocked. Khalid says she must be confused now, so he will clear it. He continues that her bosses had more KKN shares, so he started buying KKN shares and just 30 min ago, he bought 6% more shares, so he with KL and Kabeer has 1% more shares than his bosses, so they all 3 took a decision and removed her from business head position. He continues that KKN is his child and he will never let anyone harm it. Shreya fumes at Kabeer that he played a nice trick. Kabeer says she ruined his life with her tricks earlier and he did not let her again this time. She leaves angrily.

Ananya hugs Khalid and thanks her. He says it is okay. Sunny and Richa congratulate Kabeer. Ananya just looks at Kabeer. Kabeer says it is not time for celebration, they have to be very careful now. Shreya comes down with her items. Sunny says he was happy when she came here and is more happy when she is leaving. Shreya tells Ananya that she will not spare her and will send her to jail by monday. Ananya says she will expose her and RG and will sent them to jail by Monday. Shreya fumes.

Kabeer gives his end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. kya jhatka diya hai yaar shreya ko tho uska tho muh khulla hi khulla reh gaya bhahuth mazaa aaya par am so sad ithni jaldi yhm khatam hone vaali hai

  2. wow……so nice episode.l just love u RK

  3. Loved 2days epi… Love u kaya

  4. Ha yaar bhagi viswaas hi nahi hota hai ki sirf 3 episode baki hai

  5. Today was Kabeer’s day. Tomorrow something will come up to subdue their joy for sure. But I wanted Ananya to be with Kabeer before the last episode. With only three episodes remaining, I can’t hope for that. For the last two or three weeks for Ananya it’s like borrow Kabeer’s shoulders when you need to cry, protection, consolation, etc. and then “we are just working on this case as professionals”. Pathetic. And Kabeer is being too selfless and as far as I can see his life is in most threatening position. He is taking most risk and danger than anyone. Rest of the stuffs are doing their job and Ananya is just venting out her anger and inviting dangers for herself and her family.

  6. Guyz ronnie is cmng back as A different role

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