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Reporters 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananya and Sun are caught while capuring video of old minister getting married. Guards surround them. Ananya says she was searching gold creature which they were searching and would have got 20 marks for it. Guard asks her to give camera and says press people come everywhere. Ananya says she is not dhobi. Guard insists to give camera as it is private area. Sunny asks what will he say papa. Ananya says she was clicking pics for her project and came here. Guard asks her not to fool him and give camera. She says she will him camera chip. While getting them busy in talks, she gives him wrong chip and runs from there. Sunny says he knows she did not give him chip at all. Ananya says this will be her first big news.

Bhaskar and other reporters watch Ananya’s video and Malvika says she

did good job. Ananya says thanks maam. Malvika asks her to call her malvika. Editor also thanks him. Manav asks who will read the news. Malvika says reporter had to come by now, but did not come yet. He says he will read the news. He goes and informs chaturvedi to do something, else he will relay it. Malvika sees that and asks what was he doing. He says it is his step toward chief editor post and says bhaskar is loyal and will not relay that news and Khalid will kick him out, then he will get chief editor post.

Bhaskar again praises Ananya. He gets a call and says Ananya that only power and money works and not loyalty. Ananya feels sad and thinks Kabeer would not play this game like this.

Kabeer’s editor sees his printed news and asks whom he wants to relay this message. Kabeer says he knows.

Ananya gets ready to relay news with broadcaster. Malvika says they will not relay this news as it will harm their channel business. Ananya feels dejected.

Ananya comes home sadly and sees her mother arranging clothes in cupboard. She says she was not getting sleep, so she was arranging her papa’s clothes. Ananya asks who will touch papa’s clothes and says if she thinks when he comes after years, he will scold. Mom asks if he will come back. Ananya says of course and takes her for dinner. After dinner, she sits on study table and reminisces Bhaskar and Malvika’s words. she picks her papa’s pic and thinks he left 8 years ago and was better in manipulating reports than her. She sleeps on table itself.

In the morning, mom wakes her up and gives news paper and goes to prepare breakfast. Ananya sees Kabeer’s news which she was covering and thinks she is going on her hero’s path and tells mama happily that she was depressed thinking her news not being aired, but her hero Kabeer printed in first page. Her colleague calls him and says daily kranti office has been stone pelted for air news and asks her to go and take kabeer’s interview.

Kabeer rearranges his office furniture. Inspector comes and asks if he wants to file report. Kabeer says he will sign the report. Inspector asks against whom. Kabeer asks if he will file against Chaturvedi minister or police themselves and says he is report and there is nothing wrong to get a stone on his head. His boss comes and asks why is he so eager to work in news channel when he is heading his newspaper. Kabeer says he wants to run news channel and cover live than on black and white paper. Khalid calls him. He cuts call and then repicks it.

Ananya and Sunny reach kabeer’s office, but are stopped by police and mob. Ananya sees Kabeer walking out and tries to stop him. Khalid asks Kabeer what he has thought. Kabeer says Delhi is hot now and if his office has AC. Khalid gets happy and says he will see him soon. Kabeer smiles and leaves ignoring Ananya. Sunny asks Ananya why did not she question Kabeer. She says she got nervous seeing Kabeer.

Khalid goes to Bhaskar’s cabin and says he had breaking news which he did not air, so he tought of asking him. Bhaskar says he does not have to answer him. Khalid says he needs his resignation for being incompetent. He speaks to KL, channel owner, and tries to convince him to take Kabeer as chief editor and asks Malvika’s opnion. Malvika says yes. Kabeer reaches just then.

Kabeer takes his old boss’s blessings and says before he leaves, he wants to ask if news is what they see or what they watch or what they feel or something behind all this.

Precap: Ananya nervously rehearses her lines before meeting Kabeer. She clashes with him and stammers. He says Khalid if he had knows he has hired such stammering and incompetent reporters, he would not have joined his channel.

Update Credit to: MA

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