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Reporters 13th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananya enters RG’s cabin and says he must be surprised how she came out and will count days till Monday to try to cancel her bail, but should count each second as he is nearing his destroyal. Shreya enters. Ananya says she must have heard their conversation and remember her warning. Shreya fumes. Ananya goes on road and Kabeer angrily asks why don’t she listen to his warnings and put her into trouble and asks her to get into car right now. She gets into car angrily and he takes her from there.

RG tells Shreya that Kabeer must have bailed her out, he hates journalists as they try to enter everywhere. He asks if Manav is still ready to become editor in chief. Shreya says he is dying. He asks her to then inform Manav to get on Kabeer’s seat. Manav looks at Kabeer’s

seat carefully and smirks. He calls his khabri pandey.

Ananya in her house imagines Ronnie who says if she is missing him, she should as he is always in her memories and her and Kabeer’s love. Tinu calls her and informs that he did not get Raghu’s info and thinks he left city. Sunny comes and says there is a bad news. She gets worried for Kabeer. Baby comes and says Kabeer is fine and she should switch on TV and see how Shreya spread her news to all news channels and is tarnishing her image. Ananya switches on TV and sees rival channel talking about her bail and RG talks about Ananya attacking him with gun when he exposed her father Sudhir Kashyap’s criminal records, etc. Ananya hopes if bullet would have been in gun, RG would have been shot right then. Kabeer enters and says RG will punish himself now and says he told her 24 hours is a lot of time and it has 86400 seconds, she should wait and see how RG and Shreya will be punished. He says they have to spread news about Shreya’s mental illness on internet and other news sources. Richa says she has a friend who can help them.

Baby reads weather news sadly. Richa asks why is she upset, if Sunny told her anything. She says no, she does not feel like working in KKN now, she came here with great hopes, but all her hopes shattered. Richa and Sunny console her.

Shreya tries to enter her car. Reporters surround her and ask if the news is right. Shreya asks what news. Reporters ask if it is true she has bipolar maniac disorder. Shreya shouts who told them. Reporters say Dr. Das Gupta gave statement that she is treating Shreya since 3 years. Shreya shouts to get out and leaves in her car. Sunny records everything. Shreya reaches KKN office and sees her video on news channel.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: One cannot reach success easily and should be patient and courageous until then.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. With whom Kabeer met? Was it Manav? And Why Manav was looking so confident about getting Kabeer’s position?

  2. Ananya is only threatening her enemies and venting out her anger.
    Whatever RG told on tv about Ananya’ s father and her, Ananya gave him the scope.The actual work is being done by Kabeer and KKN colleagues.
    The present story line of Reporters sucks. It is good that the serial is coming to an end.

  3. Rashmi Kishore

    I agree. Can’t watch Ananya any more. From a lovable and confident character the writers have converted her into a foolish, stupid and stubbornperson
    When she wants she can use Kabirs shoulders for comfort and when she wants they are professional with no love. How convenient! !!!

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