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Khalid informs Kabeer that politician Bramha dutt is angry on Richa’s question about his wealth and has asked to relay an apology by tomorrow morning, else he will send his supporters and destroy whole channel. Kabeer says he will handle the situation.

Richa comes panicked with injured Sunny and tells Bramha’s men hit Sunny and even broke their camera. Everyone gets tensed, especially Baby for Sunny. Kabeer asks Richa why did she question Brahma wrongly and says he will stand by her at any cost and will do something by tomorrow.

Ananya tries to console Richa, but she is still in a shock. Ronnie comes and asks her to tell truth. Ananya asks if he means to say Kabeer is taking Richa’s stance as she is her friend. Richa asks what is happening. Ronnie insists again to

tell truth. Ananya tells that when was about to leave for Mumbai, Kabeer proposed her. Richa asks if she accepted it. Ananya nods yes. Ronnie says she did not even inform her best friend. Richa says she warned her not to accept Kabeer’s proposal as he is a divorcee and is an womanizer. Kabeer enters with a note and asks Ananya to tell decode a phrase (I love you in some language). Ananya signals him, but he does not. Richa walks out and says Kabeer she hopes he is not taking her stance as she is Ananya’s friend. Ananya asks Kabeer if he is leaving with Malavika tonight. Malvika says she brought her car. Ananya leaves with Ronnie, leaving Kabeer irked and confused.

Ronnie drops Ananya hope and while sipping coffee says he came to know about her and Kabeer’s love when he dropped her home back and aunty thanked him for stopping her going to Mumbai and she lied that she did because of mom. He says he is not angry on her as he said what is in his hear, but she did not accept him as she has someone else in her heart, but angry as she hid such a big truth. She says he saw how Richa reacted and was insisting her to stay away from kabeer, she was afraid even he would react. He says if she is happy, even he is happy and she should stop hiding anything from him. She hugs him and says she will never from hereon.

In the morning, Richa comes to office but does not speak to Ananya like she used to before. Ananya asks if she is still angry. Richa says she is not as she is not a kid and it is Ananya’s life, she can do anything with it. She asks if she cracked Kabeer’s note. Ananya says it was a bit gibberish. Richa says it is I love you in Zulu and asks her to progress her love in Kabeer’s office or somewhere else, but in front of everyone like kids.

Kabeer calls staff meeting and scolds Manav for giving Richa a lead without any proof and says he could have gathered proof before proceeding. He asks Richa to read a news bulletin and tell she was forced to apologize and stop from telling truth. She asks how can she without proof. He says he will get her proof.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: no precap today.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Seriously richa is annoying…I hate wat the hell is her problem I bet shes liking kabeer I hope not

  2. Ya richa was wired today.n her prblm can’t be know.

  3. Richa why you are after kabir all the time.u are a friend of annanya ,u have concern for her,its okk.but u shouldnot force your decisions or advice to anyone.u cant suffocate anyone in the name of friendship.u said nobody likes the idea of expressing love like that in office.I want to ask you do u really ask them or u have read the mind of others too.i too work in a corporate sector ,i have colleagues they are seeing each other,even same situation like kabir -ananya i have witnessed and now they are happily married..from my experience i can vouch we all happy for them and really admire their relationship for one valid reason that is EVERYBODY HAVE PAST THAT DOESNT MEAN WE ONLY JUDGE THAT PERSON BECAUSE OF THE PAST,AND ABOVEALL WHEN TWO ARE IN REALTIONSHIP U BETTER STAY OUT OF IT..

  4. Stupid,Moron Richa.I think Richa likes Kabir secretly..that’s y she is manipulating Ananya by saying Kabir is not good and so on…
    Honestly,day by day these stupid people are getting mad by seeing KAYA together…
    I know Richa Kabir saying I Love ❤ u to Ananya in different languages in front of u people are not good.But who the Hell are u to tell this to Ananya in rude manner..Mind ur own business….
    I CAN’T TOLERATE U anymore….
    I wish Trisha Ki jagah iss stupid Richa Ki Shaadi hoti toh at least we may have seen Trisha and her Funny and teasing moments with Ananya…
    Love ❤ u KAYA…

  5. Hai guys…how are u all…do u guys missed me Kya?…??

    1. Of course dear!!!!
      How r u ??

      1. Oh thank u…i too missed u…
        I am fine ? are u..

    2. Hi muskan yes we did miss u…where were u? How r u?

      Hi ishani how r u also?

      1. Thank u..Missed u too..i am fine ? are u…
        I was busy..lots of work and I didn’t got any time to comment here..

      2. Yh m also fine…oh right so ur assignments finished

  6. Completely agreed Urmi even I have seen the same situation in my office too. Who d hell is this Richa to interfere in her friend personal life Ananya is not saying anything she should give her nicely!!! Kabir is genuine and he rightly said to Ananya that she is perceptive!!!
    Stupid Ananya not supporting Kabir!!!

  7. yar guys aaj tho richa ne hadh hi kar diya vo esa kaise daant kar sakthe hai ananya ko……..aur yah i also agree ki kaya esa office me karna tho thoda galath hai par richa ko esa rudely behave karne ka koi jaroorath nahi hai…………aaj iski vajhe se ham ko kaya moments dhek ne ko nahi mile…….

  8. No kaya romance today….richa is really disgusting……from the very beginning she has formed diff wrong opinions abt kabir….but I dont think richa likes kabir….she is too much concernd for ananya……she is only very much judgemental and without knowing any real stuff she just forms opinions…..but ronnie is good…he is acting like a good friend….i hope he will always support ananya and have good opinions abt kabir…..and help her during tough times…..i like the way ananya has complete trust on kabir….no matter what….and hope she continues trusting him always even after shreya’s entry….when he will totally be broken… its more of ananya’s journey and her trust than kabir’s……how she will always stand by him… future I think kabir may try to back up from the relation due to his scarred past but ananya will always be there for him…..plz ananya dnt fall into shreya’s prey and dont misunderstand kabir….

  9. yar jis past aur manav ki pehlayi huyi nees ki base par vo kabeer ko womenizer keh rahi hai agar kabir bhi manav ki side lekhar usko ghalath keh diya tho uska stand nahi liya tho vo aab tak kkn se baahar hoga…….so sad for KAYA

  10. aur muje tho laga ki iss string operation me hum ko jyada kaya ki moments dhekne ko milega their concern for each other par aab iss richa ki vajhe se lagtha hai ki mera poora hopes par pani phekgaya…….

  11. Hey guys any ideawen dere is shreya entry in d show

  12. Richa….god she behaved so rudely to aanaya today i felt like kicking her in her Gutt!!! and aanaya should have said something to that terrible witch….. Today no romance its sad, all this just because of richa and her nonsense concern. I really do hate her plz leave kaya alone u yourself should find some Love….

  13. Hey hello guyzz!!! Whats up…. Muskan where were u these days??? Missed u yar!! How’s college?? Be happy and healthy :-):-) Ishani, Piya, Nishi, Crystal how are all of you?? Hope in gud health

    1. Hai..Thank u.? Missed u too..i am are u…
      I was busy…lots of work and I didn’t got any time to comment here and I hardly find free time…thank u..?

  14. I think Richa is Kabeer’s Ex (Ankita Bhargava)’s sister…

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