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Reporters 13th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malvika sees Manav ignoring him and asks reason. He says he is not ignoring him and is just busy preparing for his 7 p.m. news.

Ananya brings Karan, man to be interviewed during Kabeer’s news. Kabeer thanks her. She sees him having different kerchief and says it is looking good. He says he thought when hatred is red, he should try blue as symbol of love. Ananya says she will message him where to meet at 9:30 for dinner and goes back to her desk.

Kabeer starts his 9 p.m. news and interviews Karan about his blog on human plea against death penalty. Kunal says it is inhuman and should be dropped. Kabeer continues interviewing him and ends his news.

Sunny sits next to Ananya and says she needs her help in sorting out his friends love story. Ronnie joins them and asks who

is the girl and who is boy. He says boy is him and girl is Baby. Ronnie jokes and Sunny gets shy…

Ananya reaches restaurant and waits for kabeer. She sees Shreya and asks what is she doing here. Shreya says since coming from US, she does not feel like cooking for herself alone, so she explores restaurants. Ananya asks her to join and Kabeer is on his way. Shreya says Kabeer will not like it. Ananya says he will not mind and insists. Shreya joins her. Kabeer comes, sees her, gets irked, but calms down seeing Ananya. Shreya asks if she should leave. Kabeer says no as Ananya would feel guilty and says as colleagues, they can have dinner together. Shreya gets jealous as her plan is failing.

Kabeer asks Shreya what she wants to eat, and she orders. Ananya orders different thing and kabeer different. Shreya changes her order to what kabeer ordered. Ananya sadly says their taste are same. Shreya says they were and she did not know kabeer still likes same. She continues telling her US stories….

After dinner, in car, Kabeer says since dinner she did not utter anything and asks why did she invite Shreya, if she will invite her daily. Ananya says Shreya was already present, so she could not ignore her. She continues that next time she will not inform anyone and gets out of car angrily, then calms down and apologizes. Kabeer says let us go for coffee where shreya cannot come.. They continue and he says he is a very possessive boyfriend…She smiles.

Kabeer’s moral gyan: There is difference between being closer to someone and being forced to be closer.

Precap: Shreya praises Ananya and says she know knows why Kabeer loves her and asks if she will be her friend…

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ab Shreya ke evil plans shuru…. God Manav is back m happy to see him Malvika ko koi to busy rakhega

  2. fatima aab tho mai 100% sure hu ki shreya ki dhimaak me kuch tho chal raha hai kaya ko alag karne ke liye tabhi vo ithni butter laga raha hai ananya ko aur ek tho ananya kabir ki warn karne ke baadh bhi shreya se dosti nibhana chahthi hai………i just hope ki kaya alag na ho……..shreya koi khand na kar de…….

    1. Ha yaar. Ab toh mujhe bhi aisa ho lag raha hai. I too hope ki kaya alag na ho. But ye bhi sach hai ki jab tak koi kaya ko alag karne ki koshiish nahi karega tab tak we will not get to see kaya romance and togetherness. Loved todays episode. Ab just praying ki ananya ki mom ko shreya kuch galat na bol de kabeer ke baare me. Fingers crossed

  3. vaise nice episode especially kaya part nd ananya aur sunny ki part bhi……..e har jagha pahunjaathi hai aur jo kuch nahi kehna chahiye tha vo sab kuch kehti hai aur phir badh me ”am really sorry i know muje e sab kuch nahi kehna chahiye tha” keh ke aapne aap ko mahaan sabhith karthi hai………aur phir muje laga ki kabir jaan buch kar ananya ke saamne shreya ki fvt dishes order kiya tha ki ananya should realise ki kabir us se gussa hai……

    1. Ananya shud grow up. Aur kaya ke bich shreya na aaye to achcha hai waise bhi kabeer will not let that happen. Ab tension to shreya ka hai ke woh kya kahegi ananya ki mom ko kaber ke baare me. Just hope ki ananya ki mom kabeer par apna bharosa kayam rakhe.

      1. Wat u think bhagi?

  4. aur kabir ne theek hi kaha tha dhil bada honi chahiye par ithni bhi bada nahi………muje kal ki episode ki badi tension ho rahi hai fingers crossed

    1. Mujhe bhi

  5. Ooo malvika ,,,aise dekh kar tumhe maza araha hai

  6. I think shreya will show her real face now nd love u kabeer ??

  7. Ananya now enjoy your stupidity!!! You are not kid why you always trust Shreya that means you disrespect Kabir !!!! I like Kabir’s news coverage and death panelty avoidance idea also!!! Good job team reporters!!!!

  8. Now, I am sure that shreya shows her real face,,,soon she reveals her real intention to join kkn…..coz of kabeer…….. I think shreya came here for kabeer,,,,once again she wants kabeer in her life, coz shreya still loves kabeer….dekhne se to yahi lag raha hai……
    That’s why she wants ananya to be her friend…..coz through this friendship she gets closer to kabeer once again…..and ananya is not listening to kabeer, he already told ananya not to believe shreya,,,but still ananya won’t trying to understand kabeer’s intuitions….because kabeer knew shreya’s real intention……
    I am not sure what exactly going to happen next but I think this will be next twists of reporters…… I think so!!!!!! Let’s wait n watch?

  9. Love kabeer handled situation so maturely.thatz tru shreya s back for kabeer as he s successful n a powerful.person now.i hope ananya understands her tru intentions n doesnot accept her friendship n tells her v cant b friends v are gud as colleaguez only.

  10. Omgg shreya was there on purpose!! She’s so annoying! Open ur eyes now at least, ananya!!! Kabeer will have a huge I TOLD YOU SO moment when u do, lol :p

  11. Grow up, Ananya.

  12. The writer needs to understand that he needs to change the script as it is going in the direction of routine serials on tv, he will lose is viewers if this continues, he has to get KAYA closer and make them fight against others not themselves.

  13. Oh no….. Aananya is acting crazy it is high time now that she should listen to kabir… Shreya whatever her intenstions are those are cruel so kaya should stay away from her

    1. Haa. I do agree wid u shruti.

  14. Come on don’t let fights on between kaya. Keep them together and let them fight against shreya together. Pls ananya ki mom ko bhi kaya ka saath dena chahiye . Don’t make her stand against kabeer for ananya bcoz ananya hi kabeer ka saath degi.They need her and ananya’s friends .pls fingers crosses.

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