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Ananya angrily tries to shoot RG, but Kabeer stops her on time. Shreya calls inspector Khurana and asks him to come to KKN right away as Ananya shot RG. Khalid and Baby/Sunny angrily look at her. She says as a good citizen, she just reported crime incident. Kabeer asks Ananya why did she lose control and did not see RG and Shreya’s tricks. She says she cannot control as RG was badmouthing about her dad.

Khurana reaches KKN office. RG asks him to arrest Ananya as she tried to shoot him. Kabeer comes and says gun was empty and he knows what dirty trick he is playing. RG says what if bullet was loaded, he has to arrest Ananya, else he will call commissioner. Khalid says he does not know commissioner and he were classmates and he can counter complain against him. Kabeer says it is

okay Khalid, let Khurana arrest Ananya. Sunny angrily shouts at Shreya that if something happens to Ananya, he will burn her here itself. Shreya asks to be in his limits. Sunny says he does not what his limit it. Ananya asks him to calm down. Khurana tells Kabeer he has to arrest Ananya and takes Ananya from there. Shreya tells Kabeer that she wanted to see fear in his eyes and she warned not to mess with him. Kabeer angrily stands silently. Shreya then tells RG that she did what she promised. He thanks her and leaves. Sunny asks Kabeer if he should inform Ananya’s mom. Kabeer says no.

RG enters Ananya’s house and starts his drama. Mom gets worried and asks if Ananya is fine. He says he did not kill her, but sent her to jail for trying to kill him instead, even kabeer could not save Ananya.. Mom gets tensed and rushes to KKN. Kabeer asks her to relax and promises that he will bail out Ananya by evening. He speaks to Taruni asks if she fixed appointment with lawyer. She says yes and they can meet her in her cabin. He says great and says he we will reach right now. Sunny gives water to mom and asks her to relax.

Kabeer meets lawyer who says they have to prove that Ananya is mentally unstable now to get her bail. Kabeer says he will get medical report as Ananya was in mental shock just sometime ago and is on heavy psychiatric medicines.

Khalid speaks to KL and briefs about worst situation in KKN and says Shreya may try to get Ananya and Kabeer out of KKN, so they have only one option.

Kabeer bails out Ananya and tells they have only 8 hours to play their game and win. Ananya reaches home and falls down. Mom gets tensed and asks Armaan to call doc soon.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: Iron’s shape cannot be achieved without heating and beating it and when a small ant gets angry, it can even kill a big elephant.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. They are dragging now

  2. Thanks for the quick update poor kabir has to work overtime cause of stupid ananya fix shreya rg and also save his Lady fair real hero I must say .
    But this was another stupid angle to show and this show has had many malvika leaving was not required Ronnie dying was totally unnecessary he could have been injured attempt to murder could have been enough to get shreya jailed esp since Ronnie would be injured
    What they should show instead is manav having a change of heart cause murder etc is not what he bargained for kl entering the scene and publicly firing shreya

  3. Does killing RG will prove Ananya’s father innocent?? Is Ananya educated at all??

    1. umashankar tripathi


  4. * correction……. In last part of ur update u mentioned that ananya fell down and doc was called …this part didnt happened….actually ananya came yo know that rg came to her house in her absence so she walked out of her house to meet rg

  5. Rashmi Kishore

    I think I am going to watch just the last episode. Dont have patience to watch Ananya’s stupidity – I dont see that as immaturity- any more.Had it not been for Rajeev Khandelwal, this show would have lost its credibility long back.

  6. umashankar tripathi

    ananya behosh nahiin hui hai vo RG ko maarne gayi hai

  7. reporters is best

    Oh poor kaya
    Let’s see what will happen next

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