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Reporters 11th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananya smiles thinking of Kabeer’s friendship request and his care for her during kidnap event. Ronnie says Richa and other friends that he will throw party today for Ananya. Mom says she will and invites everyone home. Khalid on the other side invites Kabeer for a dinner party. He says he wants to stay alone today. He gets Ananya’s call who invites him to her house. He asks why. She says her mom has arranged a get together and everyone are coming. He says he wants to stay alone today. She says he must be tired tolerating her for 2 days. He smiles and says as she thinks and cuts call. Malvika jokes that being alone is dangerous. Khalid says as he wishes and leaves with Malvika.

Ananya enjoys snacks with her reporter friends and describes how she scolded Madhav and his men

and Kabeer scolded her after that, but his scolding was not like usual office one. She continues to describe how Kabeer encouraged her and he was hit by Madhav, etc. Sunny asks if she did not get afraid and remembered them. She says she remembered them, especially mom as she thought how will she tolerate knowing about her kidnap. Mom hears that and smiles. Ananya continues describing her adventure. Sunny says it would have been good if Kabeer would have described it as he does not completely believe her. Trisha says it is weired Kabeer was behaving superficially with his brother. Ananya says he is not comfortable discussing his personal life with others.

Ananya then excuses her friends, goes to a corner and SMSes Kabeer. They continue chatting. She SMSes he is having dinner alone. He replies he dines with his past. She SMSes back that she will not disturb him now.

Kabeer gets sad. He calls his brother who is busy packing his bag in his hotel. Brother picks call and asks if he is fine. Kabeer says he is and asks if he had dinner. Brother says not yet. Kabeer says he is preparing his favorite dish and invites him home.

Ananya continues describing her kidnapping adventure and how Kabeer gave gun back to Desu and praises he is very brave and did not let her get afraid. Mom says she thought Kabeer’s ex-wife would come seeing news or at least Tarini. Ananya says they didn’t and it is Kabeer’s personal issue and they should not bother. Richa says Kabeer’s brother came suddenly and it is weird. Ananya asks to forget it. Once all friends leave, she sends apology SMS to Kabeer.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: Kabeer returns Ananya’s specs and says her eyes look more beautiful without specs.

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  1. Wow loved it Especially ofcourse Kaya moments When Kabir Was waiting for Ananya ‘s message.And Precap interesting waiting eagerly.Pls make it 1Hour guys I can’t take it for half an hour I loved it so pls make it 1hr..know a days Kabir is superb flirting with Ananya… u KAYA and Reporters ? ?

    • Hey r u alright na I mean ab aap kaise Ho dear.Mujhe malum nahi tha.then aap ne apna medicine khaya kya and r u went to hospital kya?

  2. Sidra

    No muskan if it becomes 1 hr so no suspense will be in serial but it can be of 9:00 to 9:40 10 minute

  3. Cuku

    Piya get well soon and u r right sidra there won’t be suspence left in d show if it turns to b for an hour

  4. I understand the feeling of yours but what can we do and guys don’t u think that if we watch precaps aur episode we r eager to watch what happened next coz there is suspense in every episode so do U ALL AGREE

  5. Piya

    Yes i hv admtd to a nursnghm,104 temp,n dehydration..I want to meet kritika thn i l b ok..n rajeev too:-)

  6. Hello guys…piya Get well sooon… 🙂 by the way I thought Kabir would come…he never but the way he got upset was unbelievable….he looks so sweet …. 😉 love this episode tooo…did anyone notice that she was talking about Kabir all the time….she’s getting feelings for kabeer..and is jabber a divorcee…why they say tarini is his ex-wife can muskaan or someone explain please….??

  7. fari

    Love this show. ….cant wait for the next episode. …kabeer & ananya both are having feeling gor each other. .can’t wait for them to finally realise there feelings n confess their love to each other…love KAYA

  8. Subhashree

    Hlo girls … I can I join this gang please ..
    Piyu get well soon ” flowers ”
    Love kayak moments …..
    I loved it when kabeer waited for her msg so cute .. He has definitely developed fellings for her
    Wese I agree if it’s of 1 hr it won’t have suspense ..
    I lyk w8 for the next episode before today’s episode is completely aired. . So kind of addicted 🙂

  9. jyoti

    Luv today’s episod. N waiting 4 upcoming episods. I m 2 excited to see more romance btw kaya.:-)♥

  10. Lol k nishi and seriously love this subhashree of course u can join and mwah to this episode loves it today wanna see it tomorrow 😛

  11. Simmy

    Hi guys….this is d first time am posting a comment….. Luv to c all the messags as well as the luv for this serial… a regular reader of most updates….thanx to all of you for the crazy comments…luv it

  12. kb

    just one thing: did the precap showed Kabeer saying Ananya that her eyes looked nice even with specs or did he say her eyes looked better without specs ? Because as far my knowledge goes he gave the second comment when they were in Madhav’s captivity. This time in the precap he said that her eyes looked beautiful even with the specs.

  13. Hello guys……..Had ur lunch….pls sab Nishi,Sidra,Asifah aap log apne free time bataiye aap sab aate hain aur chale bhi jate hain,then we r not having any conversation guys…Itne dinon se mil rahe hain but no free chats and not knowing anything only name and location that’s all.this is not fair..?

  14. Sidra

    So musk an my age is 23 and I am free after 2:00 so muskan u can chat on that time and my studies are getting over in August then I will so become

  15. Piya

    @Aaliya same dear, not much improvent,will catch u soon..waiting eagerly for todayz episode

  16. No sorry.Friendship Mein.Sorry u have to wait because my network is too damn slow whenever I came here.Khass kar Reporters Mein.
    Then which serials u watch

  17. ya sure my list is lil more big actually shastri sisters, sadda haq, code red, swaragini, thapki,tumhiho bandhu nd reporters!

  18. Hey Same pinch..Nishi I love Shahid a lot ,Salman khan,Sid,and in Tamil Suriya and Shiva..same pinch..
    Ok y u have any junk food kya..

  19. Subhashree

    Thanks asifa..:-)
    Wese muskan and nishi same 2 u ..
    I go gaga over shahid. ..
    Sidra all the best dear .. hope u get success. ..
    am in 12th stdio actually appeared 4 20th board this year …
    and am from odisha 🙂

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