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Ananya reaches home and is shocked to see Shreya already present there. Mom says her office employee has come in. Shreya starts apologizing Ananya. Ananya tries to divert her and asks mom to bring tea for her. Mom goes to kitchen. Shreya apologizes and says she should not have overreacted. Shreya says it is okay and she should stop mixing personal issues in office. Shreya says it will not happen again and leaves.

Mom asks who was she. Ananya says she is our new business head. Mom asks her name. Ananya says Shreya. Mom aks if she is Shreya bhagat and Kabeer’s ex-wife. Ananya nods yes. Mom gets worried and asks how can she hide such a big issue from her. Ananya says she knew she would react and misunderstand isituation, so she did not inform her . Mom says as a mother she is

worried about her. Ananya says kabeer got angry seeing he, but he is completely under control and he will keep his promise of not mixing his past and present. She assures mom and hugs her.

Ananya then goes to her room and thinks how to inform Kabeer what happened. Kabeer calls and she asks what.. He says she should say hi first. She says hi. He says he wants to inform her mom about his 2% KKN shares. She says she will inform. He asks why is she delaying then. She says she will inform soon.

Baby in KKN informs her friends that an NRI proposed her after seeing her weather forecast. Sunny feels heart broken hearing that. Ronnie holds him. Baby asks him if he did not have breakfast, he should go to canteen now. Kabeer enters and asks what happened to him. Ronnie says he has headache in the heart. Kabeer looks at both him and Baby and tells sunny nothing will happen to him and gets into his cabin. Richa says Sunny she will feed him breakfast and some gyaan in cafeteria. Baby asks her to take him soon.

Ananya informs Ronnie about Shreya’s drama yesterday and then coming home and apologizing her. Kabeer enters and says Shreya called them both. She asks why again. He says as far as I know her, she wants to apologize us, but they have to make her clear that her presence will not deter their relationship. She agrees and they both leave towards Shreya’s cabin.

Kabeer with Ananya enters Shreya’s cabin and hears her talking to client and asking to give her time till evening to develop a better plan. She says even kabeer is with her and is opining same. She cuts call and asks Kabeer and Ananya if they need coffee. Kabeer says no. She apologizes him and says she should not have overreacted yesterday night. He says even he should not have. She says she wants to tell something. He says until she does not, how wil he know. She asks him to take care of Ananya well as she is very special. Kabeer thanks her for her beautiful words and says he will take care Ananya well as she has changed her life and he is feeling very much better.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: If we hide issues which we cannot, we will get away of them for some time, but will get harmed more in the process.

Precap: Shreya’s mom calls Kabeer and tells he broke his promise not to let his past overpower his present.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ab kya hoga.what kabeer will do next? Pls kaya ke bich phir se jhagda na ho. What u say bhagi?

  2. Ananya Why you are hiding anything from kabirbin this crucial matter??? You are immature always you do like this!!!! Finally he only takes care of all issues!!! Kabir has given nicely to Shreya today haha… Good one !!! Agar mind Karne ki baar hogi to zarur mind karunga … Stupid ananya Atleast after seeing this why you are not informing him!!!

  3. nice episode especially sunny part its just awesome & ha i think ananya ko kabir se baath nahi chupani thi patha nahi aab kya hoga fingers crossed aur ananya ki maa kaise react karegi nd kabir kaise sambhalega……

  4. Update is confusing

  5. yah jis tarah se kabir shreya ko javaab diya na its just toooooo gud nd ha bina kuch kahe bahuth jyada kehdiya shreya ka face dhek ne layak tha……nd pata nahi fatima aab kya hoga bahuth dar lag raha hai……

  6. Kabir tells Ananya not to hide anything from him as it would weaken their relationship. Manav avoids talking to Malvika as he has other important things to do.
    Episode – 85 9:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 13 AugSet Alert
    Kabir and Ananya are at the dinner table. After dinner, Kabir wants to order a coffee for Ananya, but she refuses his request as she believes it’s quite late already.
    Episode – 86 9:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 14 AugSet Alert
    Shreya tells Ananya that she is glad that she has accepted her friendship. Ananya’s mom comes to office to meet Shreya. She wants to know what went wrong between her and Kabir.

  7. patha nahi aab ye shreya ananya ki maa se kya kahegi aur unki reaction kya hogi i hope kuch galat na ho fingers double crossed………

    1. I too hope bhagi ki ye shreya koi kaand na kare. But again kabeer is there to handle it. Mine fingers crossed too.

    2. I dont think ki shreya kabeer ke baare me kuch galat kahegi. Bcoz agar kehna hota to ghar par ananya ki absence me keh deti. Hope sab thik ho aur ananya ki mom kaya ko support kare. Fingers crossed.

  8. i know kabir handels it but muje iss baath ka dar hai ki kahi ananya ke mom kabir ke baare me koi openion na bana de kabir ne pehle bhi kaha tha Na agar vo nahi manegi tho kabir ananya se koi rishtha nahi rakhega……

  9. vaise bhi pichli baar jis tarah se ek din me ananya ki mom ko sambhala hope iss baar bhi esa hi ho…….fingers crossed

    1. Ya. But ananya ki mom to already kabeer aur ananya ke rishte ke liye nangayi hai na. So I dont think ki ananya ki mom koi opinion banayegi kabeer ke baare me.

  10. any way kabir ne bahuth ache se pehchaan liya shreya ko jab shreya sorry bol rahi thi tho tab kabir ka facial expressions were awesome………its just tooooo gud

  11. i tooo wish so fatima par vo kabir ke past ki baare me shreya se kyom puch rahi thi vo kudh kabir se puch thi tho better hoga

    1. Ya bhagi. Lets see kya hoga. Pray for kaya’s unity and love for eachother.

  12. yah hope so……

  13. There is a mistake in the preacap , it should be Ananya mother not shreya

  14. It was a nice episode hoping the same from the upcoming episodes .

  15. yah fatima but iss bar ananya ki mom kudh ayi hai kabir ka past janne ke liye shreya ke pas mere kyal se agar vo kabir ka past kudh kabir se hi puch liya hotha tho better ho tha vaise bhi kabir ne kaha na ananya ki mom se agar ek bqr barosa kiya tho ithni aasani se tootne math dena

    1. Ya. I too hope so.

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