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Before Ananya’s engagement, pandit performs pooja and then asks Ananya and Kabeer to exchange rings. Once they exchange rings, pandit asks them to take elder’s blessings. They take mom’s blessings first and then kabeer’s brother and sister-in-laws. Then, Richa, Ronnie, and Sunny congratulate them. Richa jokes with Kabeer that she is his sali/sister-in-law now and will call him jijaji. He says of course. Ronnie says they are specially related now. Kabeer says yes. Baby asks ananya to check her gift after she leaves. Ananya insists to show it right now. Baby says she wanted to give her good gift in marriage, so brought a weird one now. Sunny opens gift wrap and takes out teddy bear. Ananya says this is the best gift and says if kabeer fights with her, she will sleep

with teddy and kabeer should sleep on couch. Malvika congratulates kabeer and ananya and leaves.

Manav asks Shreya how will she break kabeer and ananya’s engagement now. She says she will use ananya’s father’s murder now.

Richa asks Ronnie if he is sad now. Ronnie says he is not and is happy for Ananya. Richa says they are both in same boat after breakup with her boyfriend and jokes they should marry if they don’t find any other partner.

Kabeer’s brother and SIL congratulate Ananya. Ananya says she will be back and leaves. They say they will leave now. Kabeer says he will drop them till car and comes out of house. SIL asks kabeer why is he marrying Sudhir Kashyap’s daughter and asks brother if he knew about this. Brother says what difference it makes now. Ananya comes with gift, thanks SIL for coming and gives her gift. SIL says she cannot accept it. Brother asks her to accept it. Ananya asks them to stop for some time. They say they will come back and leave.

Kabeer and Ananya get romantic and are about to kiss when Sunny interrupts them and asks Ananya if she saw baby. Kabeer asks if he got Baby’s reply. Sunny says if he had, his face would have been glowing like rose. Ananya asks him to find her in room and if not forget her, he will get a better girl than Baby. Sunny leaves. They both kiss then.

Shreya takes Manav to her home. Mavlika sees them getting in and think now she can take a right decision. Shreya and Manav enjoy wine. Shreya says him she heard about his and Malvika’s affair. He says just like she is inclined toward kabeer, he is towards Malvika. She says once kabeer breaks up with Ananya, she will take him away from here and open their own channel. She then tells him plan how she will break kabeer and ananya’s engagement.

Precap: No precap today.

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  1. Guys malvika is gonna resign and shreya as an unkonwn is gonna send an email to ananya where it will b told that her dad didnt made suicide

  2. yarrrrr fingers double crossed i just wish kaya stays forever i really hope that………..aab kya hoga

    1. I too hope the same bhagi. But ananya ke dad ke murder ki kya story hai? Malvika shud not resign yaar but agar wo resign karti hai to use manav aur shreya ke piche lagna chahiye after a resign karne ke baad kuch to karegi na and ab to wo sudhar gayee hai. I m in tension kya hoga kaya ka ?

      1. even i dnt know whats the story is but i strongly beleive kabir never do anything wrong…… few more episodes left hai na,,,,…….

  3. Lekin wo kya bhejegi?

  4. Amazing kaya moment!! Kaya will break up within a few episodes as Ananya wail get to know kabeer’s truth!! She will then break the engagement!! So sad!!!!!???? hope kaya get back again after that! Loved the episode

  5. i guess….this serial is becoming more like z usual daily drama of revenge….guys do justice to z title u have chosen REPORTERS… their professional life rather than their personal prejudice… strong characters like kabeer ronnie shreya ananya r losing their worth n being wasted….

  6. True kajal i agree ananaya cannot break with kabir after he almost died saving her doesn’t seem correct they can fight but not separate. Show some maturity story writers and some class. The show is good don’t ruin it with melodrama will be great to see kabir ananaya joining hands to fix shreya and manav .

  7. Is there any repeat telecast for reporters serial?

  8. nice story going.
    hope it will be more exited

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