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Reporters 10th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer while carrying Ananya tells she should lose weight. She asks him to get her down. He does and says he was joking. They both then see Madhav with his men in front of him. Madhav points gun at them. Ananya closes eyes hearing bullet sound and when she opens eyes back, she is surprised to see inspector Khurana shooting Madhav on his shoulder. Khurana comes there with his team with the help of Desu and catches Madhav and his men. Kabeer tells Madhav that life cannot be in exchange of life, when a man (gandhiji) can free his nation without holding gun why can’t he. He hopes he will realize his mistake soon. Khurana sends Madhav and his men with his team and tells Desu that Kabeer keeps his promises. Kabeer looks at Ananya and she smiles.

Ronnie gets Khurana’s call that he

has rescued Ananya and kabeer. They both reach KKN just then and meet everyone. Ananya’s mom cries seeing her. Kabeer then sees his brother, goes near him and calls dada/elder brother. Daada says he must be surprised seeing him here as he control himself hearing his kidnap news. Kabeer hug him. He then sees Manav and goes near him. Manav says he kept viewers glued in front of TV for 48 hours. Kabeer says even he must have learnt a lot and hugs him. Ananya introduces her mother to him. Mother thanks him for saving Ananya’s life.

Kabeer tells Malvika that he will read special bulletin and says Ananya she will read news with him from hereon. Ananya jumps in disbelief and happiness. She gets ready and reminisces Kabeer’s words that she is very beautiful. Kabeer comes wearing blazer and asks let us go. They both then start news bulletin. Kabeer starts briefing about his kidnap. Ananya continues briefing and calls Desu and inspector Khurana for interview. They discuss about the reason behind becoming traitors and how to tackle the issues and ends news.

Kabeer comes out of news room and asks Ananya if it was her first time. She says yes. She says she was brilliant. Kabeer’s brother meets them then and introduces Ananya ask Rajveer Sharma, Kabeer’s brother. She greets him hello. He asks Kabeer to take care of him and leaves. Ananya’s friends congratulate her for her first news reading and says she could not believe she was reading news with Kabeer.

Kabeer looks at news paper cutout from Ananya’s locket, reminisces Ananya telling that he was the only one who wrote positive about her dad and she wants to know where is her dad now. He thinks she may repent after knowing the truth as it is very bitter. Ananya enters his cabin and thanks him for giving her an opportunity to read news and says she wants to be a reporter than news reader. He says as she wishes and says he he has 2 things to give her, one is her specs and another his friendship. He extends hand, she accepts his friendship happily. He asks her to call him kabeer. She asks him to call her Ananya then. He says ok.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: Ananya invites Kabeer for a get together at her house. He accepts.

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  1. km

    Woooow… words to say….superb episode…loves a lot you kabeer and ananya… both are just superb…..i love your chemistry….love this show

  2. reshyu

    wow……♥ first of all thanks for ur fast update , today’s episode was awesome and i want them to see as a couple on the screen

  3. jyotiy

    Today’s episod it just like tremendeous,mindblowing etc. Ananya looking so hot in this episod n kabir looking so bold n handsome.wooh!mazza agaya frndzs

  4. Oh wow what an epi.I missed it.precap seems intresting eagerly waiting.Evryday v all wait for its next epi bcoz precap always looks intrstng and capture our hearts and mind towards it.Kabir atleast say bitter truth dont make it late before ananya gets hurt u KAYA and Reporters…..

    • Which video Asifah I haven’t mentioned here anything and i don’t know of which video u r talking about,
      It was Piya di who said that she saw a video in YouTube in which Ananya or Kabir was wearing black and looking cute together that’s what she mentioned here.

  5. Neon

    Thanks for the timely update… I like to start my day at office with this update rather than news ;)!!! can someone tell me what is KAYA moments? what does that even mean? btw I really hope they dont start their love story too soon… it becomes boring once everything is on track…earlier the challenges etc they gave to each other actually made the story! so heres a hoping that their nok-jhok continues :)!!

    • Hai Neon KAYA moments is Kabir and Ananya’s Moments When they Spent together.
      I agree with u after starting love story it will be little bored but if they don’t start their love story then how could the Story Progress…
      I just wish that like other serials they don’t start love triangle(its actually there but not yet started) seriously,Kabir’s past coming between when Ananya start to love KABIR,or Kabir not having feelings for ANANYA.i just wish they don’t have like this idea.we seriously have seen this type of stories in many serials…What’s say guys……

  6. Cuku

    Me to agreed with neon and muskan. Annanya looks cute in black watch their rehearsal vedio on you tube that actually funny

  7. Piya

    Gdmrng..kabir and ananya both compliments each other.both are brilliant actors,very good looking,n vry gud human being.i hv read on a magazine kritika is a very good hearted girl,she in her personal life too is nice wid evryone n vry down to earth and does so much charitbl works..just love her

  8. Sidra

    Hi muskan, nishi, priya I also want to be a part of ur friend ship because I am studying the study of a journalist no one talk to each other there all are busy to make their own reports so can we all become friends ??

  9. Nishi,Piya,Sidra guys where r u?.If anyone came here to chat then nobody is present here so v should make a time to chat together and enjoy but first guys tell ur free time of ur own routine then v can set a time to chat.What say guys….
    I am free till July 1so I am here.then u guys say ur time.

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