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Malvika calls her friend and says she needs 5-year-old junior reporter today itself and asks to send candidate list. Manav hears that and says he will get her a junior reporter with his way. She says if he wants to save his position, he should, else junior reporters here will take over his position.

Kabeer during conference introduces Baby malhotra to everyone and introduces malvika to her. She says she thought Ananya is malvika. Malvika says there is only one malvika here. Baby starts her usual mischief and while describing how she wanted to become heroine drops hot tea on Manav. She then tries to clean with her usual drama, but Kabeer asks her to sit on chair and Manav runs from there. Richa tells she will go and cover Brij’s interview. He says good job. Ronnie gets into a michievous

mood and starts pulling Ananya’s legs. He tells Kabeer Ananya has some news and if he leave a slot free for it. Ananya asks what he means. She reminds her of tinu’s lead. Kabeer also starts pulling her legs.

Richa goes to Manav’s cabin. He asks from where did she get Baby Sharma from, she behaves really like a baby. Richa says she is a good replacement for trisha. They continue talking.

Ananya goes to Kabeer’s cabin and tells her best friend and … are pulling her legs. He asks ….. means what. She hesitantly says boyfriend. She tries to get romantic and says he always get romantic outside office and not inside. He says he is professional and goes near her mouth. She thinks he is kissing her and closes her eyes. He surpasses her lips and picks mobile instead and speaks on it. She orders him to say I love you in front of everyone and leaves.

Baby Sharma comes to Manav’s cabin and starts apologizing. Manav gets tensed. She says she will get her hair dryer to dry his pants and runs out. Disha sees his embarrassed face and says she will leave now.

Sunny asks Richa about baby and she says she is in Manav’s cabin. Ananya says he is behind every girl. He says nobody falls for him though. Just then baby comes talking on phone and interviewing someone. Sunny jokes and she asks to stop. Kabeer comes with a note saying someone sent it and asks Ananya to translate it. He says “naan unne kadalikire” in tamil. A nearby reporter says it means I love you. She gets shy. Kabeer repeats same and then leaves. Ananya checks translation on google and gets happy

Manav reads news about an interview of a new education minister and passes on to Richa live. Richa congratulates minister for his new portfolio. He starts praising himself. Kabeer watches news, calls his khabri laxman and asks to get minister’s info. Minister says his party has decided to give him industrial minister portfolio. Richa asks about his brother running many companies and also his personal wealth. Minister gets irked and shoos her away from there. Manav says connection got cut and ends news.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: MA

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  3. Awesome d scenes of kaya..aaliya,aasifah,nishi,shubhasri whr r u guyz..missing uuuu

  4. Finally at least today we got to see a little romance…..kaya look so cute together…..kabir even said ilu in tamil…..omg it was so damn good…..another funny scene today was with manav and baby……it was simply hilarious……baby is funny but she is not better than trisha…..anyways overall a good episode….<3

  5. Nice episode!! .
    Hate this stupid malvika !!!
    U r awesome kabir !!!
    Oww sat sun no kaya ?

  6. Hello friends
    Aaliya , lila ,shubha, piya , shruti , nisha , crystal !!!
    How r u all ?

    1. Hi ishani m good how r u

      1. Fine
        How’s going on in life?

  7. Today’s epi was okay ……. Kabir and aanaya real look nice together l luv them

  8. Hey guys !!!! I’m sorry i was on exam so couldn’t reply anyways Muskan, Ishanni, Piya, Crystal , Nishi how are all of you?

    1. Fine dear

  9. Hi piya missing all of urll…just a few more days and I’ll be free

  10. yar kaya look awesome together.i just lv them. . .kb unke romantic scens dikhaynge yr. Cnt wait til monday

  11. wowwwww yar aaj bhi kamaal ka episode tha loved all kaya ka scence and i hope ki kaal poora maha episode de……….iss week ka saari episodes hit tha i just pray for that……and ha iss baby tho funny par trisha ko replace nahi kar payega

  12. guys monday tak kaise wait karengi yar…..any way agar kisi ke pass indian forums ka episode synopsis link ho tho post kijiyena……

  13. Yaar hope next week me hi merger na disha de ye log

  14. Kaya shud have hidden romance only.. its better for them. Atleast people like Malvika will not create problems for them

    1. Right julie

    2. But malvika already problems create kar rahi hai yr Kuch aur kaam hai Hi nahi uske paas

  15. Plz sm1 tell me… Kya sch m yeh Reportes … 120 episodes m complete ho jayega …Maine pdha tha kahhiii pe

  16. Not 120 but 100 episodes

    1. It’s so sad ?…….sony TV plz don’t do this…plz,plz,plz continue the show even after 100 episodes unless I would have no reason to watch the Sony TV ?

  17. Superb episode……kabeer and Ananya looks really fabulous together….just love the show… was too nice to watch their romantic nok-jhonk. I just love ❤ u kaya…..u both r just superb…

  18. Superb episode……kabeer and Ananya looks really fabulous together….just love the show… was too nice to watch their romantic nok-jhonk. I just love ❤ u kaya…..u both r just superb..Sony TV plz don’t stop the show even after 100 episodes….i have no reason to watch the Sony TV ? except this show…

  19. Km u so right..I watch tv only for this..!!!! And all other serials I find it boring becoz they is no couple like kAyA..!!! Don’t end this show in 100 episode…


  21. In the upcoming episode of Sony TV’s Reporters will show that Ananya (Kritika Kamra) will be seen worming on a new mission to expose the business of illegal weapons.

    Kabir will help Ananya in her mission as it is also an important case for KKN Channel. As a part of their sting operation, Kabir will don a new look of South Indian Don.

    Fans of Rajeev Khandelwal see him in lungi, moustache and aviators, looking like a complete South Indian villain.

    This episode will air next week.

    Stay tuned for the latest updates from Reporters!

  22. Richa takes politician interview but during the interview he gets upset and backfires her. Richa gets nervous .

    Manav who is working with her in this bulletin doesn’t support her but Kabir comes in front and supports her.

  23. arey wahh…. phir se kaya ek mission saath me kar raha hai…….tho kamaal ho ga aur us minister ka band bhajayega aur hope ki kuch kaya scence dhek ne ko mile…….jaise ki kabir taking care of ananya…….

  24. When reporters repeat

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