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Reporters 10th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shreya tells Kabeer that he loves her even now as he is keeping her gifted kerchief in his blazer pocket. Ananya walks out hearing that. Kabeer says Shreya she did not change even now and is still same old kamini/wicket. She asks why did he badmouth her in front of Ananya. He says she brags that she has moved on, but is still same.

Ananya waits outside KKN for taxi. Richa asks her why is she leaving so suddenly. Ananya tells her of the incident just now happened in changing room. She gets taxi and leaves. Richa says her fear is coming true, but she has to help her as a friend.

Richa enters relay and sees Kabeer reads news with distracted mind. Malvika taunts that Shreya is ruling on Kabeer’s mind now.

Shreya calls Khalid to his cabin and asks him to explain Kabeer

not to provoke her. He asks what happened. She says she entered changing room to call kabeer and saw him badmouthing about her in front of Ananya, so she badmouthed and insulted him in front of Ananya. He says he will explain Kabeer.

Kabeer finishes his news reading and leaves. Richa tells Ronnie about changing room incident. Ronnie hopes she does not switch off mobile and crate scene again.

Anany reaches Kabeer’s home and says she walked out of news room thinking not to be around when he confronts Shreya. He says he scolded Shreya and says he keeps Shreya kerchief even now so that he can look at it and get a strength to face cruel and wicket world like shreya. She asks if her love is not enough now to keep him face the world. He says till now nobody came in his life who could change him with her love and right, she is right, he will change his thinking now. He burns Shreya’s kerchief on candle fire. Ananya says she is happy that he is changing and asks him to continue loving and forget hatred. She huts him and camera focuses to Shreya’s burning kerchief.

Kabeer walks with Ananya holding her hand and says if she had not been, he would shattered and he is her inspiration. She says they will become each other’s strength. she hugs him and leaves.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan. Person lives with his memories and some memories don’t leave him so easily.

Precap: Ananya reaches home. Mom says someone from office has come to meet her. Ananya is shocked to see Shreya.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Very nice episode!!!! Kabir pls don’t show yourself so helpless we can not see you like this!!! You are really very strong person be like that!!!
    This Shreya is creating a lot of problema but hopefully this time ananya has not created a scene!!!
    Reporters rocks !!!!

  2. Love u ananya u r so cute

  3. guys i appriciate the writer but yar plzz take care that ur missing some light moments nd intresting diologues………

  4. guys mai tho saathve aasmaan par hu aaj ka episode dhek ne ke baadh i know aaj jyada kuch nahi huva like romance… ha jis tarah se ananya kabir ko handel kiya kithni maturity dhikayi thi its just awesome yar……jaise vo hug(she is saying am with u forever)…….i had no doubt abt kaya’s relation know shreya kuch nahi kar payegi………..i just loved it……..ananya ur tooooooooo good yar

    1. Same here bhagi. I m also very happy. Us rumaal ke jalne se kabeer ka past finally khatam hua. Ab sirf kaya ka pyaar hai. Ab koi problem nahi hogi. Fingers crossed.

  5. Todays episode was fantastic. Richa shayad ab kaya ka saath degi hope so. Loved kaya’s scene at kabeer’s house. Hope for more romance in futue episodes.

  6. are yar ye kya ho raha hai meri comments tho nahi post ho raha hai 1hr ho chuki hai,……aab tak nahi post huva arey yar pehli vaali cmnt system is better

  7. Finally kaya hugged…..

  8. Today episode is so cute when kabir kisses ananya hand n then ananya kisses her chick. So sweet♥

  9. Oh!! So sweet and cuteee Kabir and Aananya look so great together….. and the hng scene and kiss scene was so lovely it really showed that they are deeply in love …. How romantic… Anyways i didn’t understand what Shreya was doing at Aananya’s place also i am not able to understand her intentions.. Shreya’s character is so hard to predict … Desperately waiting for tomorrow’s episode 🙂

  10. yah fatima…… bt ananya ne situation ko maturely handel kiya Pehli baar……vo diologue…..”mr.sharMa pyaar badayiye nafrat kam hogi” its just awesome

  11. Toi spoiler alert:
    episode 83
    Shreya apologises to Ananya n leaves. Ananya’s mother learns about Shreya n gets upset. Ananya assures her that everything is fine n kabir has moved on

  12. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I tink sgerya cnt leave Kabir so she go to instigate Anyas mom abt Kabir….witch ….

  13. rocking episode love u ananya u handled so maturely today n love u kabeer who honestly confessed to ananya that he s not that strong as the world sees him .sure noone can break their bond .not even shreya who may play n no of mind games now as even richa n ronnie with them. hope she handles shreya with same maturity

  14. Kabeer ka itna gussa dekhne aur itni baate sunne ke bawajud malvika ki zoobaan nahi badli. Kab soodhregi kya pata? Wat u say bhagi?

  15. yah fatims uska sudharna tho na mumkin hai……guys i am thinking abt two traks
    1. kabir ki birthday party jo kabir ne saalom pehle celebrate karna chod diya agar aab vo b’day ananya celebrate karegi vo bhi kabir ke ghar me surprise party tho kithna mazaa aayega na it will b lovely
    2. kabir aur ananya kisi dangerous strin operation ke liye gaya ho aur vaha ananya ko kuch accident ho i know its sad bt jab kabir ananya ka kyal rakega na tho tab maza ayega……kya kehti ho fatima esa track ho tho it will b more intresting………

    1. Ya bhagi tun thik keh rahi ho but i think pehle wala aur bhi achcha rahega kyuki we dont want to see kaya upset. Ab tum kya kehti ho ?

  16. ya thats right but jaha pyara hai vaha dard tho hoga na vaise bhi 2 vala me kaya jyada time ek saath bithapayenge aur richa malvika aur shreya ko bhi unki javaab mil jayega aur phir shreya ki vsapas aane se jo choti si dar anaanya ki maa ki dhil me hai vo bhi kam ho jayega…….jab kabir ananya ko ek choti si bachi ki tarah kyal rakega na tab dhekne me jyada maja aayega……

    1. Ya bhagi. But i think richa ab sudhar gayi hai atleast she is trying to support kaya. I wish richa kaya ka relationship accept karle aur unka saath de.

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