“Kuch na kahein, bas chup rahein
Khamoshiyan hi keh jaaye
Tham jaaye, yeh jahaan
Aur pal bhi, theher jaaye…………………”

A passionate romance start when two love bird love, each other unconditionally,two body’s but one mind & if the way full of obstacles then they both face the obstacles and receive same pain. Love and pain look like two sides of a coin & friendship is the edge.The first step in love is friendship,then it depends which part of the coin in your life means love ya hate. So friends can ypu guess the , full on romantic and passionate love story……..

Dear Readers,
Can I ask you a few questions??
Well whether you like it or not I am asking you…….
Did you read the first para ???
Did something just strike your mind??
Did it remind you something???
Have you heard or read them before??
Can you complete them without scrolling to the end of the page and type in the comment box from your memory not after reading further???
Well for those who gussed it fine , for those who can’t or for those who are unaware of those lines and are reading them for the first time, dear friends those were lines from the tittle song of the famous Star plus & DD national show “SARASWATICHANDRA”……..

This show was based on the novel”SARASVATICHANDRA” written by Mr. Govardhanram Tripathi, and was prtoduced by Mr. Sanjay leela Bhansali, it ran from Feb 2013 to Sep, 2014, and was also dubbed into Malayalam and was given the name “Swayamvaram”.
Before saying something about its story let’s revise the main charecters of the serial.
• Gautam Rode as Saraswatichandra Laxminandan Vyas (main male lead). Who is a young and well cultured guy , but havea lot of sensitive emotional issues which effect his life a lot.
• Jennifer Winget as Kumud Sundari Saraswatichandra Vyas (main female lead). A well cultured, educated, sensitive and a selfless girl who loves her family very much.
• Varun Kapoor as Danny Laxminandan Vyas (2nd male lead). Saras’s younger, step brother who is selfless and kind.
• Shiny Doshi as Kusum Danny Vyas (2nd female lead), Kumud’s younger sister.
• Ashish Kapoor as Kabir Laxminandan Vyas (3rd male lead).Saras’s younger brother, who was thought to be dead , but appeared later in the show.
• Srishty Rode as Anushka Kabir Vyas(3rd female lead) Kabir’s love, whom he eventually married .
• Anshul Trivedi as Pramad Dhan Dharmadhikari (antagonist), he was Kumud’s fiancé , whom she was supposed to marry after Saras refused to marry her, and belonged to a powerful political family.
• Chetan Pandit as Laxminandan Vyas . Saras, Danny and Kabir’s father.
• Monica Bedi as Guman Laxminandan Vyas(main antagonist).The VILLIAN in/of the story.
• Yatin Karyekar / Ali Raza Naamdaar as Vidyachatur Desai KUMUD’s father
• Alpana Buch as Guniyal Desai
• Ragini Shah as Dugba Vidya chaturs sister.
• Vinita Joshi Thakkar as Kumari
The story starts with a lot of mysteries,and the biggest mystery is about Saras’s past life , which was revealed as the story proceeded.
Saras is shown , to be quite, and respecting his culture even living in abroad , this is also depicted by his name “SARASWATICHANDRA” where he have his mother’s name ‘SARASWATI’ and his name ‘CHANDRA” woven into a single name SARASWATICHANDRA, his father Mr. Lakshminandan Vyas, had fixed his marriage with hiss childhood friend Vidya Chatur’s daughter Kumud. Saras doesn’t want to marry , her because of some unknown reasons, and isshown to have some sort of nightmares, and soon it’s revealed the reason for his rejection , for the marriage proposal, and after that, the reason for the nightmares was revealed too, it happned to be his real mother’s death at an early age, which had an great impact on his mind, and thus, he fears to get into relationships.
On the other side Kumud is shown , to be a well culcutred girl who taught, children of her villae and respects her family very much, and on receving Sara’s rejection, she challenges him to come to India , as he cant reject, her like this. Kumud is also shown to have good sketching skills and she can sketch images with closed eyes,and she ends up sketching an incomplete picture of a guy, only his eyes, and takes it as some signal , for her, as she have never seen that guy before.
The next Saras REACHES India and , stay with Kukud’s family and get along with her family and starts loving Kumud, whereas ,on going back to dubai he finds out about his mother’s suicide mystery which is revealed to , be his fathers betrayal, and marrying Gumaan, and disowns his father. His emotional sides again comes inbetween their love and he fears he is, unsupportive and rejects Kumud again.
Fearing her family’s respect issues Kumud agrees to marry Pramod, who is from a politician family background, and he disrespects women , on their marriage day Saras comes there , to stop the marriagebut fails as he is half beaten to death by goons. Later he works in pramod’s house ,as a secetary to repent and make Kumud’s life easy , again make ties, with Kumud , breaking their unwanted marriage and marrying her. More hurdles strike their way as Kumud’s sister also falls in love with Sara’s and emotionally blackmails everyone for their marriage,and enda up being tricked by Saras and marrying Danny , his younger brother, at first thay have a lot of differences but get along soon as Danny’s love changes Kusum.
Later his brother, kabir is revealed to be alive who inturn ends up marrying Anushka a bubbly girl opposite to his nature. Their mother is also shown alive and mentally ill, who ia manuplated by Gumaan to , destroy the happy family, whereas Saras is also getting along with his father, Danny learsns his mothers truth and disowns her. While Gumaans plan fails and everyone is reunited and the serial ends on a happy note with Saras and Kumuds first child…
Hope you liked the summary plss do comment if you used to watch this serial and like it.
I am waitng for your comments.
Thank You-

Kuch na kahein, bas chup rahein
Khamoshiyan hi keh jaaye
Tham jaaye, yeh jahaan
Aur pal bhi, theher jaaye

Rahein na kuch bhi darmiyaan
Mitey yeh saari duriyaan
Milke bhi hain adhuri si,
Yeh daastaan…

Rahein na kuch bhi darmiyaan
Mitey yeh saari duriyaan
Milke bhi hain adhuri si,
Yeh daastaan…

Zid yeh thi tumhe, ki hum bhi kuch kahein
Hamein yeh gila tha ki tum chup rahe
Yeh majbooriyan, aur yeh fansle Chah nhi te bhi
Badhte gaye….

Ab jo yeh ehsaas hai
Yeh jo adhuri aas hai
Rehne de yunhi mere jo
Jazbaat hain….

Rahein na kuch bhi darmiyaan
Mitey yeh saari duriyaan
Milke bhi hain adhuri si,
Yeh daastaan…

Rehke bhi sang hain juda
Bhulega na kabhi jahan
Hai yeh alag hi daastaan…
Saraswatichandra ki
Not say anything, let’s keep quiet
Silence will say..
This world stops..& Even this moment stops..

Nothing stays between us (Secrets)
All this distances ends
Even after our meeting, it’s incomplete
This saga/story (2)

We are separate, even after staying together
Why was this world not built
This saga/story is different..Of SaraswatiChandra !
thank uuu

Credit to: Richa

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  1. I too loved the serial. I never missed a single episode n thankyou richa for bringing back those memories and for the songs lyrics

  2. 9
    Ohhhh I am loving this serial. Their separation was heartbreaking. Star plus channel is not in my TV. I watched it in DD National, Star utsav and Malayalam Swayamvaram in Asianet plus……It was a very awesome serial… Ty Richa for remembering me again

  3. U r welcome dr annie and nandu and yup u are true fans who didnt miss a single episode and watched it with posibl resources nyc to meet u nd see ur loving cmnts ☺

  4. Richa please can you write a fanfiction of saraswatichandra ??and by the way are you writer of any fanfiction I would love to follow them and again thanks for remembering the show you two days back only I was humming this song and you gave me the lyrics thankuuuuuu?????

  5. It was nice to meet you too I would love to see u soon

  6. Yup annie i write many fics recently i finished a winter tale and the ongoing are a common love story and Eht the fresh start i hav writtem many more random too dr ☺ anyways i would lov to write a fic on it but fist i will finish my ongoing fics dr LOl 😉 i hope u understand…. Lol♥☺

  7. Richa it’s nice yaar…I am a gr8 fan of sarasswatichandra.I watch both Hindi & Malayalam version . Missing them a lot especially our handsome hunk sarass.?

    1. richa (titli)

      niceto meet u swathi , and nyc to see another fan LOL u r welcome dr 🙂 welll gautam rohde aka saras is working in surya putra katran nowdays and playing the role of karan u can watch it 😛 but still he was in thae handmest look in SC only LOL

  8. I was a damn fan of dis srl di….especially danny….nd this song……i almose wrote a ff abt it…but then i controlled myself bcuz….i dnt wnt to be nxt u….just kidding di dnt mind

    1. richa (titli)


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