Remember twinj ff part 1

Remember twinj ff part 1

(To readers )
(Hey guys first some pages have uv mahi life story read it then onlybyou get to know story dont get bore because only mahi is there then kunj will come later after 2 episode twinki comes)
Mahi – Hey iam mahi taneja, Iam in love with youraj luthra , I beleave i love him I live in mysore and uv in bangalore. I wonder when i fell in love him but i know reason why i loved him it may be attraction or to full fill my needs and secure my future. May be thats why from years i dont have trust on my love or on uv that is may be because he dont give me time. Like any other lover i too wanted to meet him ,talk to him and spend time with him i want him to understand me. But uv dont have time for me he will be busy always in his work we cant meet each other everytime because he will be busy in his work and whenever i call him i get reply like
Mahi calls uv….receptionist took call

Mahi – hello EGI (company name)
Other – yes maam
Mahi – hell its me mahi connect call to yuvraj
Other – sorry maam he is in meeting and we cant connect call to him this what she hears
Mahi was painting something she stopped it and looked at her painting she have drawn sketch of uv its beautiful she draw him in his office attire only
Now she call him again
Other – call is not reachable call later
She dial again and again no answer
Mahi – its not like he dont receive everytime once in while his mobile rings and he pick up call and dial again he receive call
Uv – hello jaan how are you?

Mahi – iam fine uv how are you?
Uv – fine…i got many miss call from your number
Mahi – yes my dear when you dont receive my call it has to come in miss call list only right
Uv – good sense of humor smiles ok then tell me jaan what is going on?
Mahi – why uv if any reason then obly i have to call you what?
Uv – hey i didnt mean that jaan just asked particular reason
Mahi – yes that only if anything is there then only we have to speak what cant we talk simply
Uv – ufffo ok sorry hmm mahi how is mysore?
Mahi – why asking about mysore. Dont you have anything else to talk? With me other lovers talks hours together and in our case we get to talk once in 10 days and you have nothing to discuss ?
Uv – mahi please try to understand

Mahi – neither than i understand you i think its time to you understand me uv?
Uv – you know how much im busy in business
Mahi – im not telling you to ignore your business or your dad’s health along with that im requesting to you to consider our love too.
Uv – you think i have no concern for our love? In couple of month my manglore project will get completed after that you know what is my first job? Illvmarry you and ill be with you whole day 24/7 ???
Mahi – i dont beleave you?
Uv – really jaan dont you trust me?

Mahi – i trust you but not your circumstances?
Uv – what?
Mahi – your office work and responsibility made you forget your birthday also happy birthday uv many many happy returns of the day
Uv – oh my god yes today is my birthday thank you mahi love you???
Mahi – ok atleast today night you think about me bye..cut the call until painting too completed with colors she wrote happy birthday in it and smiled
Next scene at uv office
Surjeeth (uv dad) – looking at some model of building is it how your mangalore project office look like all node is yes

Surjeeth – it is not looking like industry but looking like 5star hotel ot may be agreeable to you and your MD but not me change it immidietly…..he sat on chair what is estimated cost of this project no one replied ok when it gets completed ? No reply
Surjeeth – talk something
Employee – sorry sir we have got order to not to tell youbanything about business?
Surjeeth- who gave?
Uv – angrily me only
Surjeeth – hope you know im proprietor of company
Uv – we know that dad now you go home and take rest
Surjeeth – let them give me answer until then ill not go

Uv – dad dont give me tension please
Surjeeth – beta i came to reduce your tension and burden of work
Uv – for me your health is important i can take tension its ok
Surjeeth – ok you want me to leave right ill but i have one condition please excuse employee goes from there now listen you get marry soon and bring good daughter in law to our home
Uv – oh ho to look at your health ill keep care taker why i should get married now
Surjeeth – not for me for you puttar she will look at you and also help youbin business
Uv – business? In there to look at whats the need her to know about it
Surjeeth – yes i want my DIL to know about it so she xan help youband it helps her also for some situation it is needed

Next scene mahi busy with books guest came to her home leela calls her for dinner she joins them and greets guest
Guest – did you plan for mahi marriage?
Rt – its only after year and if she wants to marry early we dont have any objection
Leela – yes we give her full freedom in choosing boy for her if she like some boy means it is also good we will make them marry her hapiness is our priority.
Mahi got happy after dinner she went running to her room went bear uv photo smiled looking at it and called him
Mahi – hello connect call to yuvraj

Receptionist- no maam he is busy in meeting
Mahi – hey you iam mahi speaking just tell him that mahi called him did you get it
Receptionist – madam call to his mobile
Mahi – oye mobile is switched off so telling you to connect to landline connect now
Receptionist – ok maam wait ill ask sir she called uv sir mahi maam called you
Uv – what the hell didnt i told you im busy
Receptionist – sir i said mahi maam but she said its urgent and scolding me
Uv – ok tell her ill call her after 30 min and disconnect call and now please dont disturb me im in meeting and cut call
Receptionist – maam because of you sir scolding me please you dont call me again and sir said he will call you after finishing meeting and cut call
Mahi looked at uv sketch angrily took black color paint in brush and applied it on his face and spoiled her gift for him and throwed it angrily
She was lying on bed angrily uv called her

Uv – mahi dear you called me sorry i was in meeting tell me what’s up?
Mahi – uv i want to talk to you tomorrow came and meet me in mysore
Uv – what no tomorrow i have important meeting now im free talk to me
Mahi – see dont tell me any excuse just meet me tomorrow i cant discuss that in phone and cut call
At morning
Its beautiful scene of lake side and that place surrounded by green trees mahi park her car and stand near tree thinking something uv too comes from bangalore smiles looking at mahiband goes near her back hugs her she turned to him and push him slightly
Uv – good morning mahi .
Mahi – good morning
Uv – ok tell me jaan what was that matter
Mahi – it is not only just matter its about me and my marriage
Uv – yes once the mangalore project is completed we are getting married for sure
Mahi – what if I am married off before your project gets completed?
Uv gave her confusion look
Mahi -yesterday they in my home they talking about my marriage and they dont want business man to be my husband
“Lies multiplies”
Uv – then whom
Mahi – yesterday in my home they talking anout my marriage snd They prefer an IAS officer or groom from political family definetly not a business man
“Lies multiplies”
Uv – you know i can never be anyone except a business man smiling
Mahi – how easily you are saying this uv yoh taking this lightly
Uv – im not taking it lightly mahi but im telling fact its truth

Mahi – then let me put across another truth i may commit suicide if my parents didnt say yes for our marriage because of there wish
Uv looks on thinks what to do how can he solve it
Uv home sirjeeth watching tom and jerry laughing uv off tv .
Surjeeth – why you off tv
Uv – childish
Surjeeth – you dont allow me to cone office too and now here to you came on the tv
Uv – dad talk to me…..ok say
Uv – why dont you join politics
Surjeeth – why baba not getting skeep what?
Uv – arey anyone who stand for election they will win you too stand na
Surjeeth – im not anyone and im not interested if you want you go for election ill look our business

Uv – do you think i have gone mad to go for election
Surjeeth – you mean to say im crazy so telling me to join
Uv – leave it ill ask onething is it ok if lovers commit suicide if patents didnt agree for marriage
Surjeetj – its wrong why they should die if parent didnt agree they can do little drama and say some lies to make them agree .why choose death? Small lie or drama can do a trick. Uv thinks on
Next day at mall
Mahi in mall taking something a small girl comes running to her and smile at her and gives rose mahi bends to her height and kiss her on cheeks
Mahi – thank you
Girl – dont thank me aunty because this rose is given by that uncle thank him showing finger at some boy who is very handsome hot looking like greek god obviously our kunj
Kunj stands there goving her cute smile mahi looks at him and lost for sometime in his lovely smile
She ignored him kunj started to follow her everywhere one early morning mahi was going in car she stop in middle way looking at kunj who stop her way by keeping his bike in middle and he sat there stylishly wearing goggles???

Mahi looks at him comes out of car and stand there kunj comes near to her and says (i just converted the song to kannada to english guys just ill say the important lines youbimsgine he is saying it)

Kunj – love is not one, love is not alone star….it is not bird that flies with one wing …not a lone lover its song of flower and bee…… keep in mind remember this always
She goes from there again kunj follow her after some day she goes to library and takes book to read smilingly she loves to read book when she look forward to go she finds kunj there smiling
Kunj – love is not a lesson ,it is not a feast of passion ,love is not a song of sweet rhyming words; it is not jus kiss, it is invisible poetry…. remember it…keep in mind
Mahi sitting in cafe kunj comes and sit with her
Kunj – hey hi I’m kunj

Mahi ignore him and above to sip coffe he held her hand
Kunj – hi I’m kunj smiling she make him to leave her hand
Mahi – so what
Kunj- i want to talk to you personally for that you have to give me 10 minutes time
Mahi – but i dont want to talk to you

Kunj – but i want to talk smiling she walks awsy kunj smiles and then again started to follow her mahi use to do paining in peaceful location she was paining there kunj goes there to and plays flute she go away from there too
Kunj – journey of love in youth teaches how to see love in everything it teaches us to taste biter side too and take your sleep away in each and everything in world there exist love mahi close her balcony door again when she reading book in garden kunj comes
Kunj – love is not a lesseon nor lusty treat or not a bunch of rhymes or kiss …love is invisible poetry

One day she was paining someone whisper in her ears
Kunj – love is god but not a stone mahi turns around and finds its her imagination now mext day kunj agsin block her way she come out of car kunj go near her
Kunj – Hi I’m kunj i want to talk to you personally its my visiting card placing it on her car you can call me to this number and can tell me our meeting place ill wait for you in chamundi hills till 9 ill be waiting for you to talk to you about me okay bye and walks away in attitude she didnt say anything watches till he goes

Kunj waiting for her in hill area no sign of coming its night till she didnt came mahi sleeping in her room she hears some foot steps open her eyes only to see kunj sitting infront of her smiling snd giving her rose
Mahi – hey who are you?
Kunj – please calm down I know its wrong to enter a girls bedroom that too in this time at this hour without your permission i know its mistake but what to do you made me to commit this mistake i just asked your 10 minutes to talk to you and i was waiting for your call all day i didnt got your call so i came here. Is it wrong???☺☺

Mahi – why should i give you my time?
Kunj – yes that only i need 10 min to tell you that reason only anyways i came here so listen to me I’m kunj sarna BE graduate and an eligible bachelor my mother wants me to settle down in 2 months so i asked 2 month time to find my girl what to do when i was teenager and in age of doing love i was busy in studying and in family problems so now decided to marry a girl so I went around whole mysore in serach of my future wife as my friend told here we get to see beautiful girls and yes he is right but other girls have boyfriends from bangalore mangalore i dont want that girls turning around i want someone who have pure heart and feelings and looking at you i thought you are only that girl so i decide to marry you mahi was listening to him
Kunj – (he said everything looking at wall and not faced mahi now turning to her)wanted to tell you in this romantically but you made me to tell ot in one go however it was also romsntic right mahi yawns

Kunj – i know you want to sleep no problem sleep and take your time take decision tomorrow morning ill be waiting for you in hill view come and tell me your decision if yes then no problem of you saying no then you have to give me proper resson remember it and walks off…

To be continued

Precap – mahi came with uv to meet kunj

Kunn – is he is your brother ,mr you look so polite be polite only dont come between me and mahi to pollute otherwise ill punch you uv ‘ mahi meet my best friend kunj mahi -?????
(Hey guys tell me you like it or no if you guys interested in this story and likes it then ill continue otherwise ill leave this ok and one more thing yesterday people who supported me though comments thank you so much guys im happy you people understood me really i didnt wrote anything wrong and i dont support the girl wearing short dress this all shit ill support it because i wear it and in my ff also till now i didnt wrote anything like that violate human right and in that ff kunj said her to wear decent dress infront in- laws only he dodnt restrict her wear it fully as boyfriend kunj wanted twinkle dress up like this infront of his parents he thought they will like her snd when he say he want to marry her there will be no problem if they already impress by her and slso mentioned usha like modern too so noboffence ibdidntbmean that @girlpower your comment was very rude so i gave back you rude comment when youbcant regret for what you said ill also not regret for my comment when i havnt done any wrong why you want me to accept that and thank you @ well wisher may she used bad word but then girlpower realized she got hurt so she said people like you will get to know in this language that is right because when youbsaid hat i too got hurt telling to everyone we author spend so much time in writing stories for you all when other friends say me to post one ff i make time for them and prepare it for them and they like it if i write something wrong then they woulnt have liked at all to keep our favourite couple twinj alive we write story if you cant encourage one its ok but dont discourage them and you talk about well wisher level when she spoke some word but your comment not having that word but also hurted me because you wanted to just prove that my thinking are not good i have low level thinking so writing such thing and this all what you said its right for you right then that is also right yes you wasted my whole day i was above to write other ff but reading your bakwas i losted and done miskate by replying you back i just cant accept mistake which i havnt done and uf my other friend didnt like anything in ff they say like i didnt like his behaviour in this there is way to convey your comment not like this bashing by using word like dumb and all that cloth matter didnt came only simply you drag it and brought society also in it means by reading imaginary stories society will change really i wasnt knowing this ufff…

And thank you guys sameera,kiya,well wisher,ssk,mariam,Rayna,Naina,sidmin23,preesha,sia for supporting and commenting and my friends or fan are not mad if they come to defend me if she have expressed her comnent in bashing way they will get bash only in return )
And ill post other ff also soon for the peope who liking it no bashing can stop me from writing because i know im not wrong…bye guys dorry for bak bak
Love you all

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