Do you remember me……………(ishqbaaz) episode 13

Hello all.this is Ryan not Ann.I mean your Aarion..actually Aarion is Ann and I am her elder brother named Ryan.she is not well so she is not writing.on here behalf I am writing.

She is in bed rest as she had an all know her medical condition.she was coming home back by cycle after her tuitions.and then she started to fell dizzy.she knew she could get she started to ride the cycle to reach home before she gets unconscious.and then unfortunately a drunkard was coming on bike and due to his subconscious state he crashed with Ann.both of them are hurt.Ann with head and right and injury.then all that she could remember is hospital.

Now she is fine and came back home.but she has he right hand fractured.and head injury.she will go to school after a few weeks.

And she told me to write apology words to all of you..she was reading all your ff’s here but since her hand is fractured could not comment.and saying that all the ff’s are having no words to explain…..

So now let’s start the episode..



when anika was going back home pinky came and stopped her.and shked her to come to Ber room.


Anika-what happened aunty.

Pinky-anika I want you to take a long leave till shivaay’s marriage is over…bring a letter tmrw.

Anika-but aunty dadi.

Pinky-dont you worry I will take care of as I said.


Before anika could complete janvi came.

Janvi-you are not going to do anything like this.come regularly to look after maa.and be you can go home anika is late you tmrw.and pu my I have to talk to you something

Anika then goes.

Janvi-why are you doing this pinky.

Pinky-jethani ji.I am scared they shivaay will remember every thing.

Janvi-and then he will have severe problems.right.

Pinky- absolutely right.when he saw anika at first he had headache.imagine if he gets to remember everything then. don’t need to worry.and for your information anika is also in the same position now.she also had a brain wash.she only remembers ishaana,her parents and her childhood.nothing else.

And I fell that this is destiny’s plan..already destiny had played a huge game with them by shivaay’s memory loss.and when shivaay didn’t recognize anika at that time anika was all shattered.then she herself decided not to come back in shivaay’s life for his safety.

And then destiny again did another move.made anika also have brain wash.with this she forgot all her bitter past and all her sweet memories.only to give their love a second chance.they are destined to be with each power can defeat their love.destiny just weakened their love not erased it completely.they have all their old memories with them but cannot recall it.that’s it.

Pinky-jethani ji.sorry to say but I cannot risk my shivaay’s life.I will erase all the memories of anika from his heart and fill it with Tia’s memories.only Tia’s.

Janvi-lets wait and watch.pray for good.

And then janvi goes out of the room.

While walking she thought

Tia……I know that you are hiding something.even after knowing about shivaay’s past you are thefirst to do all the are having a bit hhurry to marry is a bit strange.I will not let you harm my family at any cost.I will find out your truth.I am sure that something is fishy.


ishaana is all thinking about she couldn’t back off when he hugged her.what had happened to her.she was feeling all strange.

Ting tong ting tong.

The sound of the calling bell made her come her out of her imaginary world.she was going to open the door for anika.when she opened the door…….

Ishaana-YOU AND HERE………

She was all shocked to see Om.

Om-why can’t I be here.ishu…

Ishaana-how can you call me ishu.pls be a bit selective in choosing words.

Anika-ishaana….ishaana……kya hua.

Actually ishaana was imagining anika as Om.

Ishaana-huh..huh….where did he go…..him di come come.

Anika-who he ishaana ….are you fine.

Ishaana-ya di.I will put dinner now.

Anika-i will also help.

And then sister bonding starts ……



Rudra-oh girls.I know I am such a lady killer.but I want you all to come after I have to go behind the queen of love and listen to love angel.

Girl 1-oh that can you like her Rudy.

Girl 2-ya she is right.leave her and come with us.she is such a fatso.

Rudra-you all have such a cheap mentality.go away from here or else you will see the bad side of rudra.

Then all the girls run away.

Just then soumya comes.

Sumo-hey are you.I saw all the girlsrunning.

Rudy-you know sumo they all have such a cheap mind..

Sumo then understood they all were talking ill about her.and she didn’t mind that as rudta was with her.

Sumo-leave all those things and tell the rest of the story about shivaay bhaiya.

Then rudra told about shivaay to sumo.she was all sad..

Sumo-dont sorry rudra god will do something.

Rudra-this is exactly what love Angel said.

Sumo the smiled….she was tended as it is going to be love angel telecast in 10 mins.

Rudra-sumo I am going….love angel is going to be on air.see you later.

Then he runs off to his class room to take his laptop and head phones.

Sumo also goes to a hotel and in one of a room she starts love angel series.

Love angel/soumya-so guys.all all happy about your love.but some are other those who have got true love but couldn’t get it due to destiny.but rmrmbwr one thing.even of destinytries to soperate you…if your love is true then nothing can make your love if at any point of your life you feel helpless about love..just think that destiny has planned something more better than this.


then she started answering all her phone calls and today’s love angel series is over ……..

Rudra who was listening to all this was super happy.


Anika entered the oberoi mansion and while walking towards dasi’s room she saw shivaay talking to someone over phone.

He was super angry and out of frustration threw the phone onto the ground..Om came and said..

99… more to go for century….

And then he ran away.

Anika-billu ji…..


Anika-what happened.

Shivaay-none of your bussiness.

Anika-bit pls share it with me at least.

Shivaay then in anger dragged anika to a corner of his room and pinned her against the wall.

Shivaay-i said none of your bussiness..

Anika was all scared by his act. Her heart beats increased.

Anika-billu ji pls leave me.

Shivaay-i don’t like anyone inter fearing in my matters.stay away from it….

Anika was all scared and then hugged shivaay unknowingly.

Just then both of them went to a flash back.


shivaay was all angry.anika came to coll down his anger.shivaay then pinned her to the wall and said these words……….anika was all scared and then she hugged shivaay….

Fb ends.

Anika comes back to her senses and leaves him.and then gpea out of the room.

All this was watched by someone and took their photos.

And then smiled evingly.


Ishaana was practicing bharatnatyam for her competition..her moves were so precise that even a classical dance guru would be amazed to see her…….

Om was determined to say his feelings to ishaana ….

He reached he house and saw the classical song playing……he understood that it was ishaana who was dancing and went to take his canvas and pencil and paints……

He arranged everything outside the window of ishaana’s room where no one could see him…

He then started drawing swiftly all he moves on the canvas….from raising her legs…to her facial her sitting postures and to everything… was like a complete dance on canvas…….

Then Om smiled like achieving something out of this world….

Then he kept all those things inside his car and went inside…..

Ishaana who was dancing saw Om…..she thought it might be another dream….

Ishaana-why are you here…

Om-to meet you.

Ishaana-i know you are my imagination….yesterday also you came……in front of anika di…..since it was di I escaped…..

Ishaana ……try to make him out of your mind….if in this way you will turn mad……

Om-ishaana ….what happened….seriously I am here….I am Om….

Ishaana-dont talk now.I know you will go by yourself after sometime.let me practice…

And then she started dancing….

Om got puzzled…he went near ishaana and touched her arms.


Ishaana was puzzled.she pulled his cheeks to check whether he was really Om…..and the result was positive….

IT WAS OM!!!!!!!!!

Ishaana-hum….mmm……hh….Om …….I am sorry……I thought that…

Om intetuppted and said.

You thought I was imaginary as you saw ystd….right.


She understood what she was saying right now and then felt embarrassed…..

Om-i have got my answer…..

And then he got super happy and went…….

While he was going this was also recorded by someone……..

And that person smiled…..

Recap-anika angry on ishaana…..she slapped ishaana….

I fell that this is a way long episode…..she is asking me to write.

PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS COMMENT……I NEED ALL YOUR COMMENTS……thank you all who have commented in the last episode….thank you…..pls comment…..and all those who have not commented also pls comment….

and silent reader. chetna I will make anika angry….I did not just not listen to it…in that episode I had to do like that….

With love
Aarion(Ann) and Ryan

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