Hi guys, this is DQ back again with the results of the relay OS competition.

I am so glad that the competition was held smoothly, though it was too much longer than I expected it to be. I was waiting for this day since quite a long time!

From the beginning, when I proposed the competition, to selecting the judges, and then grouping the participants, sending each one their part of story, and then finally all their efforts into making one story, which we have seen had good response from the readers too… all the best groups were amazing, and so were my judges.

And now, finally we have come to the last update regarding the RELAY OS COMPETITION. And this definitely feels like a dream I have accomplished, all thanks to Lord almighty and my dear dear participants, who put on their efforts despite every other issues. Love you all!

Winning is not everything, participation matters. Those who did not make it to the top 3, for you all, I would say, at least you had the nerves to pull off this beautifully. And trust me it was never easy to choose a winner. But then, someone is always better than another, even by a point!

I will reveal the winners here, only their names, if anyone wants to know their total, or a feedback, you can surely ask for one! I will try to respond to you at the earliest! (at college, currently..)

Also, the winner was selected on the basis of their phase 1 and phase 2 performance. The votes given by the readers was also taken into calculations, though that did not make much difference, because the cumulative average from the judges scores, my personal scores and their previous performance was too much to make a difference.

I am glad I met nicer people here! These participants, whom I never knew now hold a better place in my memories, I am sure with time, we would get closer and know each other more.

There were participants who were really prompt in their submissions, and there were participants whom I had to knock to Inform them of the deadline.

Now, what really mattered was the story they had written, so on that basis I have finalised I winners, but then I also felt that someone who was always prompt in their submissions deserve an applause too, so that participant is a special winner.

So the final winners of the relay OS competition are:

Second runner-up: DARSHINI
A big applause for this lovely participant!!!
She is entitled to:
Shoutout on TU.
Comments/votes on 2 chapters/episodes in any of their fanfictions of my choice.
Bragging rights.
Short interview.
Any other rewards that my judges would wish to provide them with.

Congratulations to DARSHINI for her amazing performance!
You can read her entry here:

First runner-up: MITTU
a big applause for this sweet participant!!!
She is entitled to:
Shout out on TU and Wattpad.
Comments/ votes on 10 chapters or episodes in any of their fanfictions of their choice.
Bragging rights.
A chapter dedicated to them in a fanfiction that I am writing (on their favourite couple.)
Short interview.
Any other rewards that my judges would wish to provide them with.

Congratulations to MITTU for her lovely performance!!
You can read her entry here:


The WINNER of this year’s relay OS competition is: NITA D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is entitled to:

Shoutout on TU, wattpad, Twitter and Instagram. (If they have an acct.)
Comments ( and votes if they have an account on wattpad.) on all chapters/episodes in any fanfiction of their choice.
Bragging rights.
A chance to form a scene of their favorite couple in any of my stories of their choice..(the author will be credited.)
A chapter dedicated to them in a fanfiction that I am writing on their favourite couple.
Any other special awards that my judges would wish to provide them with.
I would also write an OS on their favourite couple as a reward!
Short interview

Congratulations to NITA D for her awesome performance!!!
You can read her entry here:

WAIT….IT IS NOT OVER YET… one more winner is there… who is simply too nice and dedicated! It would be too wrong if she is not appreciated.. The reason she failed to make into the top three was nothing but her previous performance… yet I must say, she did definitely work hard into getting her group story into a tract, still may be the judges did not find it worthy enough, yet she managed to get a score of 77.83 in her individual performance for her group! She is one kind of person, you would look forward to work with, because she is very dedicated!!! And this decision was entirely mine.

A big applause to this dedicated soul for her amazing performance!!!
She is entitled to:
Shoutout on TU.
Comments/votes on 1 chapter/episode in any of their fanfictions of my choice.
Short interview.

Congratulations to BUSHRAFAHEEM123 for her sweet performance!!
You can read her entry here:

Hope I was able to do justice to all participants. Congratulations to the winners and those who could not participate, there is always a next! And those who did not make it to the top.. You participated that is what matters!!!!


Now revealing my super-judges!!!!!

Judge 2: KARTIKK
Judge 3: A12345

One of the judges, never really judged.. So I will not be mentioning that judge.

These 4 super people helped me a lot!!! And they definitely deserves a prize!!!
Each judge will be given a chapter dedicated to them in my fanfiction on their favourite couple.
A permanent follow from me on wattpad/instagram.(applicable for those having accts.)
Honest recommendation…(in case of further working together)
Their interviews will also be featured into my collected interviews of inspiring and precious souls…(along with the winners interview.. Though I do not have an exact idea about when I will be publishing that.. But I hope we will be in touch, so when published I can send them one copy!)
And ofcourse they will be getting a friend for life!!!

This is all for today!!!

Hope 2017 was an amazing year for you all!!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!!! hope you all have an awesome year ahead filled with happiness and success!!!!!


With lots of Love

You can find all competition entries on THIS PAGE.

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  1. Hemi

    Congrats winners!!!

  2. Harshada

    Hey everyone!!!
    Many many congratulations to all the participants and the winners! All did a great job!
    Everyone has positives and negatives… So those who didn’t get through… Don’t take it to heart. Analyse and improve what went wrong. This ain’t the end of the world! So cheer up!
    It was a great attempt by all!
    Last but not the least, a BIG BIG BIG BIG thanks and congrats to DQ for bringing to us such an amazing contest and holding it smoothly! Lots of love to you, buddy!!!! Found a great friend in you over the course of time.
    This year ends with a bang and I hope the next one too starts off well! WISHING EVERYONE A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!

    Lots of love

  3. Darshini

    Hearty congratulations to everyone who presented their plot ..everyone’s whr really amazing stry..i must thnk dq and all the judges n peoples who r behind this successful phase..a kind of surprised??..
    Happy new year friends ?? wish u all success nd be blessed abundantly..

  4. KartikK

    I really love the special winner works congrats to all who participated your all works was mind blowing i enjoyed your reading very much

    1. KartikK

      Writing* and a hpy new year to all of you may we see yet another competition ahead

  5. AnahitaAnnie

    Hmm, the comepetition ended. I had so much fun reading all the fantastic entries and each of them had such creativity and deep thoughts captured within it. The way DQ pulled off the first phase with such a flow and amazing way was very splendid. All of you had spectacular entries so don’t feel disheartened if you didn’t get a place because with this experience you got one step closer to becoming a fabulous writer. Last but not the least thank you all participants for presenting such fantabulous plot lines and thank you DQ for arranging this competition. Congratulations to Darshini, Mittu, Nita and BushraFaheem for all your achievements!!!❤️ And happy new year everybody. Let 2018 commence.

  6. Zaveesha

    Hi DQ…firstly huge huge round of applause for u..u conduct the competition soo smoothly…I can imagine the efforts nd difficulties..kudos to you…

    Nd many many congratulations to all the winners…huge round of applause to all of them…

    Nd special mention to all the judges too…

    Best wishes to you too DQ…Happy ew Year..
    Have a prosperous year ahead…

  7. Bushrafaheem123

    Congratulations winners
    And a very happy new year

  8. Nita D

    What in the name of Merlin is this….. I am still in denial….i had never expected this….Oh my God…what else could i ask to start my New Year with……..
    First of all thank you so much to all the people who voted and commented… was you guys who made me reach here……thanks a ton…..
    Next obviously all the wonderful judges…..Thanks guys…..and also congratulations on doing such a commendable job at judging all the entries……
    Congratulations to Darshini, Mittu and BushraFaheem as well…..i havent got the chance to read your stories but plan to do that in near future……

    A big big congratulations to DessertQueen for pulling off such an amazing competition successfully…… u have taken a lots of trouble on the planning and execution of the whole competition…..i am really impressed on the execution of Phase 1….making the groups, coordinating them and stuff……hats off girl…..

    Lastly, my thanks for all the congratulatory comments on this article….

    Finally wishing you all a very Happy New Year’s….. Hope you all have a lovely 2018….

    1. Nita D

      PS- (Note to DQ) – i would like to know the feedback on both my entries (there is always a scope for improvement)…..

      1. VHM

        Congratulations Nita…yeyyyyyyy…it’s time to party and you owe me one okay…just kidding …so happy for you…way to go gal…i am so so so so so so happy for you…congratulations to you and all the team who organised the competition

  9. Congratulation to all the winners . Hats off to all the judges & DQ for this successful competition.Happy New Year to all .

  10. Fenil

    Congratulations all of you.
    Great job DQ .

  11. A12345

    Congratulations winners….! Had a great time reading your stories ☺

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