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“She is mine,she will only ever be mine..!!”
Aahil,a 22 year old unsuccessful youngster who is crazily infatuated with his high school bestie Ahana.
He didn’t find himself obsessed,despite what others thought.He believed that he loved ahana,and he would do anything to get her to love him back.
On the other side,ahana’s childhood crush on rithik(her mom’s besties son) bloomed into love when rithik’s mom wanted ahana to be her dil and rithik isn’t showing any interest on her but agrees to the alliance just for the business tie up between their families.
However ahana haven’t missed every single chance to gain rithik’s attention, planned for a dinner date with him inorder to express her feelings which she moulded for him since childhood.
Everything happened as per her wish but the fear started occupying both her heart and brain when she got glued with his browny eyes,obviously she recognized him,he’s aahil,once her bestie but noone to her now.
Aahil scuttered towards ahana and seized her wrist when rithik gets diverted in his phone call.
“Aahil,please leave me..!!”ahana tries to loosen herself from aahil’s grip but fails miserably.
He slunk her far and pinned her with the pillar,gazing with full rage he uttered “I dare you ahana..!I dare could you date rithik?can’t you see my love.?or you are behind him for his money and so called pleasure..??”
“Aahil..!!”she screams and pushed him hard against the floor.
Ahana(clenching her fists):you are not on your own,are you??
Aahil(chuckling):yeah..I consumed alcohol but still I love you ahana.i don’t need your wealth,money and anything else except your love and care for you remember our school days,I was left alone by everyone and became the funniest object for them to play with my emotions and by that time you entered into my life.When everyone ditch me because of my parents separation and being left alone,you was the one who supported me and befriended with me.i don’t ever know when I started liking you and it striked me when a guy touched you casually but I wasn’t able to tolerate even that.
Ahana reminisces the way aahil broken the legs of a guy who proposed her during their final year.She doesn’t have any sort of feelings towards him other than friendship but by then she realizes that aahil’s friendship is going somewhere else.
Her face turned pale when he cries and the way he is craving for her love but her heart isn’t ready to break the wall which she built against his love unknowingly.She isn’t ready to accept another man in rithik’s place.
“you are mine and my undying love for you is indescribable..!!”aahil’s maniacally melodic voice disturbed ahana’s trance and the next moment he stumbles and fall over her unconscious.
Ahana tried her best to make him stand properly but she failed in every attempt and her face was slick with sweat.
Ahana was sweating badly and breating heavly and and due to heavy breathing she couldn’t speak anything. Her voice was not coming out. She tried several times to call Rithik. On the other side Rithik was searching for Ahana after coming back to the table. He tried to call her but to the sour luck her phone was on the table(she left it on the table as when Aahil pulled her to the corner she didn’t find enough time to take/grab her Mobil from the table). On the other side Ahana was struggling to get her voice back. Finally she was successful in calling Rithik. Rithik came and helped Ahana to come out of Aahil’s clutches. Immediately she came out, she hugged Rithik and due to the flow of emotions she didn’t realize when she confessed her love for him(Rithik) to Rithik and told everything about Aahil’s obsession for him. After saying everything in a single breath she fainted in Rithik’s arms. Rithik carfully took Ahana to his house cause he felt that if Ahana’s parents she her in that condition they may get tensed.

While riding the car he was just thinking about Ahana coming out of his business mind and on that day for the very first time in his life he had given a girl a very special place in his heart. On that day he lost his heart to a girl who had already given her heart to him long ago.

The next day Ahana woke up sweating badly(as usual) but today there was a hand on her sholder to support her for the first time. It was Rithik. Seeing him she hugged cause of fear but immediately realizing wat she did she was getting away from him but to her surprise he caught her back and told her that he know everything she was going through and he even confessed his love for her.

On the other side Aahil got conscious and let to his home. And then left to the college. Ge searched the whole collage for Ahana but couldn’t find her. At that very moment Aahil heard that Ahana was getting engaged to Rithik the next day that is the reason she didn’t come to collage on that day. Aahil,” how could you do this Ahana you know I love you then how can u marry someone else. Sorry Ahana but Rithik I’m coming, how can you marry my love….” Saying this he smirks.

Aahna is dressed up like a bride She is in her room Her friends leave
saying they will check on guests
Aahna is looking in mirror n blushing
Suddenly she sweats profusely She notices a face she dreaded most in mirror
Its Aahil standing behind her
Aahna is about to scream
Aahil covers her mouth with his hands
Aahil-Aahna today u have to answer me if u ever considered me anything
in ur life u cannot run away tdy
Aahna’s pov-u were my bestfriend
Aahna(scared)-Ask whatever u want to
Aahil is holding Aahna’s hand
Aahil (lump in throat)-Aahna y y did u leave me I loved u so much
Aahna looks deep in his eyes which are red because of pain, anger n
also due to his inebriated state.
One thing Aahna hated most about Aahil was his habit to indulge in
alcohol when in pain n anger

Aahna gets lost in thoughts

Aahna has stood first in class her sir pats her back n gives her
chocolates He has kept his hand on her shoulder n telling class about
her success
Aahil is starring sir with red eyes

In break
Aahna is sitting with Aahil, He is extremely quiet Aahna is about to
eat chocolate Aahil snatches it n throws it, Aahna is terrified
Aahil-How could that sir touch u how dare he Aahna stay away from him
His intentions doesn’t seem good
Aahna makes shocked expression

Aahna is going through a magazine in library
Aahna-Varun Dhawan looks so cute
Aahil in fit on anger tears his pic

Aahna is talking n giggling with some boy Aahil gives angry look
Next day that boy comes with fractured leg
Aahna-How did all this happen
Boy ignores her but she keeps asking
Boy-Please dnt talk to me Aahil dislikes it.

Fb ends

Aahna (teareyed)-Aahil for me u were always a good friend a best
friend I loved only Rithik, Aahil ur love has turned obsession Love
Liberates but ur Love makes me feel like prisoner, Ur love makes me
scared Am sorry I cannot take all this
Aahil(moist eyes)-But atleast I love u What about Rithik? He cares a
damn about u, He is marrying u just for business, He doesn’t
understand emotions Aahna
Aahna-I knew it I knew u will get to know about us u will get jealous
n spk all this I see love in Rithik’s eyes n obsession n anger in ur
eyes, Aahil please please go away from me let me live let me breathe
Aahil-Aahna I will break Rithik’s eyes I will ruin everything u r
just mine only mine

Just then Aahna’s mother comes
Aahil hides behind curtains
Aahna’s mom (tensed)-What happened Aahna y r u sweating so much Aahna?
Aahna’s pov-What if he harms Rithik what if …

Aahna’s mom gives her water
Aahna’s mom-god knows what happens to u suddenly today is ur engagement

Aahna is brought to hall Rithik is mesmerized by her
Rithik notices her scared face
He holds her hand n tears roll down her eye.

Fear tends to get the best of people. And that’s what happened with Ahana. She let her choices be guided by her fear and pretended to faint during the engagement. When you’re in love with someone, you do everything in your will to protect them. And that’s what Ahana did. She wanted to cancel the engagement, if that’s what it took to keep the man she was in love with safe. As soon as Rithik felt Ahana’s grip on his hand loosen, he became alert, because his thoughts were preoccupied as he thought of ways to protect Ahana from Aahil. Rithik caught Ahana before her body could touch the ground and carried her bridal style. He felt himself tear up, seeing the girl he loves in such a state. He hadn’t always loved her, she was his best friend, but as time passed, he had grown to love her, so much that it hurts.

When Ahana opened her eyes, she realised that she wasn’t at home anymore. She wasn’t with Rithik. She wasn’t safe. Because, she was with Aahil. The look in Aahil’s eyes terrified her. Her heart started beating like crazy, and it wasn’t that heart fluttering feeling that she felt when she was with Rithik. Her heart felt uneasy, like she was in danger, like someone was going to hurt her. She tried to run, but she realised that she was tied up. Aahil had kidnapped her and there was no escape.

Meanwhile, Rithik’s emotions were a mess. He was angry, sad, frustrated, scared, what not.She didn’t have to say a single word, but he understood that she was just trying to protect him,but now she was missing.

Aahil just laughed like a mad man and said in a bitter tone-“You can’t escape Ahana, You are mine. All mine. I will keep you hidden from the rest of the world because you belong to me.”

Ahana just flinched when Aahil grabbed a fistful of her hair to make her look at him while he spoke. His obsession had reached a whole new level. It had reached that extent where he was ready to hurt her if she tried to escape. Ahana just cried silently and that’s when Aahil realised what he was doing. He cupped her cheeks and spoke as he started sobbing-“I’m so sorry Ahana. Why can’t you see my love ? If you just love me, I won’t hurt you. We will be happy forever. Let’s leave this place and go away, away from that Rithik who is trying to take you away from me.”At the mention of Rithik’s name, Ahana started crying, while thinking of the man she loved.

Aahil just messed his hair up in frustration and scoffed as tears of frustration and sadness made their way done his cheeks.He then spoke-“You want to go to him right ? I’ll let you go to him.”Ahana smiled as she thought that Aahil was letting her go, but her eyes immediately widened when he said-“But, If he hurts you, I’ll take you away from him. If he even looks at you, I’ll kill him. If he tries to touch you, I will destroy him. Because, I’m the only one who is allowed to do any of this. Only I am allowed to look at you, touch you or even hurt you. Do you understand Ahana ? Or do you want him to die ?”

Ahana just cried silently, when Aahil squished her cheeks as forcefully made her look at him- “Get this straight Ahana. You are mine. You belong to me.”

Ahana continued crying. She feared what the future had in store for her.Her heart kept calling out to the man she loved, little did she know that her knight in shining armour was on his way to save her. But, one thought kept bothering Rithik, am I too late to save her ?



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