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A boy comes to window and tears fall from his eyes….

I am really sorry…I never meant to do it….i really love u…I cant live without u….u have meant so much to me…I am really sorry for that day…I never though I could do that…I am sorry..but I ‘ll find u soon…I don’t where u r…but i promise to find u…
when the air touches me…I feel it’s u who is touching me…
I can’t forget u…even after 15 yrs…I am feeling u everywhere…it’s not frndship…it’s love…true love…I know u loved me but never said me…u were gonna propose me but I have I the biggest shock of life…I really never meant it…my parents I am mad for u…


I miss ur smile…i miss ur naughtiness..

I remember when u cried…my heart used to cry a

lot….I never knew the meaning of true love…now i know…I really know…

when I find u..I ‘ll give u all the happiness u need…I never let the memories enter out life again….but plsss come

back to me….

I can’t exist without u and ur love…I know u an alive just to get u and make u mind…that’s what I am waiting for…I know somewhere u r also incomplete without me…but i am not at all complete without u…I can give my life for u….plsss come back….I really really miss u so much…when i ‘ll get u..I ‘ll hug u so tight that all my tightness will express all my feeling that occurs when u were not with…I remember every second I had spend with u….I really really miss u a lot…

I never ever thought that true love had pain…and that pain can only be cured by love

I find that love in u…I ‘ll make u so happy that u ‘ll think the bad times never existed….

even after being a billionare…I remember our small times that make me happy more than money…

Other side…

A girl is seen hugging a pillow and crying…

I miss u a lot…I don’t know why that day I gave me a very big shock…I wish I could tell u that I loved u…but after that…I can’t…

u said – u don’t mean to me…r dumbest person in the whole world who ‘ll destroy a billionares life..I took that so seariously that I ran away from house…only mistake I did…now i am adopted…and

I get a lot of happiness living with them but still I miss ur presence…I wish u could have understood that how much u actually meant to me…I may not had money…I would give u all my love…I

really love u…hope 1 u understand my love…

I can missed the chance of getting u but I know that what u had meant to me…u were are and will be my only love…TRUE LOVE…

I trust my love…

that’s why i still remember u…I know u ‘ll also remember me…and recognise my love for u…I know i am suitable for u…becoz i understand u…I don’t want u for money…I want u to love my..I dont want to force u…to love me…I want to make u understand my love for u..

maybe u understood it…maybe u ll understand…now or then…u ‘ll understand…

becoz my love is solid not liquid…my love will will not flow…it will be still…the same only for U…only…U

I love u so much…I exist for u…

she takes the boys pic ( childhood ) and smiles

u will always be cute like this…?

His Eyes tear..
Her Eyes tear too on the other side..
He take the Jerkin n wear..
She throw the pillow..
The pillow goes fast n reach wall..

He strt walking..
His mobile rings..
“We don’t talk anymore”on mobile rings..
He didn’t answer…
In his ears …
Her voice”We don’t talk anymore” …

(Mind):”Still I hear Ur Voice,Cutie”..
“We don’t talk anymore”still rings..

She make her hair style..
N make like a LilSage Style..
N take her bag n Strt walking..
“We don’t luv anymore”…on bg..
Flute tune of song …
Both walks towards to opposite .


And then suddenly she heard her voice being called , Whoa !!Wait , it was her mother who had called her , thus breaking her beautiful dream with her prince charming , “Mom u again broke my dream ” She replied with a cute pout ,
“Shivi come out of the virtual world , get ready u need to go to your first audition” Replied her mom
“Oh shit how can I forget this , Mom u know he came in my dream and again said those words which I fear so much ” She said with a sad face.
“Is it ‘We don’t talk anymore’ ?” her mom replied knowing her daughter’s reaction.
“Mom , I fear what if he really doesn’t talk with me ?? What if he leaves me ??” Shivi said
“Shivi , grow up sweetie , u r talking as if he is your long lost love who doesn’t talk with u anymore , it’s just a dream dear and moreover you’ve never met him” Her mom said hugging her
“Mom he is my love , my first ever love , he made me feel the heavenly essence of love , and yes I do love him , and I ..I fear loosing him” Shivi said as tears welled up her eyes
“Shivi go get ready , u know naa if u get selected for this audition then u might be able to work with him in the same show???” Her mother said patting her back only to lighten up her face.
Shivi’s face lit up like a 1000 volt bulb , heat sensation passing through her cheeks making them turn crimson red , yes that was the effect Rohit had on her , even his name was enough to make shivi blush like a newly wed , and here the talks were going on of HER working with HIM, working with ‘The ROHIT RAICHAND’ .

“Shivi go baby get ready fast , afterall even I wanna see my shivi working with her Prince charming” Her mom said breaking her trance , making her blush even harder.

Shivi now unable to hide her blush rushed to washroom and her mom smiled at her daydreamer daughter’s antics.

_______________________________________After half an hour______________________________________________________

“Mom How am I lookin’??” asked a curious shivi as she came down in one of her best attires
“My daughter always looks beautiful , no doubt , but be careful of buri nazar” her mom replied placing a kaala tika on her forehead.
“Mom today I won’t do any mistake , I will for sure get the role of female protagonist in Rohit’s upcoming show” She said with a determined face.
“May u only win , shivi ” Her mom replied kissing her forehead
“I will mom for sure, I will ” Shivi said and bid her mom bye.

_________________________________At RD Studios_______________________________________________

“Sir all the shortlisted girls have arrived for the audition ” the assistant told the director
“Good , So now girls as u all know the selected girl will get to act opposite Rohit” Director said
Shivi’s cheeks again became red hearing his name , but she brushed away the thoughts and tried to concentrate on what the director was saying .
“So we have selected Miss Shivani for the role ” Said the director looking at a blank shivani
Shivani was standing there blankly not replying at all , she was lost , then suddenly she shouted , yelled and started jumping
“Am I the one sir??? Whooooooooo Yipee , yayyy , I will work with roh…rohit ” Shivi said happily
“Yes Miss Shivani u are selected for the role” Replied the director congratulating her
“Now finally my dream will come true , Now finally I will meet him” Shivi thought as she took her scooty to go back home

___________________________Shivani’s home___________________________________________________________
“Maa good news , I got the role ” Shivani replied twirling her mother
“I have another good news , shivi , Rohit is coming to our town for dandiya night ” Her mom replied
Suddenly shivani stopped with a jerk , after all there were two good news and that too within a day !! ( Hazam karne mei thoda time toh lagega naa)
“Maa r u serious?? Then I must at once get ready for the function , I will be the lead dancer there , for sure” She said with a rare determination on her face.

Shivani from the time she was 16 fell head over heals in love with Rohit, a film star , though they had never met in real life , but love doesn’t need verbal communication , it just needs heart connection , her dreamy love story was finally coming true as not only she got a lead role in his film but also he was visiting her town for the first time . This was enough for Shivi to handle and she was on the verge of fainting!! Just in the nick of time her mother held her
“Shivi , r u fine?? ” asked her mom being concerned
“Still I am , but after meeting him face to face , IDK what will happen” She replied smiling as she tried to open her eyes
Her Mom sprinkled water on her , and finally she got up
“Shivaniiiiiiiiiii , I have been waking u from the past 15 minutes but all u r uttering is the name of that blo*dy celebrity Mohit” her mother replied irritated
“OH no!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was it again a dream , that only I wonder how can u speak so sweetly with me and that too about rohit , yes mom it is rohiiiiiit ” Shivani replied back yelling as her mom had again broken her dream
“Urghhh Whatever shivani , come on get up , u have to go to college today” Her mum replied irritated
“Bad timing mom , could’ve waited for few minutes , U know I had been selected for playing the role opposite him in the newly launched show” Shivani averted back in a matter of fact voice
“Shivani , this is the last time I am warning u get up and go to washroom fast” Her mom said angrily being tored of her daughter’s stupid dreams

“Going mom , but first let me kiss him ” Shivani replied blushing

Just then she went near his photos which were there in almost every corner of her room , the room looke as if it was Rohit’s room as the room had only few photos of shivani but a bunch of rohit’s even her bedsheet and bedcover had rohit’ s photo .
She picked up a photo and kissed it , then picked up the other and kissed it ,she kept on doing this with all the photos .Then she silently took out his new show posters and danced with them.
“Rohit , I love u sooo much , u know I had always hated tattoos due to the harm they do on our skin but see I have tattooed your name and wow how well it looks ” She talked to herself only lost in her dreamland.
“Shivani , fast , your college won’t wait for u to start” Her mom yelled angrily from the kitchen
“Mom , I know no one is gonna wait for your kiddo , but I am ready to wait my entire life for him” Shivi replied as her eyes sparkled seeing Rohit’s photo

It was true , indeed they had never met each other in real but he was the reason she started believing in love , he was the reason she started valuing love , he was the reason she transformed from the nerdy one to the daydreamer , he gave her life a new direction.

Even after staying miles from from him , he gave the true meaning to her life , Even his name made her smile idiotically , he had no idea how much deeply , n madly she loved him .
She was happy that she loved him , even without knowing his side story……….

__________________________________________RD Studios______________________________________________
Yes it was the same studio shivani dreamt of coming , afterall her superstar rohit worked here only , but all that seemed so perfect on screen was certainly a big facade.

Here the screen shifts to a boy , sitting lonely and humming to himself , his deep brown eyes showed a mix of emotions – pain , loneliness , agony , discomfort , that anyone could drown in the depth of his eyes.

“Rohit , come fast we are shooting the next part” He immediately stopped humming as he heard someone calling , Did a lil bit of touch up , to hide the tear marks and went to the direction of the voice plastering a fake smile…..

Forcing a smile, trying to put up the facade, he did shot the next sequence. It was hard for him because when happiness doesn’t come from within the facade starts to fall.

“Why are you crying?” she asked as she saw him crying. Her heart ached, she felt something break inside her.

“I miss them” he said,tears spilled out of his eyes.

“It’s OK ” she wrapped her arm around him and stroked his hairs gently. His tear fell on her hand and it was as if her heart was being crushed.

“You know the ones that love us never really leaves us– they say in our hearts, in our memories” she patted his cheek and made him look into her eyes. “I’m with you”

“Thank you so much…they are people who pretend to care for me but they don’t.
They don’t give a shit ” he brushed her cheeks with his thumb.

Slowly, he leaned into her and pressed his lips on hers. His lips moved against hers slowly and gently. His arm wrapped around her waist protectively.

Her fingers tangled themselves in his brown hair. This was new. It was magical and it felt like eternity. She took his scent in. Nothing mattered but just him.

It was just them. Him and her. No one else.

He kissed her like she was the only thing, only reason he had– or maybe as if she was his lifeline.

He pulled back and their forehead touched. This moment was precious. One that both of them would cherish forever– this was love.

“Thank you for everything” he said in a soft voice, not above a whisper. “You know you are beautiful”

She was taken by surprise. She pulled back and stared at him. Never had she ever imagined that someone would call her beautiful. She had scars– ones that didn’t go away no matter how hard she tried to scrub them away.

“I mean it Shivani, you are beautiful inside-out. You are not ordinary. You are one in million or actually scratch that– you are one in a universe.” he said slowly and wrapped his arms around her. Reluctantly, she too reciprocated.

Suddenly rain started pouring but soon enough she snapped out of her world and saw her mother staring at her.

“Another dream about Rohit, isn’t it? ”

Yes, another dream but a special one. The thought immediately made her flush. Her cheeks turned crimson red and she blushed.

“You are blushing? What was it about? ”

She ignored the question, got up and picked her clothes. She hurried in the bathroom and once she had locked, she leaned into the basin, staring at her reflection.

She was blushing furiously. Her cheeks and nose were crimson but it was just another dream.

Or maybe not, her heart whispered. Maybe, he really has his demons to fight. The demons that reside in his head.

Maybe this connection is meant to stay, her mind whispered to her.

And immediately things fell into place. What if he was a star, he was human and humans have their problems, their demons to face. They come across people who back stab them, pretend.

And yes maybe he was one of those broken souls betrayed by lived ones. Alone in the battle of life. The one who just survived. Someone who just put up the facade.

This connection was of two hearts. Two equally broken hearts.

Of one who thought he was a loser and the one who thought she wasn’t beautiful. They were wrong but destiny had a role to put two wrong things together, making them right.



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