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The sky roared with thunder, as the clouds poured down on the earth. It felt that even the clouds were crying aloud for someone. The lightning struck again, a man was seen walking down the secluded road with a bottle in hand. As far as the eye could see there was no sign of life. The guy stopped and gulped down the whole bottle and threw it away in anger. He stumbled, trying to find his balance as he moved forward.
He then took out a drink flask from his pocket and took a sip. “You’re the only one who has never left me friend, (referring to the flask) everyone else left me, my love, my soul Kalpana too left and now I am all alone. WHY GOD? WHY ME?” he shouted as he fell down to the ground on his knees.
“I hate you god, you took away… everything, I don’t believe in you anymore. You took away Kalpana from me…… my…. My reason to smile…. My only reason to be happy…..I ….” His words died as he fell down unconscious.
A man on the same road looked around, worried.
“Kshtij!” he shouted
“Where are you? Kshtij!” he called out again. As he moved forward he saw him lying face first on the ground. The man rushed to him. He lifted him up and led him to his car. The man drove to his own house and by rounding his arms took him to bed.
The next day Kshtij woke up with his head aching in pain. He looked around to find himself in his friend Kumar’s room. He knew the room to well. It was his fifth time he ended up in this room. The next moment the door opened and Kumar walked in with some lime water.
“Here you go,” he said as he handed it over and sat beside him.
“Kshtij you’re drinking! Again!” said Kumar.
“What can I do Kumar, I really miss her even though she has moved on in life I can’t” said kshtij and looked away. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he reminisced his time with Kalpana, his wife, and now ex-wife.
“What did I do wrong? I loved her immensely, gave her whatever she wanted, but still she couldn’t stand me, what did I do wrong Kumar,” he said as he hugged Kumar and poured his heart out in his arms.
He was still crying.

” Why u don’t forget about your past. She has moved on & now is your time to move on ” Kumar said to him while he pushed him in anger.

” You never understand my feelings” He said to him & leave from there while he shouted his name.

He walked lonely in road with tears in his eyes. He was about to fall , when a girl hold his hand.

” Are you alright” She said to him.

He looked on & mesmerized by her beauty. She was looking like a fairy. Her hair strands swayed as the cool breeze flew past her. He realized his situation & jerked her hand.

” I don’t need anyone’s support” He said in cracked voice. His pain was clearly visible from his eyes. A drop of tear oozing out of his eyes. This made her more tensed about him . She become worried for him.

” Are you drunk last night ” She asked him when she smelled smell of alcohol .

” What’s the need of telling you?” He said with anger.

” I want to help you ” She said calmly.

” Leave me alone as i am habitual of loneliness” He said in a painful voice . His words hurt her so much. She feel his pain in her heart. She saw the park & make him sit on the bench.

” If u have pain in your life, you should share with me because if u have pain & you don’t share then you don’t realize happiness when happiness come in your life” She said in soothing voice.

” I don’t want your lectures & who are you to share my pain” He said harshly.

” I know i am a stranger but sometime share your feelings with strangers was more effective than share with relative ones. I don’t see anyone in pain as we get life only one time . You should not waste this beautiful life on those who are not care about you ” She replied in calm tone.

But it hurts as I loved her a lot, she broke my heart into pieces and she already moved on!” He said.
“You can share you pain with me come on, I can help you in moving on!” She said, with a lot enthusiasm.
“I don’t think that you can help me as I’m an helpless person!” He said with a lot of sadness.
“Hey, man you should be positive about life and not be negative, don’t drink a lot of alcohol and become a devdas!” She said, while she looked at him with a lot of concern, yeah she already had fallen for this handsome stranger, so she is trying to help him to overcome his sadness. She was trying to make his smile with different types of tactics, but she was failing.
“Dil ki baatein share karke dil halka hota hai, meri mumma humesha keti hai mujhe.” He said, while he was lost in his thoughts as well as slowly he was opening up towards her, the suddenly he fell asleep, so she tried to wake him up, but she couldn’t, then she lifted him up, went towards her house and let him sleep on the bed, while she slept on the sofa.

The next morning he woke up with an heavy head, the headache was killing him. He didn’t know where he was, so he took out a piece of paper out of his pocket, then a pen, wrote on the paper, before he left: “thank you of taking care of me and by the way my name is Kshtij and I live the house next door to yours.”

Keira was making lemon water for Kshtij, so she didn’t notice that he has already left, then she went to her room, then she noticed that he wasn’t there, the n she found the piece of paper and smiled to herself after reading it. Then she thought to meet him and so that she can give him his lwmon water, maybe he will open up to her.

“Ding dong!” The doorbell rang, he came to open the door and saw this beautiful angel again. “Hey!” He said and she answered back: “hi, by the way my name is Keira and I’m here to give you some lemon water as it will help you with your headache!”
“Thank you, please come in!” He said nicely. She came in and was shocked seeing so many pictures of him and a woman. “Who is she?” Keira asked him and he replied back shocking her before she left: “my ex-wife Kalpana!”

Few days passed she tried to make him forget Kalpana, but it was a real struggle for her as he always was thinking about that woman, who left him. He has accpeted Keira as a friend, but he hasn’t realize yet that he is falling for this free bird. She was spending a lot of time with him, trying to keep him away from alcohol and drugs.

Kshtij was thinking a lot about Kalpana and Keira as he was confused about his damm feelings, but he did like to spend time with Keira as she is the opposite of Kalpana.

Kumar has met Keira a few times and he thinks that she is suitable for Kshtij, but Kshtij being Kshtij is to adamment for loving Kalpana.

Keira was falling even more for Kshtij, but she knew that he will never love her the same way like she loves him. Their friendship grew more and more, it even became stronger as they trusted eachother, but they were not ready to tell their own feelings to one another.



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