relationship never dies with arshi (episode-2)


Relationship never dies with arshi.(episode2).

Hi guys hope u like it.sorry for posting it late.i was busy with my exams but now iam,I will try to post it regularly.please do comment.

Arnav listens love songs and imagines about fiancée.
Marriage broker goes to khushi’s home.
Broker:khushi madam,I have brought you a groom’s photo.
Khushi: ok ,show the photo please.
Broker shows our arnav’s photo to khushi.
Khushi: what is his name?

Broker: madam, his name is arnav singh raizadha.
Khusi: he is not looking he terror in reality.
Broker: madam,I don’t know about him.but, he has his own company and he is rich.this much information is enough ? mam.
Khushi: iam not selecting a husband who is rich and personality but selecting for kind hearted and gentle person.but I don’t think this man is very gentle.
Broker: madam,he is a good person.r u satisfied with this man mam.
Khushi: no,I don’t want his man.he is very terror.
Broker: ok mam,I will inform to their family.
Khushi warns broker that atleast next time bring a man’s photo who is gentle.
Broker: ok ,madam.
The next day.
Broker goes to arnav’s home to tell that khushi don’t like.

Broker: arnav sir khushi madam does’nt want to marry u.
Arnav: y don’t she like me.
Broker: I don’t know sir.
Arnav: ok thank u ,but I want her phone no.
Bro ker: ok sir,9866459922.
Arnav: thank u. u go now.
Arnav calls khushi and tells that he want to meet khushi .
Arnav:hi khushi,iam arnav, I want to meet u today after 5:00 pm in café coffe day.
Khushi: hello sir, I told I don’t like u, then y r u asking me to come there.
Arnav: khushi I want to marry u, come there I will talk about it.
Khushi: then,ok I will be there at 5.
Arnav while going in car finds a girl like khshi.
Arnav tries to call her .he get downs of the car, and calls her.
Hey khushi madam…..khushi.. but she does’nt turn. Arnav thinks “what girl is she,is she deaf.”
Arnav goes back to car.

And soon reaches café.
Arnav meets khushi.
Arnav: nice to meet u.
Khushi:mee too.arnav.ok tell now.what u want arnav ji.
Arnav: I saw u out side this café but u din’t respond to me.
Khushi: don’t joke , I came now only .
Arnav: its ok leave this matter.y u don’t like me khushi.
Khushi: because u look so hard and terror.
Arnav: I like u very much. I have seen morethan 100 of photos before seeing u. but I like ur photo only khushi.
Khushi:then take my photo only don’t ask me.
Arnav: don’t play khushi,I really want u.
Khushi: if u want to marry me ,u should tell the truth.

Arnav: what is that.
Khushi: really u sw a girl like me outside this café.
Arnav: promisely, I saw.
Khushi thinks flash back.
When she was small she losed her parents and her sister.
When khushi was 8 yrs old her parents died in an accident.
She had no one but her sister.
But her sister was dumb.
When they both were walking in the park khushi’s sister was kidnapped by a rowdy group.
Flash back ends…
Arnav: hello madam,tell what should I do.

Khushi: u saw a girl like me right,bring her to my home.
Arnav: I don’t know who is that.
Khushi: then we will not marry bye arnav.
Arnav: ok ok ok… wait I will think.
Khushi: pls

Arnav: ok if I see her in this week I will try to bring her to ue home.
Khushi; then no marriage.
Arnav; ok whenever in this lifetime If I see her I will bring her to ur home.
Khushu; no way ,after I see her only I will marry u.
Arnav: ok madam.
Arnav thinks “this girl is very arrogant,but cute.(in tamil –evala kalyanam pannikka naa padre paadu irukke)

Precap: arnav does his work what khushi told.and suceesfully wins.

Credit to: suva

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