relationship never dies with arshi (episode-1)



Hi hope u guys like it ,sorry guys I had my board exams so I was not able to post it regularly.but I will try my best in each ff,pls guys be commenting so that it makes me move further.

Arnav’s family is searching a bride for arnav.
Arnav’s mother shanthi is discussing about arnav’s future wife.
Shanthi: arnav ,may I know what qualities u expect from ur wife.
Arnav: ur wish,who u like .
Shanthi: u will first tell like this only but if I show some photos u will refuse every photos telling different reasons.
Arnav: this time I won’t do that.
Shanthi: then ok,come .
Arnav: show the photos only ,I will tell my opinion.u should not compel me.
Shanthi: ok arnav. Come soon.
Arnav comes to hall and sits in sofa.
Shanthi: see there are 10 photos in which u have to select any one for u.
Arnav starts taking the photos.he sees first photo and tells that “this girl is not fair,she is fat,not good lokking so,I don’t want.”
Shanthi: ok arnav its ur choice.
Arnav picks second photo.and sees the name of that girl at the backside of the photo.”mamtha”!nice name ,but she is not nice,she is looking very old .so, I don’t want this girl.
Shanthi: y don’t u select a bit faster.
Arnav: wait mom I have to think not only the good things of the bride ,but I should think of negatives also right.
Shanthi: u don’t need to do so. U just tell whether u like or not.others we will take care.
Arnav fumes and takes third photo,and sees name of that girl,anitha!name is not nice but this girl is pretty.
Arnav: keep this aside,I will choose it later.
Shanthi: ok.
Arnav does so and so and rejects every photo…………..atlast at eighth photo.
Arnav picks 8th photo and sees name .sruthi!
This girl is nice and her name is also nice, but she is not up to my personality.i don’t like her.
Arnav picks 9th photo and sees the name.shalini!she has such a long hair,if we want to go to some party it will take more time to brush her hair,and also not modern.very cultural girl,I don’t want.
Shanthi: y are u doing like this arnav this is not the first time u r rejecting ,u just don’t want to marry for that u r telling several reasons.
Arnav: I have some expectations of my fiancée.
Shanthi: this is what I asked u before it self arnav.don’t play with life.
Arnav takes last photo and sees the name.khushi! our heroine intro now. Wow ! she is very cute to see, mom.she is modern,she has good personality than me,she is pretty,mom this girl is ok for me.
Shanthi: really!i also selected this girl only,u and me have same taste.
Ok I will inform this news to broker,next week we will see this girl.
Arnav: ok maa.
Arnav dreams of his future fiancée.arnav listens love songs (tum hi ho)and dreams about khushi.

Precap: Broker goes to khushi’s house and tells the information about arnav. khushi sees arnav photo and refuses as, he is looking very terror in that photo.and khushi think’s he is a rowdy.and a bad boy.lets see what is the reaction of arnav after hearing this refusal.

Credit to: suva

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