a relationship made by trust or something else part 4

Hi..im salluzz..so lets begin with our new part of relationship made by trust or something else

Here we go…

Swara was sleeping on the couch, remembering her past, where she yaed to be very bold and courageous…how someone take revenge on frnd due to the hatred of swara…how swara punished him…

Just then she touches her pendent

Swara:whats happening with me god…I can feel something whenever I touch this…I think its better to go to mandir..I feel like I can get all my answers there..

On the way, a girl comes to her

Girl:swaraa…how are u…its a long time since we met…

Swara:bt I dont knw who u are

Girl:me…im meera…we studied in same college naa…and after 1 montg I left for u.s…did u forget that

Swara:sorry..I think u r mistaken..actually still im studying

Meera:how can u say lie swara…I thought u will remember me..infact u promised me that u will never forget me and now see

Meera cries and left…

Swara goes to mandir and breaks down

Swara:(crying) why god..why are u doing thia with me…why cant I remember that girl…and why im getting dizzy whenever im trying to recall anything…whats happening god…whenever im seeing sanskar im getting some flashes….and even when I went to his house, I feel like I have visited there already..why god…and when my whole college stand against sanskar, why I only support him..why god….


Swra turns back and finds pandit standing there…

Swara wipes her tears


Pandit:haa beta…u r swara sanskar maheswary..I did ur marriage 6 month before

Swara:then why cant I remember that



Swasan married as their parents wished..(they knw eachother)they decided to be frnds….and sanskar falls for her and decided to propose her…on that day due to heavy rain their car fallen frn the cliff abd swasan was badly injured

At hospital, when swara regained consciousness, she called sanskar maa papa as uncle and aunty….and further finds that she have lost memory…she dont knw wht happened for the past 3 years….

Flashback ends

Swara was weeping

Pandit:dont cry beta…see sanskar loves u lot…only fir u..fir regaining ur memory, he made everything back to ur life, ur 3 years was again ryt infrnt if u…ur frnds ur colleges everyone supported sanskar, so that u may get ur memmory back..all werr acting ryt infrnt of u…all had moved in their life bt fir u for their swara, tbey all reintroduced their 3 years college life….

As pandit jii finished swara turns back and finds all her frnds teaches family standing ryt infrnt of her…..

She recalls all her moments wuth them..bt her eyes where continusly searching fir sanskar her HUSBAND

At last she founded him, runs to him and hugged him…


Swara:im sorry sanskar…I have did bad with u

Sanskar:no..jaan..infact because of u we all got our old memmorues back..and we lived in it….

Swara smiles…

Swara:that day, u were going to propose me naa

Sanskar kneel down

Sanskar:My jaan…the day I see u, I uave fallen for u..ur bold courage and ur innocence….we are married….I love u swara…I love u alot…will give a chance to our marriage. Will u remarry me with all rituals….once again become swara sanskar maheswary in all means..

All claps for them…including rajat kavitha (even tbey were included in the plan)


bith hugs each other…



U all must be angry as im finishing my ff…dont worry guyz…im going to ryt a new ff..not one bt two…for that I need ur help..I will just give a intro…so u too which should be posted as early


swara:a dr by profession…she is so caring…also as strong enogh to stand on her feet

Sanskar:dr by profession…senior to swara…

Swasan are working under same hospital…

Ragini:cousin of swara also a best frnd for her. Age:21
She is designer. Have a crush on laksh

Laksh:brother of swara.same age as swara, he is a young business man.loves ragini a lot..and thinks to marry her

Kavya:pampered daughter of maheswary…sis of sanskar…loves laksh, and want to marry him at any cost

The story is of sanskar revenge against swara, as because of her carelessness sanskar father have dipped into coma.after knwing about his sisters wish, he talked to laksh where laksh insult kavya infrnt of whole people…

Sanskar:wow sharmishta jii…I have heard that you have given birth to a boy and as I guess it must be laksh, then what about swara aunty…

Swalak stands there in shock

Sanskar:I knw u to are shocked bt its the fact..swara, u always boasted that u r swara gadodia..does that surname suits for u…they are no one to u swara…u r just swara….just SWARAA…the one whom u love the most ur so called brother…is not ur own brother….wow sounds interesting….

Sanskar laughs evily…

Swalak looks at each other in shock….

Sanskar:I knw laksh u suffered lot..because that swara u lost all love and care..and I must say that she has taken ur place…just think laksh

Laksh slaps swaraa
Swasan marriage

So this is my new ff



Swasan are married and they decided to be frnds till everything get calm

Swara have a brother named laksh, who gets lost while they were just 10 years..and still she waits for him…

Swara have a bitter past

Sanskar is successful business tycoon and have one sister ragini,

Ragini suffered from a memory loss and end up with laksh..and eventually both fall for each other….


Ragini:who are u…what are u doing here

Laksh:ragini..im laksh, ur lucky..

He touches her

She recalls something and starts to feel dizzy

Swara:dont worry laksh…everything will be kk..we can see ragini..if ur love is true then all will be perfect


Sanskar:swara…answer mee….why are u avoiding me…what have I done…atleast talk to me…did I ever forced u in this relationship..no naa…they y the hell u r doing this
Swara:im sorry sanskar..till I find them and take revenge, I cant let u be near me..I knw u will support me by knwing the truth, bt not our society…so its better for us to part away..
She wipes her tears


These are my two new ff…so u people say which should I start first…
A:Love or Hate in Revenge
B:Can Love Happen Twice??

So give ur feedbacks..im eagerly waiting for it..


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