relationship made by trust or something else part 3

Its ur salluzz?
So lets move to our 3rd part of our ff

In college:

Swara was chitchatting with ragini…just then kavitha comes there??

Kavitha:hello swara…
Swara:hii kavithaa
Kavitha:call me kavi dr
Swara:kkk KAVI

Kavitha:what relationship u have with my sanky sir??

Swara:exvuse me?

Kavitha:what happened

Swara:I was wondering when did sanskar sir became sanky sir??

Kavitha:just answer my question

Swara; look kavitha…sorry kavi…there is no relationship between me or ur so called sanky sir…..I hope u understand

At varandha…

Swara was walking with RBDAA…they find a number on swara phone

Ranveer:whose no. Is this swara
Swara:I must say my saviour
Swara:u knw guys..whenever im in trouble or I am all alone in a road, I will get his there will be no reply…I cant even trace that number….bt I must say he have saved me frm accidents….

All smiles…and departed

Meanwhile at office room…..

Ranveer arjun bihan dev and aryan where walking towards cabin when they find a phone on the desk

Aryan takes that…

Aryan:I must say..its high rate phone…whose it might be

Arjun:its sanskar sir

Bihan:bt he is too simple naa

Just then sanskar comes there

Sanskar:what are u doing here

Aryan:we got ur phone

Sanskar:I only left it here due to meeting…anyways…do u need any help…

Arjun:so plz give phone na…I need to do an urgent call..

Sanskar gived that and goes

Dev:why were u tellinh lie…

Arjun checks the call list and finds last dialed no. Saved as my jaan….

He gives a call to tjat no.

Caller:at least now say who u are…

Arjun is shocked and cuts the call

Arjun:so my doubts was correct

Ranveer:what doubt

Arjun:whenever I see swara and sanskar sir, I can find something between them…

Aryan:even I felt…lets check the phone

Dev:it will be a problem

Bihan:just fir fun naa

Arjun cant open the phone because of locks..

Arjun:hint; love

Ranveer takes the and types something and password correct

And again same repeats over 3 times…

at last it get opened

the home screen was a collage of a small girl with funny attire…

Arjun clicks the photo of thay

Just thn sanskar comes and they return their phone

After a while

Ranveer:its clear

Arjun:what all u hvae typed

Raveer:for the first question regarding love, I wrote my jaan

Then it was asked to type a number so I just tried swara birthday and alst it came my jaan, so I typed swara…thats it…

Dev:this means sanskar sir loves swara..

The lst line was heard by kavitha who fumes in anger

Kavitha calls someone and ask the person to come as soon as possible

She smirks

At canteen

Arjun shiws the pic to swara

Swara:wow…arjuuu…frm where u got my pic..see its mee

Arjun gives a smile to rest….
All nodes…

Swara:say naa

Ranveer was about to say just then a hot handsome man enters the field…all girls were stairinh at him…exept our swara

The boy goes towards swara table

Boy:hii hottie…im rajat…..and u

Swara left yawning infrnt of him
Swara:im si sleepy…

Saying she goes and rajat feels insulted infrnt of all people

sanskar sees this frm a distance

At eveninh

Swara was going when rajat called her

Rajat:shall I drop u baby..I must say u r s*xy…..come will drop u I need to go with some other person…

Rajat:who is that


Rajat gives a confused face

Swara pointed towards a man

Rajat:sanskar sir

swara:any problem…

saying she left with him and enters the car with sanskar…

Kavitha and rajat both fumes in anger

At maheswary mansion

All were present at the entrance with aarti taal

Swara gets out of car and she lools around and her head starts paining…

She composes herself and moves inside…

She rests in guest room

sujatha:after a long

Ap:no sujthaa…keep quite…

At night

Sanskar:kaka..have swara slept
Kaka:haa beta…she us sleeping uttara room

He runs towards the room and find swara shivering due to cold…

he takes her and make her sleep in another room and covers her with blanket..

He comes diwn

sanskar:kaka..u knw naa..she cant bear more cold….

kaka:sorry beta…

Sanskar goes to his room and takes a photo

Sanskar:why u left me..u knw how im living here….plz come to me..hug me in ur embrace kiss me on my forehead…..I love u lot..

A tear escaped frm his eyes…
he keeps the photo in drawer and sleeps…

Next mrng

Sanskat gets up hearing a beautiful hymn…

he comes diwn and takes the prasad..

And after having food swasan moves to collge..

In college it was strick and only some of thm where present

So they decided to play truth or dare

Kavitha rajat swara aryan bihan ved arjun dev ranveer neeta ragini…and due to pressure sanskar too joined…

It was going well and now it was time for sanskar

Dev:truth or dare
5 sighs something

Ranveer:kk sir…u say to us whther u have ever fallen in love or just describe ur love

Sanskar just smiles and looks at swara

Sanskar:she wasbbold and courages…she have her iwn point of view.if she finds anyone disturbing or commenting a girl, she would slap him hard (he looks at rajat)
Even once I got a punch frm her. She love everyone. She have only one weaknesa that was her pendent (swara touches her pendent and looks at sanskar)
More over I love her very much…..

All claps…swara makes an excuse and moves…

she standd under a tree and reaclls how she punches sanskar..and how he said I love u infrnt of her frndd

Sanskar comes there

Swara:what are u saying
Sanskar:its not u…because u r not my swara, who was bold can u let someone comment on u..if u werr my swara by now he must be in any hospital
Sanskar:why swara…why u changed…what happened to u
Swara:what sanskar…if I werr that old swara , wht will I get, hatred only….and I cant ruined anyones life as I did earlier…now im trying to repair all my plz…leave me on my way

Saying swara moves

Sanskar:how can I leave u swara…when u r my responsibility…I will never leave u at any cost in whatever situation….I will be there fir u….ALWAYS

Precap:swara getting some flashes……truth out…may be last episode

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