a relationship made by trust or something else part 2


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Swara enters the college
She prays to god to make her fullfill her dreams….

She was going when she finds a lady was about to fall, she holds her
Swara:be carefull aunty

She them noticed that it was meena mam

Swara:wo…sorry mam…actually
Meena:don’t worry beta….anyways thanks

Meena walks away…

She then sees a boy who was stairing a girl

She goes to him

Swara:hii….can u olz show my class

The boy turns

Boy:jii…bt I dont knw ur batch or class anything
Swara beats her on head
Swara:sorry…first year English
Boy:haa…go straight
Swara:thanks…by the away im swara
Boy:im dev…
Swara:nice meeting u..and one more thing don’t stair her like this..if u have any feelings go and inform her as soon as possible

Saying swara ran frm there….

At interval time

Swara easily mingled with everyone in her class….as if she knws them already…and ragini become her beat frnd

Swaragini were walking when arjun comes in between

Arjun sits on a bench
Swara:u r the one naa..
Swara:what the hell
Arjun:im ur senior…so give me some respect
Swara:respect should be gained not forced

He was about to hold her when swara phone rings….that too with a rocking song

Swara was about to tKe that bt arjun tooks thT and puts in speaker

The name flashes as milan

Milan:what the hell u blo*dy chipkali…*************(banned words…….)
Arjun looks at her in shock
Swara:u rascal….u r the one to pull everyone legs…so yesterday I did thats it…….***********(swara too used banned words…)

The words will be only known by such guys..Most probably boys…

Arjun cuts the call

Arjun:whats this
Swara gives him a smile with teeth out

Again the phone rings it flashes as ameen

Arjun takes and puts in speaker

Ameen:swara…thanks a lot dear…only because of u I got my love…u r the eg of a true frnd…
Swara:no ameen…not because of me..bt its becausr of ur true love..

Dev hears this and smiles…..

Again phone rings and same happened….and this time it was bihan who smiled…

Arjun fed up witj this gave her phone back…

Arjun:a small doubt..are u a girl..

Swara opens her mouth in shock…

Swara:dont I feel like a boy…

Arjun:bt ur talks with milan seem it to be

Saying he laughs..

Whole looks at him in disbelief as they didnt saw him laughing

Like soon swara became frnds with arjun dev bihan ranveer and aryan with her way of talking…..personality…

Meena comes to dp
Meena:sir..have seen that…that girl swara..she made our college I mean mend our college by brings the 5 groups whole together

Dp:I knw teacher…only she can do that….

Meena:do u knw her

A tear escaped frm dp eyes

Dp just noded no..

Meena leaves….

After somedays kavitha returns and she gets all info about swara

Kavitha:she has became heroin…now lets see who will rule…

Swara was walking with her frnds…when she finds someone

Swara observes him and shouted…


Whole college hears her shout and comes down

A man comes there with a formal uniform..

Aryan:when did sanskar sir became kaddos

Swara runs to him…

She laughs loudly

Kavitha:see niw sanskar will bash the girl

All were shocked because they knew about sanskar who hates this


Swara:how dare u call me chipkali
Sanskar:even I have said tbat dont call me kaddoss…
Swara:ohh helloo…its ur personality
Sanskar:ohh i see..then by seeing ur personality what should I call u..

Suddenly aryan interepted

Aryan:paagal sir

Sanskar:yes u r ryt…

Suddenly sanskar realises the situation….

He found all were stairing at him…obiviosly at them…

Sanskar:is there any drama going on here..all of u go to classes…

Suddenly swara starts to laugh

Swara:really kados…today u make remember malayalam film aye auto…in which mohanlal uses same dialogue

Sanskar gives her a unbelievable look ad goes to office…

Bihan:do u kne sir
Ranveer:sanskar sir
Swara:yes I knw…in fact from my childhood
Dev:does he smiles like this
Swara:what happened giys…
Arjun:we never saw him laughing like this…
Swara:he used to laughs like this bt something happened to his life which turned like this
Aryan:dont u knw that

Swara gets thinking and feels dizzy…

She is takes to canteen

Aryan:swara…have something
They gave her food…even sanskar was also near by swara…

Kavitha comes there and add mirchi in swara plate and it even gets in sanskar plate

Arjun gets furious at kavitha

Bihan was about to take that..bt swara stopped him
Swara:there are still many people who didnt even get this mirchi food…we should never waste a single food….

Kavitha:such a poor village girl..

Sanskar:stop it……and u chipkali…u r eating it
Swara:did u forgot

Sanskar remembers something


Swasan were trapped in a jungle amd after many hurdles they get into a village which seems to be a dry land..and later they come to knw that these village are not even getting their rations and all were starving…they stayed with them and bacame a part of that village in all pain and happy moment

Flashback ends

Swasan looks at each other and smiles…

Both start to eat that food where all others looks on shocked…

After this it became as a habitual where kavitha and frnd taunt swara being poor..

One day it was announced that swara is having high fever so the college decided to visit her since swara was their best student..even kavitha was there with them

Kavitha:I don’t knw..how will I tolerete that poor girl and her house..

After a hour
The bus reached infrnt of a mansion

Kavitha was offstruck to see its beauti

Kavitha:which prince is living here

Aryan:not prince..infact princess…our swara..its her house..

Kavitha was shocked to listen that..

They move inside and finds swara sleeping on a couch…

They spent times there…….and leaves…

After a week

Shekar:swara…we are going for a trip…so u plz stay with dp uncle
Swara:fine dad..
Sumi; I will ask sanskar to pick u
Swara:no dad…today after college I will go with him…

Saying swara took her bag and leaved

Shekar and sumi looks at each other with teary eyes….

Precap:kavitha plan against swara…a new entry…swasan…

Im little bit fast…then only I can move to my story climax…if u get irritated kindly forgive me….abd alaao suggest a new entry name..



Credit to: salluzz

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